Breakfast for lunch, Junk Food for dinner

I slept in until a little past 7 yesterday, I would have slept longer but I had to get to yoga. I drank my cafe au lait while eating breakfast. In the bowl was Barbara’s shredded spoonfuls, ground flax seed, dried blueberries and milk.


After breakfast, I headed to yoga class. The class had, yet again, another new teacher who had suffered from some miscommunication. She thought the class was supposed to be a gentle hatha flow class for beginners. We didn’t even come to standing until about 45 minutes into it. At that point in the class, she said “we are going to come into Warrior I” and immediately, we came into warrior I. She looked up and said “oh, you are already there” because she was expecting to have to teach us the pose. A few moments later, she seemed very confused about what was going on and said something about us being more than beginners so I finally spoke up. I told her that the class was normally a vinyasa I and II class. She looked like a deer in headlights and said, “so this class has been way too easy” and we all agreed that it had. Then she said she wish she had known because she normally teaches vinyasa and was having a hard time teaching a gentle class. We finished out the class with a few sun salutations but by then, time was up.

After class, we all sat around and had a long discussion about the class. It was a complicated discussion that I’m still not even really sure what happened.  In the end,  I’m not sure if it is the studio for me anymore. With all of the teacher changes and style changes and level changes, I’m just not sure I can keep paying the high price. I like vinyasa and feel that, for the money, I should get what I pay for.  Confusion like this has happened many times over the past couple of months and it only leaves me frustrated. I have been told that maybe these gentle class come by to teach me something but they only teach me that gentle yoga is not my thing. I just sit, lay or whatever in the poses and feel frustration. I like vinyasa because it doesn’t give my mind time to wander; it is very much a moving meditation for me. I do yoga to ease my anxiety and depression and those gentle classes just make it worse.

I have found another studio in the area that is a few minutes further away, but they have a vinyasa class on Saturday mornings. Once my session is up at my current studio, I may give it a try.  I wish I had another r option but at this point, I don’t feel like I do. I have talked to Laura, the studio owner, about the problem but it isn’t being resolved. It actually makes me really sad because it really feels like home to me. It is the only studio I have ever practiced in so I feel emotionally tied to it. Yoga changed my life so walking away from the place that made that happen is hard.

After yoga, I came home and caught up on my blog reading and then made lunch. I saw lots of omelets in blogland and thought that would be the perfect way to use up some things in the fridge. I made a mish mosh fritata with shrimp, corn, black beans, onions, broccoli, light cream cheese and mozzarella.


On the side, we had toasted english muffins with an olive oil drizzle. This was a eggs-ellent lunch 🙂


With a full belly, I made a menu plan and shopping list for the week and then we headed out for errands. While out, I had a venti caramel latte to help keep me warm. It was very frigid outside! Once we got home, it was almost 5pm and we knew we wanted to get in a good workout. We met upstairs and he rode the recumbent bike and I did a run on the treadmill. I am very proud of this run because it was the longest I have ran in a couple of years. I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 26 minutes and then did a 4 minute cool down. It was awesome.

When I met the dear husband, I was an avid runner. I typically ran about 5 miles a day and it was just part of who I was. Once I moved into my current neighborhood the running stopped. The hills here are insane, more like mountains and the adjustment made havoc on my hips. It was just too painful to run anymore. Now that I have yoga in my life, the running doesn’t seem to bother my hips the way it did back then. Of course, I haven’t run outside yet so we will see when spring comes. Even if I have to run on the treadmill forever, I am glad that running is back in my life.

Once we were fresh and clean from our workout, I made us some junk food for dinner. I made a batch of morning star farms buffalo “wings”


a pan of sweet potato fries


with carrot sticks


and blue cheese dressing for dipping.


What a fun dinner this was. Even my carnivore husband thought that the “wings” we good and the sweet potato fries were killer! It was all pretty spicy so we wanted something sweet to balance it all out. Since it was so cold, I really wanted something warm. I made rice pudding with pecans and topped it off with chocolate chips.


It was a warm and comforting dessert. I made it from a box with the exception of the nuts and chocolate but I will be seeking out a recipe for homemade. I want to have this treat again!

Have you ever felt so frustrated with something you love so much? What have you done to resolve it?

9 Responses

  1. Looove the breakfast and sweet potato fries!! 🙂

    Sorry about the yoga – definitely try that new class!!

  2. I don’t think your dinner i junk food….looks delish and you did have carrots, after all! 🙂

    Hope your yoga woes work out soon. No good being frustrated with your yoga!

  3. Your dinner looks so good… glad to know about those buffalo wings! I’ve been very curious.

    The yoga thing will work out, I’m positive of it!

  4. I love your junk food dinner!

    I hope you find a studio that is right for you. I’ve had a hard time finding my yoga home in the past too and I know just how you feel. 😀

  5. I hope you find a studio that works best for you.

    Good job running! I’m still having a hard time not getting bored on the treadmill at the gym, but I’m working on it.

    i want some of those dried blueberries 🙂

  6. I love that dinner is really fun to make! 🙂
    I had to switch studios in Portland and it was tough! But after about a month I just looked at my old studio as a place with lots of really fond memories instead of feeling sad.
    Nice run! I so wish I had a treadmill or something at home!
    I missed your posts! 🙂

  7. All of your eats look super tasty! And I hope you find a studio where you feel comfortable and happy, as you deserve.

    To answer your question on my blog, I did indeed take measurements and before pictures for P90X! I hope to see a difference in 90 days 🙂 Good luck to you, too!

  8. I feel the exact same about yoga! I went to a new Vinyasa flow class this past Friday, and I was a bit disappointed. It was good for my body, lots of stretching, but I need to be challenged. I like to keep things moving. Sorry you’re having a hard time with your studio – totally defeats the purpose of a calm/warm/inviting space, huh? 😦

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