A Day in History

Once again, I woke up at 5 to hit the treadmill. So far, it has been pretty easy as my body seems to be adjusting to the time change nicely. Being able to see the sun before AND after work surely must be helping. Though it has been raining here for a couple of days now and I am ready to see that move on out.

I have also settled into a nice routine at work. I love getting there before anyone else, I can get so much accomplished without the ordinary interruptions. Ya know, things like breakfast 🙂 Yesterday, I decided that I really needed to work on fruit and veggie intake so instead of two muffins, I had one with sunflower seed butter and a nice ripe pear. Oddly enough, this breakfast held me over even longer than normal.


I had an apple with hummus around 11. I only ate hummus on the first half of the apple because by the second half, I seemed to be over the hummus. I bought the roasted garlic instead of spicy this time and I really think I like the spicy better.


For lunch, I had a small bowl of 17 bean and bacon soup from my freezer. It was hearty am warm and really kept me satisfied for most of the afternoon. (Booo, I just realized I didn’t take a photo of lunch)

Just before leaving work, I had a few couple of handfuls of black and white trail mix from Target. It has yogurt and chocolate covered peanuts and raisins. I picked out the uncovered raisins because when I was in the fifth grade, a boy told me that raisins were dead flies so I haven’t been able to eat them plain since. Besides that part, I really loved this trail mix!


Dinner was late so I whipped up a really simple meal. I roasted a buttercup squash with butter and garlic and served it along side TJ’s chicken sausages with peppers and onions along with brown rice I pulled from the freezer. Both the dear husband and I really enjoyed the squash, we had never had this variety before. Though, I do have to say, I almost chopped off my arm trying to cut into this thing. I did have a small square of brownie for dessert but was pretty wiped out and skipped the photo.


Thought Provoker: Do you find that your relationship with food ebbs and flows? I find that some days, food, exercise and dessert is all I can think about and others, I just eat what I’m in the mood for and don’t really give it alot of thought.


16 Responses

  1. Love your breakfast – the pear is dominating the little muffin, haha 😀

    Happy Wednesday, Christie!!

  2. Love your raisin story! My daughter hates raisins….she calls them “little wrinkled old people”! Hehe!

  3. that trailmix looks delicous!! i love choc & yogurt covered nuts & fruits. the squash is such a brilliant colour – very nice dinner 😀

    i do relate to relationship with food shifting. somedays i get anxious about what i’m eating, how much,etc. and on others i just don’t feel it at all. i do forget to plan & forget my hunger when i’m out and about though, which i’m trying to put right.

  4. Def the Ebb n Flow! If I keep my mind busy I’m usually fine tho… I don’t like to let it control my thoughts tho, you know?

  5. holy crap your dinner looks fantastic!!!! me and food, well, yeah, ebb and flow… of late it’s not been good. working on that!

  6. omg your food looks amazing!

    and i def ebb and flow with my food thoughts…i like it when i’m busy so i don’t have to think about it…otherwise i think toooo much…and then don’t truely eat when i’m hungry.

  7. Wow-I can really relate to that statement-and ebb and flow is such an elegant way to put it. I am usually on track with my food and meal plan, but there are some days where I am ravenous and it can be stressful but listening to my body helps the most-Normal eating is a post i just put up today-how coincidental! please check it out!!

  8. Dinner looks delicious!
    My relationship with food and exercise is different every day! I hate the days when nothing sounds good and I can’t seem to get satisfied food-wise.

  9. Dead flies?! How cruel!
    My rtsp is just whacked. LOL!

  10. Viva squash!!! I think you had kabocha squash, the japanese squash….my favorite one!

  11. coco, the label said buttercup but I must say that it is my fav thus far!

  12. Pears are so yummy, and that one looks especially tasty!

    I totally have an ebb and flow with food. It’s usually related to my cycle. Big surprise. 🙂

  13. Whoaa I’ve never had apple with hummus before :] Just pitas and chips and veggies.. hehe… and that PEAR looks so good!!!

    I LOVE squash!!! I’ve been on a mission to try every kind possible :]

    But yes ebb & flow very much so with food. Usually if it’s not on my mind I end up not really eating much that day tho or just eating when I remember to like just eating for fuel. Today’s one of those days….

  14. Look at you getting up at 5 to hit the treadmill! That’s awesome.

    I never get over hummus. 😀

    Re: QOTD – definitely. Sometimes, usually when I am not very busy OR when I am procastinating, I think about food much more. When I’m go go go go go, I barely think about it.

  15. Thats what we call pumpkin in NZ

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