I dabbled in yoga for many years using DVD’s but I never really got “into” it until my friend, Sarah, and I signed up for a yoga class in January 2008. My first class was a hatha flow class and from the moment savasana ended, I knew my life had changed. Since then, I have taken numerous classes, a few workshops, downloaded many classes from yogadownload and of course, used DVD’s.  Over time, I have grown to love vinyasa yoga and do my best to practice regularly.

In that time, I have also discovered that yoga and meditation keep my anxiety and depression under control. Something happens on my mat that goes far beyond exercise. My mind becomes clear and for those moments, I can focus on just being. My eating disorder, past hurts, job stress and grief are all washed away by each drip of sweat. I can no longer imagine my life without yoga and hope that, one day, I can teach others how life changing it can be.

Presently, I have taken my yoga to the next level and am working towards practicing without the use of dvd’s or audio classes. I feel that this level of yoga is where the real learning can began. When I go deep inside my heart and flow with what comes, I can truly be myself. I can learn to be the person that I aspire to be with my practice, my yoga.


Yoga Link Love

Journey Home Yoga aka the studio I take classes in

Everything Yoga

Jade Yoga Mat aka the mat I use

Manduka Yoga Towel 

Yoga Journal

Yoga Download

Meditation for Beginners

Online Guided Meditations

Top 100 Yoga Blogs

A Few of my Favorite Yoga Downloads/Podcasts/Videos

Yoga Download Detox Flow

Yoga Download Morning Flow

Yoga Download Shoulder Opener

Yoga for Runners

Yoga Download Balancing Flow

Jennifer Lynn Simple and Sweet Flow

Grace Yoga Podcast




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