Back on Track

With the truffles and hard week behind me, I was ready to get back on track with healthier eating yesterday. I think it is funny how it ebbs and flows for me. I go through phases of eating junk food and then realize that my body is actually craving fresh, whole foods. Kristin, my new friend from group, commented yesterday about straying from a meal plan being an indicator that something emotional is going on. I think in my case, that is exactly right. My physical body doesn’t crave crap food, my mind does. I feel so much  better when I eat healthy, whole foods that when I start to crave the junk foods, maybe it is time to access what is really going on. What is leading me down the path of feeding it instead of feeling it? I am excited at exploring this concept more.

So, with a new attitude, I started my day with blogging and a breakfast, I made grits and sunny side up eggs. 


It was a good filling breakfast that held me over for a few hours while the dear husband and I got to work on my bead business. I am making exciting progress and am super excited to unveil one of my deepest passions. We stopped for lunch around 1, I made whole wheat couscous topped with a MSF tomato basil burger and marinara sauce  I had been simmering all morning. I added a little shaved parmesan cheese and lunch was born. This is one of my old go to meals from years ago, I must say, it was still as good as I remembered.


For lunch dessert, we shared a bowl of grapes and then headed out for some bead business errands.


While we were out, we picked up lattes; I ordered a decaf venti 3 pump vanilla latte. As you may already know, I love starbucks vanilla lattes and aren’t something I’m willing to give up. Getting it with 3 pumps seemed like a happy compromise as it had a nice vanilla flavor and it wasn’t too sweet.


Once our errands were done, I made my BSI submission for dinner. It was a recipe I came up after exploring lots of stir fry sauce recipes. The results were Orange Miso Tofu Stir Fry which I served over 100% whole wheat buckwheat noodles. Both the dear husband and I agreed that it was delicious!


My camera cord is MIA but for the record, I had a square of Ashley’s tiger butter for dessert and greek yogurt and a creamed honey spoon for a late snack. All in all, yesterday was a really good day. It restored faith in myself that I do know how to enjoy food without going overboard. And faith isn’t something that comes easy to this girl.

Question: How do you walk the line between what your body and your mind crave?

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  1. Gorgeous grapes and fabulous BSI entry!!

    Happy Monday!!

  2. oooh that bsi entry looks so good!

    i don’t like runny eggs, but your pictures of them always make me want to start, haha

  3. yay for grits and eggs 🙂 AND for 3 pumps in your venti latte! that’s what I always get, too.

    re: your question, that’s what I’m trying to figure out 🙂

  4. I tend to give my body what it wants/needs through my actual meals (oatmeal for breakfast, veggies, fruit, healthy wrap for lunch, something healthy and chock-ful-of-veggies for dinner). That used to be all I did, but a sense of deprivation led me to binge. I am taking a similar approach to you and letting my mind have what it wants with small doses of dessert. I have a sweet tooth and the only thing I really crave are sweets at night … so I am working on that in moderation!

  5. I think it’s awesome you have a friend/whole support group you can go to. I think everyone experiences days like that to different degrees. I just get caught up in life I’ll eat junk andI won’t even enjoy eating it b/c it was totally emotional. You def had some fab healthy eats! It’s a huge step to know you can pick yourself up:)

  6. Breakfast and tofu look AMAZING!

    Keep up the good job on honoring your body. It seems you have a very positive outlook =)

  7. Regarding your question — that is exactly what I’m trying to work on right now. I’m still starting out on the IE thing, so right now a lot of what I crave is probably what I had denied myself earlier, so I’m feeding my emotional/mental cravings. However, there’s been a few times this week when I’ve craved juice, vegetables, etc. which makes me think those are what my body is craving. It’s all very interesting to think about.

    Your pictures are gorgeous as always! I ended up buying some of that lemon curd from Trader Joe’s yesterday, can’t wait to try it!

  8. What a fantastic tofu!

    I try to find a healthy medium between what my body and mind want!!!

  9. I like your thoughts on the mind-food connection. It’s really an interesting topic. Emotional eating is SO hard to deal with, and I find my best strategy is never to put any food off limits completely. I won’t keep danger foods in the house, so if I’m willing to go out and buy one of them, the craving must be worth it.

  10. I’m definitely loving the BSI entry…

    Anyway, if Im thinking rationally, and my mind is craving crap, I’ll eat very healthily and then have a tiny amount of “crap” and its usually enough.

  11. Love your BSI recipe!! Very creative.

    I can’t help you on your eating – for me its all about balance and sometimes that includes eating cheezy Mexican food!

    Going to check out your bead stuff!

  12. Great BSI submission and I’m liking the latte compromise! Isn’t it all about not depriving ourselves?

    Can’t wait t hear/see you beading update!!

  13. I wish I could answer that question!
    I think you’re right, though. Straying is emotional for me too. I know our battles are slightly different – but not that different, you know?
    Your meals look beautiful. You’re such a good cook. 🙂

  14. So aside from being the most precious pearl to me ever, and an amazing support system, you are also S0 important to me. Y0U, in all of your glory. And to see you struggling… I struggle with you. If you feel weak, I am strong for you, remember that. I think it’s so important to treat our emotions like babies. Honestly… Would you EVER refuse to nurture a baby because it cries? Would you ever feel ashamed if a baby, whom you loved, was excited or was growing or was evolving or was changing? No, ma’am. You, I, we all would watch the baby and be amazed by every tiny thing it did. Smile when it smiles. Comfort it when it neeeeds so to be comforted. It’s about time we nurture ourselves. And remember… To heal, we must be willing to face our fears… And the way of the Buddha is to simply SMILE at them. The beautiful Yogini that you are— Remember her. She is strong, powerful, delicate, graceful, and not afraid. And she is 0KAY if she is feeling weak, powerless, clumsy, and goofy… Because that is never what defines you. You are defined by what makes your heart sing, my sweet. Your Yoga, Your Husband, Your Family, Your blogging, etc. And through those supports, you CAN smile at your fears. From the heart, outward. Smile.

    0nto your question: I think my problem is that I avoid the line all together… The line is the big sea and Julz is still in the kiddy pool. Idk, I think it’s such a great question, but it seems that regardless of what I eat, my mind plays such tricks on me. 0r maybe the Ed in my mind does. Whatever. It’s a work in progs.

    And I completely know what you mean, about straying, only I never make a meal plan, because truth be told, I can’t do it. I just don’t like to see it, I have no clue why. Kind of like how I cannot be weighed without having intense anxiety. I’m not sure why though. Hmm, this is interesting…

  15. Congrats on the BSI and it looks amazing!! I definitely want to try it.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have a lot of things in common! I struggle with emotional eating and the binges that come with it, I LOVE to bead as a hobby, I LOVE sushi and I have an awesome husband as well! 🙂 I’m looking forward to following your story!

  17. mann I always always love your eats!! If only I coud live in your meal footsteps…if there is such a thing!!!

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