A Hunger Scale of My Very Own

Since I started my intuitive eating journey I have been trying to figure out my own personal hunger scale. I have researched the hunger scale on the Internet, read the one in the IE book and talked to a number of people; I never seemed to find one that fit me and my thoughts on being hungry/full. So, I talked to Mon about it and asked what she thought of me developing my own. She thought it was a great idea so I forged ahead with developing my own.

The reason that the ones from other sources never seemed to “fit” was because none described both the thought process AND the body/stomach sensations. I am sure I am not the only one that has both 🙂 I really starting listening to my body and most importantly I started listening to the things I would say out loud to someone I might be with when my stomach/body/mind was talking to me. That seemed to really help me with figuring it out.

So here it goes:

The Hunger Scale of ~C~ (the goal would be to stay between 2 and 7)

10: OMG, I ate way too much, I think I might puke and then take a nap/Bloated and very uncomfortable
9: I ate too much/Very Full and a bit uncomfortable
8: I think I ate too much/Full
7: I ate just the right amount, I feel comfortably satisfied/I *know* there is food in there
6: I think I am still hungry/Not quite satisfied…but almost
5: I am thinking of something other than food/Neutral
4: mmmm…food, what do I want to eat/A sense of emptiness but still OK
3: I am hungry and ready to eat/Empty
2: I am pretty hungry/Starting to growl
1: I am starving, my only thought process is food/Growling non stop, I may feel a bit shaky and probably irritable
0: Where am I, oh I must be in the hospital because I passed out /I have never made it this far so I don’t know what it feels like 🙂

And that is what hunger/full feels like…to me.

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