Bad Thai Food?

As you may already know from yesterday’s post, I wasn’t feeling great and I missed yoga 😦 I didn’t wake up until 8:35! I guess I just need the rest since I am sick and had a stressful week. I started the day with half a moral fiber bran muffin from Trader Joe’s topped off with a little almond butter. Eh…It was ok, I am pretty sure it was the first bran muffin I have ever had.


On the side, I had this little orange for a vitamin C kick.


We didn’t really do much because we were both sick and not feeling up to much. We filed our taxes (boo!!) and then made some lunch. I made Amy’s texas veggie burger on whole wheat english muffins with cheese, pickles, ketchup and mustard. The dear husband thought they tasted like “real” burgers.


On the side, we had spicy blue corn chip and guacamole from Whole Foods. yum!


I still felt a little hungry so I had a small bowl of greek yogurt topped with lemon sauce.


After the yogurt, we hit the road to pick up more tissues and a prescription. We decided to give the new local Thai place a try to see if it would open up our sinuses. We typically have to drive about 30 minutes for Thai Food so we had high hopes because this place was only 10 minutes away. We started with jasmine tea


and summer rolls. The tea was tasty but the summer rolls were very bland. This was our first clue.


Next up was bang bang shrimp. The last time we had bang bang shrimp it was at The Bone Fish grill and it was spectacular. Maybe our standards were too high but this time it really sucked. It was very grainy and reminded us both of dirt. The shrimp tasted like the kind you buy in the freezer section at the supermarket, I only ate two of them.


At this point, we weren’t even excited about our entrees. I ordered my favorite, Drunken Noodles, which I always order  when we go for Thai. Besides being so hot I could hardly eat it, it was flavorless. The dear husband thought his Pad Thai was pretty flavorless as well. We both only took a couple of bites before calling it quits. Thank goodness we had a coupon!


Once we were home, I had a small piece of leftover brownies. I can’t decide if I like these things better warm or at room temp. Whoever wins these babies in Meghann’s Bake Sale is going to be very pleased.


Tell me about your worst “Bad Food” restaurant experience.


13 Responses

  1. I LOVE bang bang shrimp! I also ordered an appetizer recently expecting it to be as good but I was dissapointed. Your pictures are amazing! I am glad I found your blog.

  2. **Worst bad food experience = extreme case of food poisoning that caused me to go blind for 20 minutes, lose my balance (and ability to stand up), rapid heart rate, sweating, imbalance of electrolytes… I was in the hospital for a little less than 2 days.

    This was all caused by sushi. I now have an extreme taste aversion to it because of all this (um, obviously, haha 😀 ).

  3. WORST bad food experience: Adam and I went to an all-you-can-eat sushi place long before WW. It started out being fantastic the first few times we went, and then one time we went, there was more rice than fish, and the spicy rolls had so much mayo, I couldn’t even eat them! Luckily, we found other sushi places!

  4. Ah, sorry about the bad thai food! How unfortunate.

    I think the worst was when I was in Costa Rica with my then boyfriend and we went to this restaurant on a hill known for its beautiful sunset and the best “tropical sangria in the country.” Well, those two things were amazing….but that’s it! The food AND service were horrible!

    I ordered a steak, well-done and it came all red and bloody and then the waiter totally ignored us the whole time! I don’t remember being so disappointed with a meal and service at a restaurant, ever!

  5. hmmm Worst experience is probably when my mom went home with food poisoning after a 5-star hotel seafood buffet. We had to rush her to the hospital at midnight. 😦

    Thanks for your blog!!! I just found it and think it’s so much fun!! I’m sorry that Thai experience was horrendous! I definitely recommend scrutinizing restaurant reviews online before going. heheh I’m a frugal foodie. 😛

  6. sorry for the dinner disappointment! good thing you had a perfect fudge brownie waiting to make up for it 🙂

  7. Hey Beadie!

    sorry that thai food wasn’t all that great-
    question, how/where do you make/buy lemon sauce? what’s in it?

    those brownies look delicious!

    • Lee, too funny you should ask about the sauce. It is *actually* lemon curd but my readers seem to have an aversion to that word so I said sauce 🙂 I buy it at Trader Joe’s but you should be able to buy it in *nicer* supermarkets near the jam and jelly. It is SO good!

  8. Sorry to hear your Thai sucked! The picture’s you took made it look pretty good, though! I don’t eat out much so I can’t really think of a bad food experience….unless you count the time I got food poisoning for fries at my old job’s cafeteria. That was definitely bad!

  9. Stoopid Thai food! Sorry it was a lousy meal! We recently tried the new Vietnamese place by our house to celebrate the end of my super long travels, & it was a no-go 😦 We got some bland fresh spring rolls at that place too. We should make a plan for trying new places. We can order an appy, & if it sux we can run for the hills. If it rocks, then we can always order more. 😉

    I nearly licked my screen when I saw those brownies! They look super tasty! I haven’t tried any of the coconut milk ice cream or yogurt yet, but I will defly have to give them a try after seeing your super yummy pics!

  10. That stinks about the thai place!

    BUT those brownies look a.mazing.

  11. I was about 12 and my mom and I went to a Chinese place that smelled like pee. Hello! Why didn’t we just walk out?

    The Applebee’s experience Dh and I had with a coupon comes close. I had more chicken on my ww entree than he had on his “regular” menu salad, which came with some kind of random dressing since they were out of the dressing it called for.

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