Pump It Up

Yesterday was a great day! I started with a cafe au lait on my ride to work followed by breakfast once I arrived. I had a bowl of whole grain Cheerios topped with flax seed, dried blueberries and milk. The dried blueberries made this bowl of boring cereal a rock star. They had been tucked away in our pantry for weeks and I am certainly glad they made their way into rotation. You’ll be seeing alot of these little gems as the days pass.


For lunch, the chef made me a mescalin greens salad with tomato, cukes, carrot and a few poached shrimp he was looking to get rid of. He tossed it all with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make a fantastic little salad.


I also had a small bowl of 16 bean soup that I pulled from the freezer. I wasn’t able to eat most of it because the shrimp on the salad made it more filling.


To cure my lunchtime sweet tooth, I had this little package of dried pears. I really liked these, they make a great sweet treat that you don’t feel guilty about. The only ingredient is pears.


Around 3, I was hungry for a snack. I had spoken with my friend, Sarah, earlier in the day and she reminded me about my passion for lemon curd (I know that word sucks) and greek yogurt. I drizzled my berry covered bowl with a healthy dose and it was heavenly. Isn’t if funny how we forget about foods we love so much?


After my delightful treat, I headed home and hit the treadmill. I did a 5 minute brisk walk to warm up, ran for 20 minutes and then did a 5 minute cool down. I’m so thankful to be running again; I really can’t wait until the weather warms up enough to make running outdoors possible. I am hoping to be able to run about 6 miles without walking by then because there is a race that the dear husband and I want to do.

Once I was stretched out from my run, I made another fast dinner. Pinto bean taco salad. I had done all of my chopping and other prep work this weekend so all I had to do was heat it up. I sauteed an array of colorful peppers with onion and garlic and then tossed in the beans and corn. I added in some cajun seasoning and a hearty salad topper was born. For the salad I used spring mix, the pinto bean mix, salsa, sour cream and cilantro. On the side we had a few blue corn chips for crunch. Both the dear husband and I enjoyed this five minute dinner.


After dinner, we bundled up and headed to the gym for Body Pump. It was a madhouse. You would have thought it was the only class available…ever. They opened the doors and people rushed it like it was Black Friday at Walmart. People were running and pushing and slinging steps and weights. It was a site to behold. Finally, once the chaos settled, the teacher said there was not enough equipment to go around; she didn’t have any weights! She asked the group who hadn’t signed up in advance and gotten their hands stamped. She asked them to leave! There was cussing and foot stomping. I was thankful that the dear husband and I had signed up for the class when we were there on Tuesday. After the madness settled, the class got started and we got a great workout. I left with my whole body quaking.

Once we arrived home, I made us cups of caramel hot cocoa to warm us back up. We watched a little tv land and then hit the hay.


Thought Provoker: What foods do you sometimes forget that you love?


12 Responses

  1. Funny story about the gym! People can get wild sometimes, eh?

    It does sound like you had a fantastic day….YAY!!

  2. Ha, i love the reference to “Wal-Mart on black friday”!!

    Foods I forget I love: sauteed mushrooms, grilled zucchini, oh, and yellowtail sushi. I never remember to order it, and when I do I’m always like “OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD!”

  3. Fun day, for sure!!

    I love too many foods and always remember them, haha 😀

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    all of your food looks sooo good! The lemon curd! the pinto taco salad! (which I will definitely have to make)
    and that caramel hot chocolate looks divine. You do a great job with the pictures. I like how the close ups really let you see the texture.

    keep on truckin!

  5. It sounds like a great day 🙂

    I love that BodyPump story – now I’m going to be waiting for it to happen in my class!

    Foods I forget I love:
    cold glass of milk
    seafood! I don’t have it enough.
    plus many more, I’m sure

    How do you make that hot chocolate? It looks SO good

    • Brandi, I must confess, the hot chocolate isn’t from scratch. I mix two kinds of hot chocolate together. I use the TJ’s sipping chocolate and a fancy pants gourmet caramel hot chocolate. 🙂

  6. I just found your blog and love it! I am in love with those Crispy Pears too! Such a great snack.


  7. mmmmmmmmmmmm I had the greek yogurt with lemon curd & blueberries today. YUM!

  8. I love whole grain Cheerios! That’s awesome that you topped it with dried blueberries. That’s often my favorite part of trail mix…I need to buy some by themselves!

    Love the taco salad. I need to make more Mexican-style food. YUM.

    Glad you got a good workout despite the madness. And that you ended the night with that amazing caramel hot cocoa. It leaves me drooling!

    Foods I forget I love…I forget! 😉

  9. Yum, I had nearly the same breakfast this morning, add banana!
    That taco salad look insanely delicious, I often forget HOW delicious 😉

  10. Damn those nachos look GOOD!!!!!

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