Burned Up

Yesterday, I woke up feeling ready to face the world and even incorporate some dosha balancing foods into my day. I waited until I got to work to eat and it worked out well. I steamed some cooked barley and chopped apple with cinnamon and nutmeg in the microwave and topped it off with walnuts and a splash of milk. To go along with my breakfast, I had a chai tea. Everyone that came into my office talked about how good it smelled and it tasted as good as it smelled.

A couple of hours later, I had a few prunes and kashi crackers. I also sipped hot water with lemon for most of the morning.

For lunch, T picked Panera and I wasn’t really sure what to get. I ended up with a bowl of french onion soup with whole grain baguette. This was my first time trying this soup and I must say, I don’t think I will ever get it again. It was really really salty. Salt was the only flavor I could taste so it was a bit dissapointing.

A little later in the afternoon, I had a little greek yogurt with cranberry orange relish. OOoooh, yuck. Cranberry is one of the recommended fruits to balance kapha as it is bitter. And bitter is was, I did not like it at all and after a couple of bites, I called it quits.

Once I got home, I was ready to make dinner. A dinner I had been planning to make for a couple of days and I was excited about it. And guess what, I burned it! I burned dinner. I don’t think I have ever burned dinner before. Sure, I’ve burned the bread or roasted the veggies a little too long but burned to the point of no salvation? This left the dear husband and I scrambling for dinner. We ended up with frozen pizza which turned out to be fine. I’m still looking forward to what I burned because it is a great recipe and I can’t wait to share it, so be on the lookout!

After dinner, we watched Brothers and Sisters and Army Wives on the DVR. Army Wives was exciting because they are building up to the season finale next week, I can’t wait!

Thought Provoker: I found that the warm foods and spice really did help me feel better. What time of foods make you feel good?

ps: sorry for misspelling, it is giving me an error everytime I try to spell check and I am a horrible speller 😦


19 Responses

  1. oatmeal and soup and hot chocolate warm me up from the inside. When PMSing, chocolate makes me feel better, I swear, I swear, I swear. A platter of fresh, cut-up fruit makes me happy and feel alive. And a martini never hurts eaither.
    Sorry the Panera soup wasn’t good – I’m a salt fiend so that would’ve been good for me!

  2. Oatmeal and pumpkin definitely are my weapon to warm me, because they’re so delicious and nutritious!

  3. Hooray for dosha-balancing foods (sorry about that cranberry-orange relish though)!!

    As a vata, I find that warmer foods make me feel best in the colder months, while colder foods make me feel best in the warmer months. Sounds logical and simple, and it is – it works for me 🙂

  4. tea…i always resort to tea to warm me up and it works like a charm!

    sadness about the panera soup and your burnt dinner! i’ve burnt things more times than you can count…i have a tendency to start and forget…haha!

  5. I have been interested in learning more about eating for my dosha. You have inspired me to look into it more!

  6. For me, it’s definitely carbs! Especially warm carbs… like French bread, muffins, CAKE. 🙂

  7. I would agree that spicy warm foods, lots of cinnamon, and soups in the fall warm me up and make me feel really good.

    What feels good while I eat it are also bread and specifically, TOAST! (Yeah, Toast…) and other refined carbs. Of course, overindulge in that, and I feel lousy the next day. Like I do right now. 😦

    Too bad about the burned dinner. I generally only burn rice when making a pilaf. But I do that almost EVERY time.

  8. I love those Kashi crackers!

    I find that soups make me feel great as long as they don’t have too much sodium. Besides that curried couscous is fabulous. lol. OH, and veggies!

  9. ah i can almost smell that yummy breakfast from over here!! i’m sorry for the over-saltiness at lunch – i actually had th same problem today.

    as for feel-good food – warm, simple japanese food, and big, big salads with lots of goodies in it!!

  10. your breakfast looks great! I was just thinking last week that barley would be good at breakfast!

  11. Beans are my favorite fall food, hands down. So warm and nourishing!

  12. dosha balancing foods…iam gonna look into that:)

  13. Soup always makes me feel so homey and toasty!! Also peanut butter of course 😀

  14. I didn’t even notice the spelling errors!
    I suck also. 🙂 Getting worse with age!
    I’m kinda curious about the dosha business!
    Comforting food: PB & banana sandos with honey 🙂

  15. Mmmmm..definitely soup, hot chocolate, oatmeal made with milk, toast with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar, warm banana bread, Mexican food….now I’m hungry!

  16. I love eating oatmeal because it is so warm and comforting and nutritious. It just starts the morning off right!

    Fruit is perfect when I need something nice and light and refreshing!

  17. That’s funny about the salty soup. It’s my nephew’s favorite and he’s 8 and loooves salty snacks. I’ve never had the soup, but I definitely believe you.

  18. I am freezing in my house right now and all I could think about is cooking chili tomorrow night! I definitely agree that warm and spicy foods are theeee best for the cold weather, they warm me up and remind me of how much I love this season, despite the low temperatures =]

  19. soup always makes me feel better! and peanut butter 😀
    sorry the french onion was salty– the panera black bean soup is my favorite!
    have a great night

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