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Another quick post for me. I hate it when work gets in the way of my blogging. πŸ™‚ But to tide you over, here is a picture of my precious little Caddie.

Yesterday, I decided to make buckwheat pancakes and eggs for breakfast. I would post the recipe for the pancakes but they were a flop. I used a recipe I found online and they turned out way too thin and I generally prefer thick fluffy pancakes. The flavor was good but I need to work on the texture.

For lunch, I made grilled ham and cheese in an attempt to use up some ingredients out of the fridge. I had a blueberry chobani along side. I will sure miss these yogurts when they are gone!

Dinner was a fantastic crockpot roast with potatoes and carrots. I also made roasted broccoli for the side. This meal was comfort food at it’s best! Both the dear husband andΒ I loved it.

For dessert, I made brownie sundaes but these were not just any brownies. I am testing recipes in search of brownies similar to the ones I got at the farmers market a while back. The lady that made them told me that the butter and chocolate content needs to be high and the flour needs to be low. Well, after weeks of searching for recipes, I found a cookbook in the book store yesterday with a great recipe. In the end, I think the flour was a bit too low so I will try these again…very soon…with a little more flour. I plan to make brownies as Christmas gifts this year and I will need the recipe to be just right!

Thought Provoker: The holiday season is officially upon us, are you ready? We are, we have decided to forgo the big blow out Christmas gift exchange and instead will be making homemade gifts and have asked our family and friends to not buy us gifts or at least only spend a small amount of money. We have also set a very small limit on our gifts to each other. I think this will make us appreciate the time with our families more and make it much less stressful.


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  1. CADDIE!!! So cute πŸ™‚

    The holiday season is always a fun time for me, since my whole family gets together; and I love baking “festive” treats, decorating the tree, listening to holiday music, etcetera πŸ™‚ But shopping is a nightmare, since the stores are PACKED with people!!

  2. The holiday season is exciting because I’m going back home to be with my family. Just being with them is enough for a great holiday~

    great brownies!!

  3. Haha! I started Christmas shopping in September! Seems easier on the wallet that way!

    As usual, your eats look mouth watering, but I have to admit that Caddie stole the show for me this time! WHAT A DOLL FACE!! Love him!

  4. Great idea for the holidays. It’s all about spending time with family and loved ones!

  5. Caddie is so adorable!

    I am ready for the holiday season, especially the baking part!

  6. I’m totally not ready for the holidays. ‘Tis the season!

    If you’re still experimenting with brownie recipes, Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies are incredible. This recipe makes A LOT, so you can easily scale it back for a smaller quantity.


  7. oh cute!!

    that sundae look lusciously good πŸ˜€ thanksgiving is an american thing so i’ve never done it.. i do love christmas though, the atmosphere in the streets and the christimas music. the big one for me though is new years, because that s definitely the biggest holiday in japan. i love the cultural traditions of a japanese new year, and i cannot WAIT to go there this winter!!

  8. I love the holidays. With my family, stockings are BIG deal. Everyone in the family has a beautiful handmade stocking from my mom (with the words “I love you” hidden on the inside of the cuff!). We all get really excited about filling eachothers stockings with fun things. It’s great, because stocking stuffers can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. It’s just a fun assortment of little things that remind you of the recipient…books, candles, their favorite candy, homemade things…all fair game.

    Your cat is adorable!

  9. We don’t exchange gifts with extended family anymore — it just became a ridiculous exchange of gift cards after a while.

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I buy our kids way too much. I do try to buy them practical gifts as well as fun things though. They’ve gotten blankets, towels, and clothing for past holidays. I also wrap up cheap things like boxes of their favorite cereal or socks, just so they have a lot to open. Money was tight for us when I was a kid and I want my kids to have better Christmases than I had.

    I had decided that I wouldn’t bake as much this year, and would just do cookies in a jar for everyone. However, the school secretary has already commented that she can’t wait to see what kinds of fabulous cookies and candy I make this year. Oy!

  10. Cute kitty πŸ™‚

  11. Caddie is such a cutie! I think you holiday gift idea is great! My best friend and I always make each other a CD of music of our fave songs from the year. It’s cheap and personal!

  12. Showing Caddie next to the remote puts into perspective how witto she is. πŸ™‚
    Your crock pot dinner looks so comforting.

  13. I love your Christmas present idea!

    Caddie is getting so big!

  14. ahhhh…pretty kitty! and your dinner looks so comfy and soothing!

  15. i loveeeeee the kittie pics!

    the crock roast meal looks awesome.

    and great idea on christmas gifts!!!

  16. Hmmmm, lots of chocolate and butter but less flour. Now that sounds like a recipe I could use!

    What did you use as spices for the crock pot dish?

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