Finaly Relax Time!

I slept in until 7 am yesterday, it was nice and I know my body really needed the rest.  Once I got up, I made myself a chocolate cafe au lait with TJ’s sipping chocolate. This was my best cafe au lait yet, the sipping chocolate is only mildly sweet and has a rich dark chocolate flavor. Mixed with milk and coffee and you have yourself a lovely morning treat.


For breakfast, I was craving grits and eggs because I had been talking with my friend Brandi about them for the past couple of weeks. I ended up over cooking the eggs but they still tasted great. My mom used to make grits and eggs for us and then we would chop the eggs up and mix it all together. It looks disgusting but it tastes oh so good, this photo is before the chopping action :). To get a little fruit into my day, I had a tangerine on the side.


For lunch, I made whole wheat couscous with Dr. Prager’s California veggie burger and TJ’s mango salsa. This was so good, I added a little extra chili sauce into the salsa to give it an extra kick.


My lunch was pretty light on protein so I actually got hungry again pretty quickly. The dear husband and I were out and about so I settled on a latte from Starbucks. I left my camera at home but I think you guys know what they look like 🙂 The latte still didn’t do the trick and I found myself having a major craving for ham! It was an odd craving but I went with it. We still had to do the grocery shopping so I picked a ham for Thanksgiving and a ham for us.

Once I got home, I made an easy dinner. I heated up the ham, made sweet potato half moons and steamed asparagus. I spiced the sweet potatoes with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and a sprinkle of cumin. For the asparagus, I just drizzled it with a bit of olive oil once it was done. It was a nice this pre-Thanksgiving meal.


A little after dinner, we decided to watch Baby Mama, it was OK in that stupid funny kind of way. While we watched, we munched on some popcorn. Then later for dessert, I had a vitamuffin.


Thought Provoker: Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? Do you have plans to cook, travel or both? I have plans to do both. We will be heading down to NC on Wednesday after work. I am planning to pack lots of foods to take with us to keep me on track though. I am cooking the ham and a dessert for Thanksgiving and really look forward to seeing all of my family.


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  1. I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to Thanksgiving – my whole family comes over to my home, and it’s so lovely and fabulous. I’ll be baking up a storm, as always 🙂

  2. Thanksgiving is a really trepidatious time for this little girl… M family is very deAR, but ExtrEmEly Appearance oriented And Will comment on evERything… the Food mAkES mE totally nervous- Plus I’m working 24 hours up to (3 days) thanksgiving day which will be exhausting lol. *Sigh… I’ll be fine though! Deep Breaths =]

  3. Hi!

    I saw that sipping chocolate at TJs. I got the regular cocoa, but what is the sipping chocolate like? Oh and I got that lemon curd you used to have – it’s delish!

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. My family will come to my parent’s house and we’ll eat large quantities of unhealthy food. I will try my best not to, but we’ll see!


  4. WOW! SO much amazing food in you post! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving…mostly for the time with family!

  5. Yummy looking food, as always!

    Did you get a new Starbucks travel mug?

  6. mmmmmmm……grits and egg….yummy~~~~~~~~ We have the same bowl!!!!!!!! hahahha….it’s so fun to see that many bloggers have the same bowls!!!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving!! We’re actually going to 4 (yes, 4) dinners this year, but not all on Thursday. The actual “day of” we’re going to some restaurant with FI’s family, then to his aunt’s house for her kosher pumpkin pie. Shouldn’t be too hard to do portion control! Friday is “Vegetarian Friday” with my stepdads family where all the dishes are vegetarian, and generally healthy. Sunday is at Mom’s, where I”ll bring stuffed acorn squash and scalloped sweet potatoes and apples. PHEW! LOTS OF FOOD!

  8. I am definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving! I only have to travel around 45 minutes to my aunt’s house. She likes to do all of the cooking, but I’ll probably bring something. I’m just not sure what it will be yet.

  9. i have mixed feelings about thanksgiving. i’m the only vegan in the family so i have to make the food that i want to eat. i’m only making stuffing and pumpkin pie, so that looks like all i’ll be eating.

    your lunch looks great. i love the beautiful presentation of the burger and salsa.

  10. I just started a blog…love yours!! I was gonna post earlier and ask you about how you made your fancy cinnamon and chocolate au laits?? I always get them at SB, but DUH! Now i can make my own, better ones! Thanks again 😀

  11. I want to applaud you for recognizing your hunger and giving into what your body was hungry for. What a job well done…if only everybody could eat like this!! Guilt free while taking care! way to go!!

    is that 16 bean soup really 16 beans?

  12. Hope your feeling better today!!! I love the way you have so many commenters too!!!

  13. Hey! I made it onto the blog! 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed your grits and eggs – everything looks so good!

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