An All Day Affair

I slept in big time yesterday, I didn’t wake up until 6:30!! I had a quick breakfast before going to my 8:30 yoga class. It was kind of a weird combo but I couldn’t really decide what I wanted. I had a bowl of shredded wheat topped with milk, pumpkin seeds and chopped dried figs. This was the first time I have ever eaten a dried fig except in the newton variety šŸ™‚ Though I think I would prefer to eat them as a stand alone snack instead of in cereal, I really liked them! I also tried to pay attention for the sigh and a funny thing happened. About half way into the small bowl, I sighed so I stopped eating. A couple of minutes later, my stomach was growling so I finished off the bowl and then let out a larger sigh.


Ā I googled “the sigh” immediately and found some interesting information on a message board. One messager said that for them, the first sigh is more of warning that it is almost time to finish and that sometimes there is even and second or third sigh. How complex is this sighing? Wow, I guess the important thing is to REALLY listen to your body. So, I set out on the rest of my day with the intention to listen for the sigh but to also keep in mind that my stomach will have something to say as well.

After my sigh research, I headed to yoga and found that the teacher would be Candy and that the class was full of beginners. The regular girl and I were out numbered! As the class began, I new that it wasn’t going to be what I was in for so I set my intention to practice patience. This worked well to keep my frustration level down and I was really able to focus on my breath as I held the poses. After class, I felt the need to discuss my options with the teacher. So, after everyone left, I asked her if she could talk and I expressed my concern that the class had turned into a beginners class. She was so open and understanding and I immediately felt that she got me. We ended up talking for 45 minutes and I eventually came to the conclusion that I will be dropping that class. She also decided that she would talk to Laura about maybe adding an intermediate/advanced class to the Saturday morning routine. I would love it if that happened but in the meantime, yesterday will be my last Saturday AM class for a while.

Candy did, however, tell me about lots of vinyasa and ashtanga classes she will be teaching around the Richmond area and gave me her card so that we can email and discuss further. I’m so nervous to try other studios but I feel very comfortable with her and really do think that with the right style of class, I would love her as my yoga teacher. I will also be going to the Monday night vinyasa class taught my Sonja at Laura’s studio. Sonja is somewhat of a yoga tyrant but I love her. She challenges me to no end and is the first teacher that I ever did shoulder stand with so I will always have a special place for her in my heart šŸ™‚

By the time I got home, it was almost lunch time and the dear husband and I had a big day planned. We needed to by a new stove/oven because our current one is shot. This was an adventure that I was really excited about. I have never bought a new oven before so I was excited to see all of the wonderful cooking options I had! But first, we needed lunch. We stopped at Panera and grabbed a fabulous lunch. I ordered the tomato and mozzarella sandwich and tomato soup with no croutons. This time, when I sighed, my stomach agreed and I stopped eating. I noted that all afternoon, my stomach felt very content.


After lunch, we went to Sears for our stove shopping pleasure. We finally found what I think will be a great one as it has all sorts of bells and whistles. The most important one is that it is a convection oven and a regular oven, how cool is that? It also has a turbo boil burner, a warming burner and a warming drawer. I can’t wait until it is delivered. I shall bake immediately!

It was still pretty early in the afternoon so we decided to hit up Target for for kitty supplies and somehow, that led to a Costco trip. The Costco trip included some food samples, so many that I didn’t actually keep track. The cool part was that by the time we were there, my stomach was starting to talk so I didn’t feel guilty about eating samples when I wasn’t hungry. I was still even a little hungry when we left so I ate the apple that came with my lunch at Panera.


Costco led us on a hunt for mason jars which we ended up driving all over looking for and still didn’t find. By the time we gave up our search, it was dinner time and we were in the BIL and SIL’s neck of the woods so we called them to see if they wanted to meet for dinner.Ā  We met them at a little Italian place that has been voted the best according to one of the local tv stations. I didn’t take any pictures because for some reason, the dear husband’s family just doesn’t strike me as the type to understand why one would photograph their food. I ordered lasagna which came with a house salad and bread. All of which was pretty average fare, nothing to write home about, really. I think I like our local place much better.


Afterwards, we all wanted dessert so we headed to a local dessert shop to find out what they had. The place is called the Desserterie and has lots to offer. I decided to go for the gelato because they had chocolate hazelnut! It tasted like frozen nutella, seriously. I got mine mixed with a little regular chocolate. Sorry for the blurry pic but as I was trying to be quick while the BIL and SIL were still in line paying. While I was snapping the photo, a little girl pointed and said “why is that girl taking a picture of her ice cream” so I just put the camera away and hoped for the best. I assure it was fabulous and this place will be on the list of my favorite places.


Yesterday didn’t end up like we planned, we didn’t get home until after 9pm and we were both wiped out! It was a long but productive day.

Thought Provoker: I found it interesting that “the sigh” was new to so many of my readers. Did you listen for it? What are you finding about your sigh?


13 Responses

  1. The sigh is definitely new to me, but I want to learn more. The new oven sounds awesome!!!!

  2. FIGS!! PUMPKIN SEEDS!! Divine combination.

    So funny about the girl making a comment about you photographing your ice cream – people need to get with it šŸ˜‰

    “The sigh,” eh?? Definitely new to me too, haha šŸ˜€

  3. I didn’t really eat any meals big enough to hear a sigh yesterday, but I plan on more structured meals today so I will be listening. I find this concept very interesting!
    Your hubby is too cute! Sounds like a you had a full day!

  4. funny–i was planning on commenting about the “sigh” even before you posted it as a provoker! I find that really interesting. i never knew we sighed. i follwed this rule: that the french stop eating from internal cues: when the food starts to get less appealing, when it starts tasting less pleasurable, and when the first sign of fullness comes through. In my book, i am very aware of my tummy, and i have learned not to stop at the first sign of hunger. why? becuase i did that for about a month and would get hungry 30 minutes later. literally. so now i have learned to continue to eat 1/4 more after that feeling of food in my tum tum. Sighing is a good cue as well. do you have an article?

  5. What a wonderful day! Your wknds always sound fabulous. I’m excited to hear about your stove.
    Cute picture of your sweetie!
    I just sighed, but all I’ve had so far is half a pear so I’m going to keep going. I think I’ll google it though.

  6. i think i’ve always known the sigh was there, but never listened to it or figured it was good for anything. hahaha. but i’m glad to know the real reason for it now so that when it happens, i know what to do!!!

    and are you going to post a picture of your new stove when you get it? I bet we’re all suckers for new kitchen gear/appliances!

  7. the figs are so pretty šŸ˜€ i love them!!

    your yoga teacher candy sounds wonderful, and it was so good of you to talk to her and be honest. i hope she does manage to help set up a higher class for you, because you seem to enjoy your saturday morning yoga classes so much!

    ah yes, blogger + camera + unfamiliar public. i feel your pain!! you did manage to snap that dessert though and it looks LUSH!!

  8. That is my absolute favorite combo at Panera, but I think you knew that already šŸ™‚ I may need to go get that for lunch today!!
    Congrats on the new oven!! How fun!

  9. never heard about sigh before.. so interesting!

    It seems that we had a similar saturday….yoga, shopping, groceries and good eats! So enjoyable, right?

  10. Beadie….I tagged you on my blog! šŸ™‚

  11. man I totally forgot about the sigh. I will try to remember because I am interested.

    Oh and the figs look so good! Sounds like you and your hubbie had a great weekend. Oh and I wanted to tell you I tried the Sesame Goji Probar and it was definitely salty!

  12. Wow, figs in your breakfast. I love that! On my honeymoon in CA we had fresh figs every day. I miss them. šŸ™‚

  13. Beadie,
    I sighed today too! I had dinner around 5:30 and felt pretty hungry, so I assumed I would eat everything on my plate and maybe still feel hungry. But as I was eating, I started to actually feel like I wanted to sigh. My first reaction was “No! I don’t want to stop eating yet!” so I ate a couple more bites and told myself that I could put it aside and go take my shower, and if I was still hungry I could eat it later. Well, later didn’t come until 9:30 and I was hungry for something totally different by then! What surprised me was how little food I needed to get me from 5:30 to 9:30! Way less than I expected. This ‘sigh’ thing is fun!


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