Chips and Chocolate

I hit the treadmill at 5 AM and then made my way into work. My new schedule seems to really suit me! Once at work, I had a bagel with all natural PB


and this beautiful pear. I hadn’t had regular natural PB in a long time because of all the different nut butters I have been eating and I have to say, there is still something special about it!


For lunch I had some roasted edamame chowder from the freezer and a peach chobani.


This lunch was amazingly filling and I didn’t feel like a snack until it was almost time to leave work. I knew dinner was right around the corner so I just had this little baby apple.


Once home, I made a dinner that I had been very eager about, Bourbon Street Chicken. The recipe I used called for chicken pieces but we didn’t have any so I used ground chicken instead. We are really trying to eat down our freezer so I have really been trying to focusing on using what we have instead of buying more. Our goal is to not buy anymore meat until we have eaten everything in our deep freezer. I served the chicken with leftover barley and kale chips. Though I over salted the “chips”, I must say that I really liked them so look for more of these in the future.


For dessert, the dear husband and I shared some dark chocolate mousse. After the photo was taken, I added a little whipped cream πŸ™‚ Instead of waiting a couple of hours for dessert, we ate it right after to round out the meal instead of making dessert an additional meal. I think this method will help me stop eating after dinner when in most cases, I am not actually hungry.


Thought Provoker: Do you see dessert as “bad” or just as one of life’s simple pleasures? For me, telling my self no dessert is just opening myself up for binging.


21 Responses

  1. I don’t like sweets and eat my heavier meals earlier in the day, so dessert is not really an issue.

    Really I’m posting to ask how the chowda freezes. I have a similar recipe and never thought of freezing it.

  2. Gorgeous PB bagel, apple, pear, kale…. yum!!

    I see dessert as the “snack after the meal,” and a way to consume the extra fuel that I need.


  3. It depends on what you eat, really. If you have a gallon of ice cream, I’d say that’s “bad”, but a piece of chocolate or 1/2 cup of ice cream… That’s fine with me!

  4. Choco…er …Moleman Services, thanks for commenting! It freezes well. The version I made uses half and half and I couldn’t tell that it had been frozen at all. There is no separation or anything such as that. I was nervous about it but it worked out fine.

  5. As kids we always had some type of dessert….usually 3 cookies or a scoop of ice cream. I always let my kids have a dessert, too, but only if they eat their dinner. I think something sweet is a nice way to end a meal! πŸ™‚

  6. I see it as a must. πŸ™‚
    Great job with your workouts sweets!

  7. the leftover bulgur looks great -i love bulgur. very sensible to use up frozen stuff – i should learn from that. the mousse looks scrumptiously yummilicious!!

    as for dessert, i’ve never really grown up with dessert as part of our meals so it’s not routine for me, but i don’t tend to feel guilty for it when i do – usually it’s too good to feel bad over it!

  8. love the idea of using all your meat before buying anymore. i need to do that with lots of my other foods!

    and as far as dessert goes, if i tell myself i can’t have it…leads to one bite, then boredom eating…so i just let myself have a little something something everyday!

  9. The roasted edamame chowder looks fantastic! And no, dessert is a MUST for me! Every day I have a little treat or I’ll go crazy. πŸ™‚

  10. heheheh i LOVE dessert!!! sometimes i opt for just dessert and replace my meal with it *naughty* Sometimes I have it after every meal :] It’s a simple pleasure in life that i can’t live without!!!!

    The bagel + pb looks absolutely delicious!!!! MM…

  11. I think treating yourself to something you love once a day is beautiful. for some people it may be a piece of smooth and creamy chocolate, others a delicate platter of fresh fruit. the amount of calories or fat should not affect our decision–we feed the soul as healthy woman, not the media’s message of what is “healthy” and “not healthy”. agree?

  12. That chowder always looks so good. I think dessert is a great thing! I think if you don’t allow a little pleasure, it back fires on you.

  13. I didn’t grow up eating dessert with dinner, so I don’t really crave it. I usually just eat fruit after dinner, or maybe a square of dark chcoolate if I’m craving it.

    But afternoon tea? Yum. There is nothing like a beautiful pastry or a small scoop of ice cream and a hot drink in the middle of the afternoon. It’s not something I do every day, but it’s definitely something I love!

  14. As another commenter mentioned, when I was growing up we had dessert pretty much every day. I’ve grown out of that habit and find that most of the time I don’t miss it. But I don’t necessarily consider it to be off-limits. I usually keep dark chocolate in the house, and if I feel I need something I will have a square or two and that will do the trick. And usually as different fruits come into season we will make at least one dessert to enjoy – strawberry shortcake, blueberry pie, apple crisp, etc. Fruit is always best when you get it in season, even for baking. Since we don’t have desserts on a regular basis, it tends to be a real treat when we do.

  15. dessert for me is little pleasure in life. I’m not dessert person usually, I can’t eat a piece of cake, but i do need some sweets after a good meal, even it’s just a bit. When I have time to sit down and enjoy the dessert (90% of my dinners), I really feel that I’m enjoying life fully.

  16. I go back and forth on whether dessert is a luxury or necessity. If I tell myself I can’t have dessert, it does often trigger me to binge.

  17. I feel like my love for dessert is sort of genetic…My mom pretty much always has dessert and now I must have it to finish off the meal, no matter how little!

    I feel like food is such a joy of life, so why not have dessert? Everything in moderation: for me, that could be dessert every night =]

  18. i don’t see anything as “bad”, just food i like to eat “always, sometimes or rarely”. ice cream goes into the rarely category. if it’s not a “treat night” and there’s something i want to eat, i have 3 bites and by then, i’m usually satisfied. if not, i finish it off– no biggie. i try not to make anything off limits because it just makes me want it more!

  19. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even think of something sweet as dessert, just a part of dinner! Usually though it’s something like a few figamajigs or dates or a big of peanutbutter on something. If it’s something like a cupcake or ice cream, I think of it is as a special sweet treat! Like you, I try not to think of things I eat as bad, ya know.

  20. We never had dessert after dinner when growing up and if anything it was always tiny— some frozen grapes, some apple, melon, a mint, etc. Idk y.

    I love it most nights but again its still something small out of habit… Maybe fruit or a mint

  21. Hi, I’ve been reading for a while but haven’t commented yet. I really like your blog for it’s openness and honesty, as well as your delicious & healthy food choices!

    I think dessert is part of the wonderful pleasures in life as long as it’s kept in reasonable portions. I used to eat cookies and sweets for breakfast, afternoon snacks, when I was bored, and for dessert and that proved to be too much (obviously). Now I enjoy smaller desserts when I crave them and not usually more than once a day.

    I find it refreshing that you treat yourself and don’t deprive yourself. I agree with you that if you say you can’t have it that’s all you’ll want and you’ll end up binging. It’s way better (and more realistic) to just enjoy a little bit.

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