Emotions Run High

And for a record three days in a row, I was up at 5 to face my treadmill. I pounded out 30 minutes and then got ready for work. Once I got there, I realized I forgot to pack myself breakfast! Lucky, for me, that problem is easily resolved by walking downstairs and ordering something. I asked for a bacon, egg and cheese on whole wheat with a side of fruit. I also specified that I would like it to be lady sized rather than man sized. Since our membership is basically men only (only 3 women members) all of the food is supersized and for me that means alot of waste. I was pleased when my breakfast arrived in a normal sized portion. I was also pleased at how delicious it was!


For lunch, I had unphotographed leftovers of roasted buttercup squash and a chicken sausage. I think the squash was even better this time than it was the first time! For dessert, I had a strawberry chobani. I am going to miss those chobanis when they are gone. Come to find out, they are not available in my area 😦 I really enjoy the flavored ones as a dessert since they are so sweet. And the lack of protein really makes them not a filling as regular greek yogurt so they are a perfect companion to a meal.


In the late afternoon, I got an attack of the munchies and hit up the trail mix. I think I love this trail mix as much as Erin loves hers. In fact, I decided that the bag needed to go back home so that I have portion it out into smaller containers. Can we say trigger food?


After work, I had therapy. I’m not really comfortable talking about the things we discussed but I will say that it was very intense and I left crying like a baby. I felt angry at my therapist, a feeling I have never felt before. Somehow, she pushed a button that I apparently don’t want to be touched. I’m hoping to think it through over the next week and sort out why those feelings were so intense.

Once home, the dear husband had made us a frozen pizza and steam in the bag broccoli. Because of my high emotions, I don’t think I really tasted the food. I probably should have chosen to cry a little more before eating. High emotions and food for me are just a really bad combo.


I also had a vitamuffin sundae which I did actually taste, it was pretty good. Probably still emotional eating and as of lately, I’m finding that I have so much more work to do in this area than I thought. I think it is time to read my intuitive eating books again and really start to work on the steps again.


Thought Provoker: Do you find that you turn to food to cope with high emotions? Do you have trigger foods?

21 Responses

  1. Hang in there, Christie!!!!!!!!!

  2. fabulous eats!!!!!!
    And so glad that you could make it at 5am to have your daily workout done! You must be feeling great after it both physically and mentally since you’ve accomplished something really good.

  3. yup, i’m definately an emotional eater! 😦 baby steps, right?

  4. My trigger food is definitely chocolate. And I most certainly turn to food when I’m angry or frustrated. If I’m upset or sad I usually lose my appetite. Funny how different emotions have different effects.

    Where do you buy the trail mix? Looks good!

  5. stay strong christie!!

    i’m def an emotional eater…one step at a time though; we can get through it!

  6. Funny Krista should say that! I’m just like that when it comes to food and emotions! I eat a lot of chocolate and cookies when I’m frustrated or stressed out, but if I’m sad I usually lose my appetite.

    I love bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches! They are the best!

    Your dessert looks delicious! Oh, and I can’t wait until you perfect that brownie recipe you are working on!

    Have a great day!

  7. The dessert looks delicious! YUM!

    Way to go exercising early in the morning! Awesome!

  8. That breakfast and dinner look great! Yum! I wish I had a treadmill to access at 5 a.m., that’s such a fabulous way to start your day.

    I totally am an emotional eater…Chocolate and ice cream and carby stuff, just like a piece of toast with jam, really get to me sometimes…Things I can eat a lot of, like trail mix or cereal, are also problematic. It’s getting better at it but I can’t deny wanting to eat my whole pantry when I’m stressed!

    I hope you’re doing better today, thanks for sharing and asking such great questions.

  9. i definitely have trigger foods: trail mix, sweet cereal, chocolate candy, and pb are the biggest ones. i’m also an emotional eater, so this combination is not a good one. it actually got really bad a few weeks back and i had to get rid of all my trigger foods until i can get a handle on my mindless eating. i think i’m finally feeling better and back on track so hopefully when i go to the grocery store this weekend i can pick up some of my favorite foods and enjoy them mindfully again!

  10. Yes, I’m an emotional eater; toast and peanut butter, being among the top go-to foods for stress, anger.

    It’s terrible, because I can mindlessly undo a week’s worth of hard work very quickly.

    I am starting to read Intuitive Eating. It’s my goal.


  11. Sounds like a little transference in the therapy room.
    Look at you – you did a really good job in spite of a tough day. I’m so proud of you!
    I have a million trigger foods. Trail mix is one of them, but I still eat it because I’m addicted to it emotionally. Ice cream, cake, PB, crackers, etc. are all triggers. It’s very scary to have them in the house but I constantly tell myself I’m in charge of my food choices.

  12. trigger foods…greasy foods, fast food, pizza, just becuase i am afraid of them…..and if i have binged on them in the past…but i know it is important to come ot peace with them!! and i LOVE ARCHER FARMS wonderrrrful trail mix!! so delicious. i agree with erin, emotional eating is a big problem with woman and the first step is acknowledging it. many woman tend to ignore it and try to forget about it-but this only makes things worse!!! so kudos to you–always look at it in a positive light and remember self forgiveness.

  13. the only time i eat more is when i am bored. stress doesnt effect my eating very much, but when im bored, watch out.

    That breakfast sandwich sounds so good, I htink i might have one for dinner!

    Kelly Turner

  14. therapy sounds like it was tough today, but like you said, i am sure it will work out for the better in the end. i remember when i had my first ever counselling session, and it stirred me up so much i felt physically sick. but i think i learnt so much from that session.

    you are not alone with emotional eating – i think lots of us relate to it, and it definitely includes me! BREAD is my ultimate trigger food i think. it makes you feel so bloated if you overeat bread, and i’ve been there way too many times.

    having said that, your breakfast looks glorious!

  15. My trigger foods are cereal, cookies and ice cream. Basically, it is any sweet carb I have around. I was just thinking about that this morning. I have struggled with cutting cereal out of my kitchen for a long time. I don’t want to feel like I am “banning” a food, but I have not been able to control myself around it. What to do, what to do…

  16. That trail mix looks good! Ok, I have tons of trigger foods. I’m trying to work on this. Pretty much any kind of pretzel, cracker, peanut butter, or cereal. I know it sounds odd because they’re healthy for you, but once I start with these I can’t stop. I need to perfectly portion them out. It’s a work in progress! You are not alone with the emotional eating!

  17. Lately, I’ve been okay with all food, but graham crackers were always a major trigger food for me. I couldn’t open a package without eating the entire thing.

  18. This may sound annoying, but my emotional eating foods = Veggies n Hummus, FRUIT (but tons), cottage cheese (at times), Greek Yogurt, etc. Oh and taking bites from diff protein bars. URRGGGGHHH. But honestly and truly, it dsnt matter WHAT you are eating, but HOW and WHY. I mean, OBVIOUSLY it’s a lot harder on your health if said foods are fat + processed-sugar laden, but it just a bad situation to be in PERIOD. It’s terrifying and scary. Destructive, cruel, humiliating, and hurtful. It feels AMAZING to rise above tho 🙂 Amazing!

  19. I’m totally an emotional eater…happy, sad, tired, crabby, good day, bad day… I try to stay far away from food if I’m at any extreme, emotion wise, but it doesn’t always work.

    Missed you today 😦

  20. Wow, congrats on the 5 am workouts. That’s impressive!

    You know sometimes I do…if I’m lonely, bored or procrasintating I’ll start rummaging around. Usually it’s something really chocolately or salty. Or a combo of the two like PB and honey. Gum chewing helps…so does deep breathing for me.

  21. i see a therapist too, and yesterday i couldn’t stop crying either. you aren’t alone, my friend.

    i don’t really have any certain foods that i eat when i’m emotional because i’ve learned to incorporate my favorite foods into my everyday eating. that way, i don’t feel deprived of them when i’m sad. it’s been a pretty affective system so far.

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