My Very First Giveaway Contest!!

Ouch. Yesterday, I woke up very sore from all of the exercise I did on Sunday and I knew that practicing more yoga or running wouldn’t be a good idea for my hamstrings. Instead, I made some coffee, got ready and made my way into work. Once I arrived, I had a bowl of greek yogurt topped with mixed berries and Trader Joe’s High Fiber cereal. It was good, but I think I prefer more granola type cereal with yogurt. I’ll keep playing around with this mix as I plan to start eating more yogurt at breakfast time.


The Pro was in charge of picking up lunch so I had an orange to curb my hunger until he arrived.


When he did return, he had picked up Panera. This week’s selection was the Mediterranean veggie sandwich. I wasn’t feeling soup or salad so I just got the sandwich instead of the usual pick two. I also got a fruit cup on the side but the sandwich was plenty so I put it in the fridge for later.


Work went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go home. I was feeling a little hungry when I got there so I had a bowl of grapes to tide me over until dinner.


I was so excited to make dinner because I was going to use Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. Al, was kind enough to send me some and after a little taste of it, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. BBQ Tofu Pizza! For the pizza, I used a premade whole wheat crust, topped it with a nice layer of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. Then, I added cheese, caramelized onions and crispy baked tofu.


The sauce was delicious and since it’s ingredients are all natural (no HFCS), I will used this sauce instead of my beloved Sweet Baby Ray’s. The sauce is a little spicy and midly sweet. The dear husband said “mmmmm….the sauce is good” and you all know the dear husband by now, he isn’t into food and rarely comments about the taste of anything.


Here is what the Country Bob’s Website has to say:

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is in a class by itself. It is more than a steak sauce, because of its unique flavor and the variety of uses. You can grill, cook, and marinate with it, or put it in your soups, stews, baked beans, and your other favorite dishes. Experience the Taste!


So now for the contest!! I am giving away one bottle of this fabulous sauce. All you have to do is leave a comment and link back to *this post*, be sure to email me when you have posted the link.  If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment on *this post* and email me to let me know that you do not have a blog. I will send the winner this bottle of sauce *plus* a little surprise that you will have to wait to see!! The contest ends next Tuesday (2/17) at midnight!!

After our fabulous pizza, I had a few chocolate covered almonds to cure my sweet tooth.


By that time, it was bedtime and I hit the hay. I had a little trouble getting to sleep, I think I was so excited about winning a goodie from Meghann’s Bake Sale!

Also, be sure to check out my newest pages. I have done a little blog housekeeping and have added a couple more pages for your reading pleasure: Writing, and Beading, Yoga and an updated blogroll.

61 Responses

  1. Fun sauce giveaway!!

    Love all the new pages you’ve added to your blog – fabulous!!

  2. That sauce looks great! And the pizza looks delicious!

  3. That is my favourite sandwich to eat when I go to Panera! YUM! And your pizza….OH MY!! What a fabulous creation!

    I will be sure to link to this post in my blog tonight and I’ll send you an email, too! Have a great day!! 🙂

  4. how cool does the sauce look!! the pizza looks amazing – as does your sandwich, mmm.

  5. all your eats look yummilicious!!

  6. Yum! I LOVE Sweet Baby Ray’s, but hate that it has HCFS, too 😦

    That pizza sounds awesome!

  7. I ❤ sauces. And when can you EVER go wrong at Panera? I hope you are already having a fab Tuesday. Btw just out of curiosity-when did you resume blogging??? I mean I’m so glad you did!

  8. I have been reading about Bob’s sauce on various blogs but haven’t been able to find it locally. The pizza sounds yummy!!

  9. Great giveaway! I have been wanting to try that sauce for a while now!!!

  10. Oh my gosh, great giveaway! And mmm, I’m drooling over that sandwich!

  11. Love all your new pages.

    That tofu looks awesome!

    Great giveaway!

  12. oh……. How I missed out your return??? so glad that you’re back into the blog world. I’ll have to find the return post! 😀

  13. Yummy sauce! I’ll email you as soon as I do a post with the link 🙂

  14. yum, bbq tofu pizza sounds delicious! and the almonds, mmmmmmm

  15. I am new to the food blog world and love your site!!!

    Can’t wait to read more!

  16. That pizza looks amazing! And I don’t even like tofu. Maybe I’ll have to try it now?

    Great giveaway, too!

  17. I looked around their site and the Slow cooker Buffalo Wing recipes looks yummy

  18. YUM! Tofu and BBQ sauce is such a great combo!

  19. *edited for name correction*
    Beadie, I linked u and am grateful for a chance to win anything!

  20. I love BBQ sauce on pizza and that sounds sooo good.

  21. The pizza looks SO good. Would love to try it!

    Just linked to your contest!

  22. Hey Beadie! I linked to your contest!!!

  23. would love to participate-thanks for the heads up!

  24. very nice thanks for the giveaway

  25. Congratulations on your contest. 😀

    You should show the local panera your great pictures. They always make me want to go there!

    I love your polka dot bowl behind the sauce.


  27. Oh wow I really want to try that sauce!!!!

  28. I’ve linked back to this post!!!!

  29. That pizza sounds amazing!

  30. Hey Beadie! I just got caught up on all the going-ons over at “What I Ate Yesterday” – delicious eats, as always!!

    Hurray for winning something from the bake sale! It was amazing, wasn’t it? And I’m so pumped for YOUR giveaway because I’ve been seriously craving that sauce! I love BBQ! I will link back to your post and let you know!

  31. i eat yogurt/fruit/cereal every morning and my number one all time favorite topper is 1/2 cup kashi honey almond flax for 100 calories. it is OH SO SO good 🙂

  32. oooooh that pizza looks incredible! I will have to make some soon!

  33. I’ve been dying to try this stuff! woo hoo!

  34. country bob’s seems to be getting very popular…love to try it 🙂

  35. […] Beadie is giving away some good lookin’ BBQ sauce! […]

  36. Oohh!! I’ve really been wanting to try that sauce!

  37. would love to try country bob’s!

  38. i never win anything… so i hope i get picked! especially because i looooove bbq sauce!

  39. ohhh i wanna win!

  40. I would love to try this!

  41. Love to try this!

  42. Gosh those Panera and almond pictures really have me feeling hungry. Mm, would love some of that new sauce…keep reading about in blogs!!

  43. i loooooove yogurt parfaits!

  44. I love country bob’s just tried it the other day

  45. oh pick me!

  46. Congrats on your first giveaway! I’d love to try the sauce!

  47. someday i will win one of these and get to try these tasty toppers

  48. I’ve been seeing country bob’s all over- I want to try it!!

  49. Congrats on your first (of hopefully many) exciting contests!!! I’d sure love to have the honor of being your first winner 🙂


  50. I would love to try this coveted barbecue sauce!

  51. Pick me!

  52. Wow, that pizza looks amazing!

  53. Now I want pizza!!!

  54. mmmm i want some!

  55. Sauce sounds so good. Would love to try it. Not sold here.
    No blog.

  56. i sure would love to try some bob’s!!! looks yummy

  57. I have heard so much around the blogosphere about this sauce and I would love to finally be able to try it!

  58. I have been reading about the sauce everywhere it seems! I would love to try it!

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