The Incredible Edible Egg

I woke up late yesterday so I had to get breakfast at work and with a full service kitchen on site, that isn’t a problem. I had The Chef make me a scrambled egg sandwich on whole wheat bread with cheese. The last time it was good but this time it was really good. The eggs were super fluffy and it had the perfect amount of cheese.


I didn’t pack lunch either, so lunch was on The Chef again. I didn’t want staff lunch since it was cheeseburgers so he made me an egg salad sandwich


and a small salad. I didn’t realize until after lunch that it was my second time eating eggs in one day. Talk about being repetitive.


For lunch dessert, The Chef was trying to get rid of leftover cake from a party the night before and I happily obliged. It is chocolate caramel crunch cake topped with fresh whipped cream. To keep myself in check, I only had 4 bites and threw the rest in the trash. I hated seeing it go to waste but I knew that eating that huge piece of cake was not a good idea on many levels. It was delicious and to my surprise, 4 bites was enough.


Once I got home from work, I was feeling a little hungry and didn’t have a dinner plan in place so I had another orange. You guys are probably sick of seeing oranges but I love them this time of year!


For dinner, I finally settled on baking up some butter bean burgers from the freezer. I coated them in a healthy dose of olive oil and them baked them in the toaster oven for about 20 minutes.


We topped them with ketchup and mustard and skipped the bun. On the side, we had steamed asapragus tossed with olive oil, garlic and sea salt.


Finally, for dessert, we had rice pudding with chocolate chips. It was from a box again but it was really good.


Question: What is your favorite topping for steamed vegetables? I always go with the olive oil, garlic and sea salt, it is an oldy but goody.


12 Responses

  1. THAT CAKE!!! Holy goodness.

    **My favorite steamed vegetable topping = SPICY SALSA!!! 🙂

    Happy Saturday!!

  2. Yes please on the cake! But your salad looks better!

    A pinch pf Parmesan cheese is good!

  3. wow, good restraint on the cake! it’s so easy to eat the whole thing when it’s right in front of you, but you rallied and still got to enjoy it.
    and egg repetition is a-ok because they’re incredible and edible 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m way impressed about the cake… I would’ve eaten the whole thing and licked the plate!

    Steamed veggie toppings: garlic powder and S&P, parmesan cheese, and i have this spicy pecan vinegar thats amazing!

  5. I love eggs -and egg salad!

    That cake looks so good – I don’t know that I would only be able to eat 4 bites!

    On steamed veggies? I like all kinds of seasonings (salt, pepper, mixes like italian, rosemary/garlic, etc, and olive oil)

  6. That cake looks super good!

    My favourite way to top my veggies is just a little S & P. I like it simple!

  7. I love oranges this time of year too. And the cake looks lovely 🙂 Now I’m craving egg salad!

  8. That Chef spoils you!

  9. I love rice pudding! I like to put Braggs Aminos on my steamed veggies…it tastes a lot like soy!

  10. Egg-tastic! I admire you for being able to throw out the cake after a couple bites.

    For my steamed veggies, I’m usually happy with EVOO, salt and pepper. I’m also a sucker for oregano though. Salsa and tomato pasta sauce are also great, depending what else is for dinner. 🙂

  11. everything looks spectacular, Beadie. especially the cake ! I am *seriously* impressed with how you handled that, my lady. You listened to your body and enjoyed the cake and wow…I really look up to that!

  12. I have no clue how you stopped at 4 bites of that delicious looking cake – Good for you!

    I’m going to have to get FJ (the burger king 😉 to make those burgers – they look so tasty!

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