Blog Break

Hi Everyone,

After a lot of thought, I have decided that I can’t post here for a while. My heart hasn’t been in it for a couple of weeks now and I am starting to be obsessed. The combination of blogging about what I eat, being on weight watchers and being accountable at weight watchers meetings is just too much for me. I need some time to really think about what it is that I want and I hope that a break will do that for me. I have such mixed emotion in doing this because I have met some truly wonderful people here. It just isn’t the right thing for me right now and I need to figure out what is.

Much Love,



22 Responses

  1. I heart you!!!

  2. Ah Christie, I’ll miss your posts, but good for you for doing what you think is best. Just remember that we’re all here for you if you need us! Good luck with everything!

  3. This makes me sad, but if it’s best for you then it’s best for us. We’ll be thinking about you!

  4. Take care Christie! We’ll always be here for you when you need us!

  5. If** you need us! : ) I believe in you.

  6. Christie, I wish you the best – I know you can get through this!!

  7. You do what is best for you babe; we support you in every way!

  8. I love you! I understand and I hope you find what’s best for you. We will definitely keep in touch through e-mail sister.

  9. That’s really brave of you to do and say. We’re all behind you, and always want the best for you. If not blogging is best, then do it girl and don’t look back.

    Best of luck. You’re gonna be fine. 🙂

  10. I’m sorry Christie. Hugs.

  11. Take care! We will miss you, but understand completely! HUGS and HEALING VIBES!

  12. take care Christie. Best wishes for you. I’m sure you’ll be back soon!

  13. This makes me sad too. I remember you said that if you started to binge you would stop dieting. Could this be the warning sign to stop dieting? I hate to try and give advice on blogs but something I was thinking was this. I read on your ‘about me’ section that you did really well on atkins (low carb) but then developed gout and so couldn’t carry on. I just wanted to say that maybe you could try and lower your carb intake but just not to an atkins level? I know that when I eat under 100g of carbs a day I know longer get cravings but this is still way higher than when on Atkins. Just a suggestion. But I have gout too and have never got it since doing this and have managed to control my appetite. I wish you all the best and hope to hear you blogging in blogspace soon!!

  14. Im so sorry—but so glad.

    glad you are doing whats best for you.

    xo xo,


  15. (((Beadie)))

    You know we’ll be here waiting if you do come back 🙂

    good for you for taking a break when you need it.

  16. this is something i’ve struggle with too so i know where you’re coming from. you need to do what is best for you and know that we’re all still here if you need us!

    we’ll miss you!

  17. Good for you! You clearly know when it’s the right time to do things for yourself. Many hugs fro you. Much love,

  18. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented. I wish you all the best in managing your relationship with food and decisions about lifestyle changes (dieting) and intuitive eating.
    I my own experiences in self acceptance I am more drawn to the binge/diet cycle when I am anxious about not being good enough the way I am. When I think all my problems will be better if only my skinny pants were looser or if only I could follow Atkins/Weight Watchers or even be a better intuitive eater.
    Even though I am just on the outside looking in, your blog has been a great example of IE for me. Your have regular meals and snacks and didn’t seem to talk yourself down for allowing treats you enjoy in moderation. You were feeding your body good food in portions that you were satisfied with and neither going hungry, nor binging. So it was a shock to me to see you post about how your eating had been getting out of control and that the answer was weight watcher.s
    I guess what I am getting at is, was your eating really out of control or did you just feel out of control?
    I hope you don’t think I am being intrusive since this is my first comment but as somebody who could have written your ‘about’ story (including getting sick on atkins) I am on a similar lifes path and just want to let you know you are not alone.

  19. Good luck figuring out what is best for you. I’ll miss your posts. Remember, we all support you and are here if you do need us or want to come back.


    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving

  20. I think your bravery is incredibly beautiful and I look up to you, immensely, Christie! YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. REMEMBER to get your “ME” time… That is essential. You and me, Yogi-Mama… Our Tadasanas are without ?, what will make each and everyday a little more beautiful. And always remember, EVERYONE is different, so make your life YOUR LIFE. Being YOU… Truly for yourself is the only way to be happy. Take care beautiful Christie! I’ll totally miss you loads ( 😦 ), but EMAIL me if ever you need to, or just feel like talking! I’d love it!

    Love to you Angel Girl, and have a Beautiful Holiday!!

  21. Best of luck to you Beadie. we are hear for you whenever. have a wonderful holiday!! we support you!

  22. I will miss reading your blog but I totally support your decision! Good luck!!!

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