Truffle Love

Ah. Valentine’s Day. What a lovely day it was. Neither the dear husband or I are terribly romantic people but we had a really nice chocolate filled day, none the less. It all started with a bowl of greek yogurt topped with peaches, Trader Joe’s High Fiber Cereal and a creamed honey spoon.


After breakfast and blogging, I realized I was late for yoga. I literally went to yoga with my hair sticking up in every direction imaginable. The dear husband even mentioned that I should at least brush it. Oh well, my fellow yogi’s love me just the way I am 😉 Since it was V-Day, we focused on opening the Heart Chakra. I decided to give myself a break and use props, do less hopping and jumping and to just take it easy in general. I also left my yoga towel at home by accident. Both of these things resulted in a not so great class. I felt frustrated all around.

I did find one particular part of the class enlightening, though. I mentally struggled throughout the whole class because one, I was slipping, sliding and squeaking the whole time and two, I kept telling myself to go easy on my self yet I seemed to be craving challenge. So, as we flowed from side angle to half moon, my back was to the rest of the class. I leaned into half moon feeling strong and stable. The rest of the class was chittering about it being hard and one girl said “oh, god we are rockin and rollin’ aren’t we”. I thought to myself that no, I wasn’t, I felt strong and balanced. It was then that  I realized that maybe it wasn’t the day for taking it easy.

I do think that sometimes, we have to go easy on ourselves and I had just come out of a tough week of poor eating, challenging therapy and stressful work. I thought it was the time to take it easy but maybe that is when I should really push myself. Not doing the best I could for most of the class left me feeling weak and unable to really open my heart. I was happy to be able to talk it all through with Candy, she reassured me that finding our own yoga is so personal and that each of the things that we discover just enable us to take our yoga higher. 

After class, I hurried home to spend the rest of the day with the dear husband. I had some grapes to tide me over until our V-Day lunch.


And just as I was telling the dear husband that I was really hungry and not sure that I wanted to keep waiting for lunch, we got a knock on the door. Ashely, from Daily Goods had sent me the tiger butter I won in Meghann’s  Bake sale. 


What better way to hold me over than a fantastic piece of fudge! This fudge was everything my heart and the dear husbands heart desires, in fudge, at least.


And look, we have tons of it!!


We stuck it in the freezer because otherwise, it would all be gone by now. Out of sight, out of mind. Lately, I have been trying to have tiny amounts of sweets at the end of a meal to control my night time snacking and this will be perfect for that. Yum!

We finally made our way down to Carytown for our V-day afternoon of fun. We stopped into a few shops for some window shopping, got my engagement ring/wedding band cleaned and then went for lunch. We went to Thai Diner Too which is probably my favorite. When we arrived, they brought us crispy vegetable spring rolls and said they “came with our lunch” and since we aren’t the type to pass of free thai food, we dove right in. It was yummy.


Next up was vegetarian pot stickers. The were in a sweet coconut curry sauce and despite some heat, they were a little on the bland side.


That was OK, because my entree more than made up for it. I got my favorite, Noodles of the Drunk with tofu. It was spicy, sweet and sour, just the way I like it.


After lunch, we went to For the Love of Chocolate for truffles.


And that is where the truffle love began. We still had truffles leftover from meeting Brandi, but that didn’t stop us 🙂 I had a little bite of each one, I enjoyed the hazelnut on the most.


After our truffle fest, we did a little more window shopping and finally food shopping. I wrote out a meal plan for the week and we stocked up on everything we needed. It felt good to fill my cart with loads of veggies and whole foods. Once we got home and put away the groceries, I did a little blog reading and then made dinner. I heated up butter bean burgers from the freezer


and made pan roasted kale on the side.


After dinner, we decided to sent out Valentines day with a bang. So we shared the rest of the truffles from Brandi.


And once again, the hazelnut one was my favorite but I did enjoy the “hunka hunka burning love” one, it tasted like a chocolate cinnamon roll! We then, of course, watched a romantic comedy to round out the day. We watched Something New which I can’t really tell you much about because I fell asleep 😦

All in all, it was a great day spent with the dear husband,  besides all of the truffle love, it wasn’t that different than a normal Saturday. But, I don’t really see that as a good thing. It reassures me that our love in strong, constant and stable which is exactly what I want.

23 Responses

  1. Such stunning candies!! I would have preferred the hazelnut one as well 😀

    Glad that it was a good day overall!!

  2. Ok, that pumpkin truffle is one of the cutest things EVER! Sounds like you had a great day 🙂

  3. What a lovely Valentine’s Day! I am jealous of your noodles…I love any dish that has those wide rice noodles!

  4. I love you so much <333

  5. o0o chocolate filled VDay! that’s beautiful =]
    That fudge looks AMAZING!

  6. So glad that you and the dear husband had a fabulous v-day! You were in my neck of the woods- for lunch and chocolates.

  7. Sounds like a great day!

    that little pumpkin truffle is adorable!

  8. haha, i know alllllll about truffle love. my life is so RICH with it right now 🙂

    that tiger butter fudge looks insanely good!

    i know some parts of your day weren’t ideal, but it looks like you found a way to balance it all in the end … with a beautiful ketchup heart and more truffles!

  9. so glad to hear that you loved it!! Glad it came at the perfect time too thanks so much for bidding on it 🙂

  10. Your tofu dish look amazing! I love crispy egg rolls too!

  11. That is intense chocolate action! I pretty much demolished the truffles my roomie gave me already…

  12. OMG the Thai looks amazing! And I love that cute little pumpkin truffle!

    Have a great day!

  13. Yay for truffle love! Sounds like the Best Vday ever 😉

    I got FJ the pumpkin one the last time I was out on the road. It is too cute!

    I think my fave chocolate from there is the dark chocolate sea salt caramel – the cube shaped one. The domed one is a bit saltier & not as chewy.

    mmmmm chocolate.

  14. aw that sounds like a wonderul day!! I adore Thai food!!…but too bad it could have been better! At least you had chocolate to make up for it!! Those are so pretty!!!


  15. Sounds like a good day to me… Its so nice to hear how in tune you and dear husband are….

  16. The fudge looks seriously delicious!

    People talk during your yoga class? That would mess with my inner calm! Anyway, I think yoga is personal and your body tells you just what to do. Sometimes I’ll start and think “today I am going to kind of take it easy” and then I have all of this energy. The inverse is true sometimes as well.


    • Hi Heather!

      Talking is not typical in my yoga class but it is a small private studio with a max of 6 students per class. And in most classes, you are practicing with people you have practiced with for some time so the comfort level is extremely high. We are encouraged to ask questions and express when we need help. I’ve never practiced in any other studio except Bikram which was completely quiet. I also think it depends of the teacher. This particular teacher, Candy, is very proactive in helping us learn new things to take home with us. My yoga studio’s goal is that each person will take their practice home and use the classes as a tool to get there. So, there is sometimes talking but we all just chalk it up to learning.

  17. Mmmm, the truffles and the fudge look amazing!

  18. I’m a little late on commenting, but I am glad the fudge arrived and is your liking. It looks great!! 🙂

  19. I would kill for that fudge right now!

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