I’m Sending Bob Your Way…

I was up at 5 ,yesterday, and on my treadmill by 5:10; I walked 30 minutes and then did 30 minutes of vinyasa. I flowed through a few sun salutation and spent A LOT of time in pigeon. I also worked on crow, dolphin, side plank and shoulder stand. I felt strong and proud in side plank because I was actually able to hold it longer than a couple of seconds. That is the one thing I love so much about yoga, what once seems impossible one day becomes the norm.

After my workout and yoga, I got ready for work and then made breakfast. I wanted to change up my weekday routine so I decided to make grits and eggs. I never have grits and eggs during the week, boy, I am really liking my new work schedule!


Work was much calmer, thankfully. Around 10:30, I was a little hungry so I had some grapes. I didn’t photograph them because I have been eating so many of them these days. For lunch, I started with a small salad made by the chef


and then had a variation on the BBQ tempeh from Monday night. I had it with whole wheat couscous and more of Kath’s slaw. Yum! I liked this version better than the sando version!!


For lunch dessert, I had a fruit plate from the staff lunch. I really enjoyed the melon the most!


I was in the office alone most of the afternoon and worked hard to fight off hunger. I guess it had been a hungry day but I held out until 3:30. I had greek yogurt with mixed berries but I still felt hungry after 😦


Once I got home from work, I made pecan and cornmeal crusted wild flounder


with a quick tartar sauce on the side. I used mayo, mustard, garlic, onion, dill pickle, pickle juice, cayenne and lemon. All to taste, of course


For some good green veg, I made roasted Brussels sprouts. All together, this was a lovely meal.


For dessert we had bowls of warm chocolate pudding…mmmm


First thing this morning, I rounded up all the comments for my Country Bob’s conest, used random.org to generate a number and came up with Lee from For the Love of Peanut Butter! Congratulations, Lee, I will email you today!

Don’t forget to submit your BSI recipes to me by Sunday!

15 Responses


    Congratulations to Lee!!

  2. The flounder looks delicious.

    Great job on your workout this AM.

  3. Brussel sprouts look delicious! Sounds like you had a great workout!

  4. Yummy day, and good job working out to start your day 🙂

    Congrats Lee!

  5. Breakfast looks great! It’s nice to have time to make something good instead of just something quick! 🙂

  6. Great morning so far! That is why I am so in love with the practice. There is ALWAYS somewhere to go, always a place for you to be. There are no levels, just phases. Beautiful.

  7. Those sprouts look awesome!

  8. mmmm pecan-cornmeal crusted flounder AND beautifully blackened brussels sprouts?! what an ideal meal. and the chocolate pudding makes it even more ideal 🙂

  9. All that fruit and the flounder looks so good!

    I love yoga and I am still a slow beginner. I’m working my way through some Hatha classes and havent moved onto any flows but I love what it does for both my body and mind. I am excited to get better and advance a bit!

  10. MMMM flounder looks awesome! I would love to send any of my baked stuff your way! Then I wouldn’t scarf all of them down…

  11. Congrats Lee! That pudding looks so delicious and creamy!

  12. I think I might have to whip up some chocolate pudding on the stovetop when I get home. Yum! Your grits look pretty fabulous too, but then I’ve never met a grit I didn’t like. 😉

  13. “That is the one thing I love so much about yoga, what once seems impossible one day becomes the norm.”

    -Yay, love that quote! That’s awesome!

  14. I cannot wait for my sauce!!!!!

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