Friday Fun Day

This week has been the worst [health] food wise, I didn’t do any planning so my meals were all spur of the moment. I normally go into the week with a meal plan and food shop for everything I need. I think that being spontaneous can be fun when it comes to food but I think I thrive on having a plan. I’m hoping to get back on the planning wagon this weekend which will result in cleaner eating.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every bite of sushi and the foods you are about to see but I’m ready to move back towards moderation.

And with all that said, I’ll forge ahead with yesterday. I was running late so I had breakfast at work. I had The Chef make me a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese and fruit on the side.


I had a multi grain sandwich thin so when I got back to my office I made a little sandwich.


My wallet couldn’t afford sushi one more time, so I had staff lunch. Yesterday’s selection was vegetable pizza


and salad.


I had two slices of the pizza, probably equal in size to one normal piece. It was good but it was pretty spicy since it was loaded with jalapenos. It kept me full all afternoon and even held me through the event I was so excited about. I got to meet Brandi for the first time. We met via weightwatchers online and have remained friends even though I am no longer a weight watcher. In that time, we have had a couple of missed opportunities to meet and yesterday was finally our day. I also got to meet her husband, Nick.

We met at starbuck’s where we both got a passion fruit tea. This tea was really good! It caffeine free, sugar free and artificial sweetener free and it is tasty to boot!


We shared nice easy conversation and she gave me this gorgeous box of truffles. I didn’t indulge till later 😉


They were only breezing through town so we couldn’t share a whole foody love meal but we still had fun. We already have plans to meet again for a hiking trip in the spring, I can’t wait!


After my fun filled afternoon, I was hungry. I still had an errand to run for The Pro so by the time I got back to my side of the world, it was dinner time. I called the dear husband and asked what he wanted to do. We agreed to meet at the Italian hole close to our house. I started with a house salad


and a breadstick.


For the main course, I had seafood linguine. The sauce on the linguine was perfect, sometimes, they are too heavy and oil but this was light and brothy.


After dinner, we came home and caught up on the DVR. We shared this little gem that Brandi had given us. It had a mild orange and rich dark chocolate flavor that was very pleasant. It was also hot! I mean, hot! It was kind of surprising, actually!


Another reminder to sign up for my country bob’s giveaway! All you have to do is comment on that post, link back to the contest and you are all set. If you don’t have a blog, comment and send me an email confirming that you don’t have a blog. I will also be including a very special surprise so be sure to sign up! The contest ends Tuesday, good luck!

Question: Do you thrive on food plans or flying by the seat of your pants? Do you spend alot of time planning your meals and shopping?


16 Responses

  1. Mmmm Yummy food! You only live once right!?

    I am typically a planner. I don’t spend a lot of time doing it but I usually think about it the day of. I’m luck enough to have a grocery right up the street. I spend a lot of time becuase I just LOVE food =)


    I plan my meals for the week, since I have an über-busy schedule – it makes life less stressful, for sure.

  3. What gorgeous truffles, they sound yummy! 🙂
    I agree, it’s always a bit easier to attack my meals beforehand so I don’t feel like I’m wasting, or scrambling for dinner!

  4. You two look so gorgeous!!! I’m glad you had a blast… you were there in spirit at our dinner last night too! I even wore the necklace you made me!

    I always plan out my meals based on what was on sale at the grocery store. It makes it a little less stressful than shopping for a recipe, but still fun.

  5. Yay for a blogger meet up! That’s a great picture of the 2 of you. 🙂

    Truffles look really yummy!!

  6. Ideally I would plan out my meals every week. I’m a huge nerd and LOVE menu planning and grocery shopping. Right now is a crazy-busy time for me at work, so planning gives way to spontaneity right now.

  7. I am not the best at planning out meals for the week, which is probably why I always end up at the grocery store all the time.

  8. I HAVE to plan or I feel crazy!
    I love that picture of you two. You look INCREDIBLE. I love that jacket. You are fabulous!

  9. I am loving the look of that chocolate.

    Just planned my meals for the week so it’s time for a shop! Sounds like you’re ready to do the same. 🙂

  10. I don’t really do any formal plans. I write out a grocery list of things I need (that I always have in the house), and maybe have a recipe picked out that I want to try, so I’ll get stuff for that as well. I look at what produce looks good/is on sale and shop that way, as well as anything else that catches my eye. My meals sort of evolve from there for the week. I’ll often start to come up with some things based on what I have for the next day or two, taking into account leftovers. It pretty much works out, sometimes I randomly decide on something I need to get another ingredient for. I don’t think I could do a full on plan though.

  11. yay for us!!! 🙂 I had so much fun.

    I don’t think the rest of the chocolates will be spicy 🙂

  12. All your eats look good – especially the egg sammie (just needs a splash of Tabasco!) 😀

    I am the queen of food planning – not only do I do it to make better choices throughout the week, but my grocery budget stays in tact. I can usually shop for my family of 3 (my step-son lives on his own now) for about $100.

    Um, except for tonight – where my two lobster tails cost $46! We splurge every once in a while! Hope they turn out!!!

  13. I definitely feel saner and eat more healthfully when I am following my meal plan. With that said, my MP is also a tool in my recovery process and the goal is to transfer to intuitive eating. It’s another one of those “car light” warning signs for me: if I am having trouble following my meal plan then something is going on under the surface (emotionally) that I am trying to avoid.

    Looks like Friday was a fun day!! 🙂

    • Kristin, Your comment made a light bulb go off in my head. I have been viewing a meal plan as “bad” and against intuitive eating. I never thought about the aspect that straying from the plan could be a sign of emotional distress. And now that I think about it, that is exactly right! I had NEVER thought of it in those terms. I think this is a new key for me.

  14. Yay! I wish I could take credit for the concept … but I learned it from EP (our group RD). I was having the worst time changing my eating behaviors. Intuitive eating was WAY too scary at the time but I was fighting a meal plan tooth and nail because it just felt like another diet. I had to white knuckle it (mentally) through the first week or so of my meal plan, but once I started feeling the effects of eating well, it became sooo much easier to eat more “normally.” And I can sort of see, now, how eventually I will be able to migrate towards intuitive eating as I learn other ways to cope. Totally wierd how it makes sense now (like your lightbulb). And of course I dont follow it perfectly. In fact its been 2.5 weeks now since I have been following my MP. But even then, I notice, that I still have a healthier base of eating, than before I started to accept the idea of following my MP. But I am rambling :)…

  15. Hi again.. I too have found I really need a food plan.. but my therapist and I are working on how MUCH structure I need cuz TOO much and it I BINGE . I do know that after just 24 hours of following a healthy plan I feel so much better..

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