Jicamaless Purgatory

Thanks to everyone who checked out and commented about my new jewelry page!! It means so much to me to have people appreciate my craft. I was telling Brandi that it was really hard for me to put myself out there like that even though I talk about my food and disordered eating so easily. I guess it comes from a different place in the heart.

I woke up feeling almost normal yesterday, yay me. I think the cold portion of my sickness is gone and only a little of the sinus infection lingers! For breakfast, I had a new cereal that I originally picked up for the dear husband. It was All Bran Strawberry Fields that I topped off with ground flax seed and milk. Oh, it is so good! It really reminds me of the red berries in Captain Crunch 😀


The Pro had an off site meeting so lunch was really late. To hold me over, I had what is normally my afternoon snack. Greek Yogurt with peach slices and a sunflower seed butter spoon. I have only seen the nut butter/greek yogurt a couple of times in blogland and maybe I know why now, it isn’t that great. I think it was a texture thing.


The Pro arrived with lunch shortly after 1, he picked up Firebird’s so I got my usual grilled salmon on salad with roasted pecans. There was no jicama this time and that made me very sad 😦 The jicama is usually my favorite part. 


Once I got home from work, I felt well enough to give the treadmill a shot. I hadn’t done any exercise since being sick so I decided to do a walk/run interval program that is mainly just walking. It felt good, the only sign of sickness I had was a runny nose and I could tell it had been a while because I struggled with some of the incline segments. The important thing is that I made it through and that I got back at it. I have a tendency to let exercise slide and before I got sick, I was really doing well with being consistent. So, it was nice to feel “back on track”.

After my jaunt on the treadmill and a quick shower, I made dinner. Once again, I used Brandi’s Blogas  inspiration. I’m actually starting to wonder what I ate before she started blogging?? 🙂 I made eggs in purgatory which is eggs poached in marinara sauce.

this is the pan straight out of the oven

this is the pan straight out of the oven

I ended up cooking the eggs too long as the yolks were fully cooked so I don’t think I got the full effect. I served it over brown rice and think next time, I will serve it over polenta and let it cook a little less time. After dinner, I had a bite of leftover brownies to satisfy my sweet tooth.


16 Responses

  1. aaww sorry about the lunch…I love that cereal too! It’s so good!

  2. Lovin’ the PB spoon close-up shot!! 😀

  3. Cereal, salad, yogurt, egss and brownie ALL look fantastic! You have such a way with your camera!

  4. Hooray!!! I’m glad you tried it 😉 it’s hard to master – it definitely took us a few times, but it still tastes good any way you make it.

    And…you can pass that brownie right to me!

  5. YUM! I wonder what I ate before blogging too… there are so many things that I try now that I didn’t before!

  6. Good or bad, the yogurt shot is great! I love how blogging has sparked my creativity, it’s so wonderful!

  7. What a delicious day of eats! Glad you are feeling better!

  8. Yum, can I have a leftover brownie!? Looks great! Day 2 of my popchips contest starts now by the way 🙂

  9. Hope you are feeling better! I am getting there too!

    I wish I liked salmon – it always looks so good!!

  10. Loving your blog more and more!!!! I totally agree with the greek yogurt. The first time I tasted it, I actually hated that it was sticky and goopy and thick. I realized that not eating it like you would regular yogurt is the key! I like to enjoy mine plain with a drizzle of honey when i’m craving something thick and hearty. Otherwise, normal yogurt hits the spot when I want to mix in things or add it into other ingredients like my oats!

    I LOVE that poached egg idea. Thank you for sharing that!!! It looks delicious and I love poached eggs and marina. 🙂

    • Oh, my, Luckytastebuds, what do I say :/ I am so glad you like the blog, I hope you will keep reading!!

      I am actually a huge greek yogurt fan, it is the only kind I eat. I was talking about the combo of the nut butter with the yogurt, I thought the two textrures clashed. Separately, I love both, just not together!!

  11. Bookmarking your dinner….now! Can’t wait to try it!

  12. Love the name of that dish!

  13. Those eggs look freakin good!!! 🙂

  14. I kind of like yogurt and nut butters. I stir it right in though.

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