This Week’s BSI Winner Is

Boy, what a fun week it has been as the host of the BSI! Thanks to everyone who entered, it was so exciting to see the entries come in! With 15 entries, it was really hard to decide. All of the entries were creative and sounded delicious. The contestants were:

In the end, I asked the dear husband for some help in choosing. Since I don’t eat meat (except fish), I didn’t want my opinion to be biased and he eats everything so I knew he would pick a good one. He reviewed the recipes and the one I was secretly pulling for was the one he chose!

Drumroll please……..







The winner is….Sarah from Tales of Expansion for her Kale Crust Pizza! Overall, we both agreed that Sarah’s use of kale was the most creative. On top of that, we are both pizza lovers and we thought this was an excellent way to make it healthier. I’m sure you will be seeing this again and again around these parts 🙂

Congratulations, Sarah! Email me at whatiateyesterday [at] gmail dot com and we will discuss your prize!

And now, I pass the BSI torch onto one of my favorite bloggers Sweetie Pie at Just Sweet Enough. Sweetie Pie is new on the food blogging front and with her gorgeous photos, fabulous recipes and witty writing, I think she will soon become one of your favorites as well!

14 Responses

  1. HOORAY!!! Congratulations to Sarah!!

  2. man, you’re on a roll Sarah! congrats 🙂

  3. Looks like some amazing recipes! Thanks for posting links to all of them!

  4. Congrats!

    I don’t know how you guys were able to choose, everyone’s entries looked great.

  5. Congrats to Sarah and thanks, Beadie, for hosting such a great BSI week!

  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thanks beadie!! (and especially thanks for choosing kale and forcing me to be creative — never would have come up with this otherwise :-)) love the other recipes, too. will have to try some!

  7. Yay, more kale recipes to try–I’m in heaven!

  8. That kale pizza is very creative!

  9. Good job Sarah!! Congrats!

    Thanks for hosting this week Beadie!

  10. Congrats to Sarah and thanks to Beadie for hosting!! I had a lot of fun coming up with my kale entry.

    Beadie, thanks for the incredibly sweet introduction. 😉 You are such a welcoming person, and I appreciate that more than you can imagine. I’m very excited to be hosting this week!! Thanks for asking me!

    By the way, the details for this week’s BSI are on my site now, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with using one of my favorite ingredients!!

  11. Congrats Sarah! The pizza sounds delicious!

  12. Can’t wait to try some of these creations! Congrats Sarah 😀

  13. I LOVE Penzey’s spices. We have one nearby my apt. and I have spent way too much money there already!

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