An Emotional Day

Well, I will tell you, the downside of getting up at 4:30 am for work is getting up at 4:30 when you don’t have to work! I woke up bright and early and finally was able to fall back asleep for another little while. Once I had my chocolate cafe au lait in hand, I sat at my computer and wasted a little time until I was ready to write my post for the day. I was really emotional for me to write it out but I felt like it was the right thing to do. I had never written about my brothers passing before and feel that it was really therapeutic. As the day progressed and I read all of your comments, it was even more so. I was able to let it out even more as I read the thoughtful and kind words. So, thanks to you guys for being so kind, I know this is supposed to be a food blog but for me, it is so much more than that.

Once I pulled myself together, I heated up a bowl of oatmeal that I made a couple of nights ago. I was made with 1/3 cup rolled oats, milk, mashed banana, a smidge of salt. Once it was done, I stirred in ground flax seed and cashew butter.


I had errands to run and a Doctor appointment so I headed out shortly after breakfast. The doc said I had yet another sinus infection and gave me a heavy duty antibiotic and a steroid shot. After a battle with my insurance company, I got my prescription settled and headed out to buy a pair of rain boots. The weather forecast for the dear husbands race was very rainy and with the number of blocks I would be walking, I wanted my feet to stay warm and dry. I wanted a cute pair with ducks or something but I could only find the heavy duty ones for the winter. I guess the cute ones probably come out in the spring. I finally settled on a pair and headed to lunch. I went to Panera and got my favorite, the tomato mozzarella sandwich and creamy tomato soup with no croutons. It was really good but I wasn’t able to finish the soup.


After lunch, I headed home to get packed up for our mini trip to Richmond. Though we only live 14 miles from downtown, we booked a hotel near the race to avoid the hectic traffic situation that we have faced year after year. Once we were packed and ready to go, we made out way downtown. The rain was just starting and I was glad I had on my new rain boots. Once we arrived at the hotel, I had a mini meltdown because I assumed there would be a parking deck but there was not. And though I am 32 years old, I do not know how to parallel park! I have never really been a city dweller so I’ve never really had to practice it. So, the dear husband ran into the hotel and advised them of my meltdown. A lady rushed out and parked the car for me! Then the valet came out to help us with our backs and to whisk the car away to a secret parking deck. Crisis averted. I think I need to pay my friend Sarah to teach my how to parallel park in order to avoid such situations in the future.

Once settled into the hotel, we hit the sidewalk to plan out the morning and how we would meet up once the race was over. We also had dinner at The Capital Ale House planned but walked about 40 blocks waiting for it to be 5pm. It was raining the whole time so by the time we arrived we were soaking wet for the rain and the sweat from walking so far. More than hungry, I think we were thirsty so we started off with big glasses of water. For dinner, I ordered fish n greens. The fish of the day was tilapia and I ordered it blackened. When it arrived the salad probably didn’t even equal a cup of salad so I asked for an additional salad on the side! I guess that is better than ordering an additional dessert!


After dinner, we walked the 10 blocks back to the hotel and then settled in for the night. Just before bed, my stomach was talking to me again so I had a bowl of cocoa pebbles I had packed in preparation. Cocoa pebbles remind of time spent with my grandma when I was a child and bring happy warm memories. She always gave me cocoa krispies bu when I was buying them, I noticed that the nutrition information on the pebbles was better than the krispies. The have less calories, less sugar and more fiber! I’m not claiming they are health food my any means but they sure are a nice treat!


Before hitting the hay, my dear friend Mara from I Made Dinner made my new header for me! Let me know what you think of it! Give her a shout out if you’d be interested in having a new header for your blog!

Thought Provoker: Do you have a favorite junk food cereal? Though my parents were not health conscious (AT ALL) they did not allow us the have sugary cereals because they were more expensive than the plain ones.  I only got junky cereals as a treat every once in a while when I was away from home.


16 Responses

  1. LOVE the new header!! Mara is a great designer 🙂

    The only cold cereal that I like (**and can eat, since it’s completely allergen-free) is the EnjoyLife cinnamon crunch granola:

    Have fun in Richmond!!

  2. I love your new header!

    Hope your sinus infections clears up and that you feel better.

    I would have done the exact same thing! I can’t parallel park for the life of me and I refuse to ever try.

    I LOVE Lucky Charms.

  3. Your header is totally cute! Mara is so talented!
    My favorite blogs are the ones that talk about MORE than food. That’s part of why I’m so so addicted to yours!
    I wish I could have parked your car for you. I’m a (former – sniff) city dweller and a serious pro. 🙂
    I used to love Capt’n Crunch PB crunch!!!

  4. it’s a fun and cute header…love it!
    I don’t have any special cereal as junk food…well… maybe Golean Crunch? I don’t think it can be classified as junk food. right?
    have a nice day~

  5. Great new header! Good job, Mara.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    We didn’t really have sugary cereals either, but I loved Lucky Charms and Berry Berry Kix.

    Oh, and about this being a “food blog,” I think yours is much more than that for me as well. I mean food is one part of life, right? I love how speak openly and freely.

  6. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it but the neti-pot works wonders for sinus infections. I had an infection for about 2 months and no antibiotics worked so I gave the neti-pot a whirl (since it’s completely natural and could do no harm….and it’s only $10 and it lasts forever!) and my sinus infection cleared up within days. I now use it regularly just keep the area nice and clean.

  7. I love dry mini wheats, but are they really a junky cereal? Not so sure….

  8. That header looks better on your blog than it does on my photoshop screen! Yay! Your dinner looks great, love tilapia! Favorite junk cereal? Reeses peanut butter puffs.

  9. When I was growing up my mom never had sugary cereals in the house; for as long as i can remember all we ate was corn flakes and cheerios (maybe honey nut sometimes). but believe me, when i was at friends i took full advantage of their varieties!

    my favs are cinnamon toast crunch and golden grahams…yum!

  10. I’ve always had a soft spot for lucky charms. 🙂

  11. mmmmmm that soup looks amazing…

    your warm bowl of oats is calling to me hehe 🙂

  12. I can’t parallel park either! I avoid it at all costs, or make someone else do it. I find it scarier than just about anything.
    And I love that cereal that is like chocolate chip cookies, I don’t know what its called tho!

  13. cracklin’ oat bran—SO GOOD!

  14. I love the new header, really cool!

    Hmm…I loveee cereal! Reese’s cereal is delish although really junky. I love Barbara’s PB Puffins too..Anything that’s crunchy and peanut buttery and sweet.

    I am totally anti Fruity Pebbles though. I mean, what the hell is in that?

  15. Cocoa Pebbles was always my favorite!

  16. Your header is egg-celent. speaking of which, will i be seeing eggs on the blog anytime soon? :o)

    My favorite “special” cereal (my mother bought them as birthday cereals) that remind me of childhood is Alphabits. IDK If they sell them anymore, so I’d go with Lucky charms. Nothing like fake marshmallows!

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