Funky Sunday

I woke up yesterday and started with a snack. I knew the dear husband wanted to sleep in and I didn’t want to wait that long for breakfast. I had a pear and a heaping spoon of cashew macadamia nut butter. This was my first time with this nut butter and I must say, I liked it. The cashew flavor outweighed the macadamia but it was still delicious. Once the dear husband was awake, I made pancakes and eggs. I topped my portion of pancakes with apple butter instead of syrup and I must say, I really enjoyed them that way!

Hours and hours passed before I got hungry again and I can’t even really call it hungry. It was more like munchy, I was in a real funk for some reason and couldn’t get myself out of it. I made some popcorn for the dear husband and I to share and then some baked tofu. I used Gliding Calm’s rub and let it marinade for what I guess was too long. The tofu did not get crispy at all, it was really soft and fluffy. I think the key to the rub must be just brushing it on rather than letting it marinade. None the less, the taste was fabulous and I will use this recipe as a go to in the future.

By the time dinner rolled around, I still wasn’t feeling hungry, just munchy and I didn’t feel like cooking. I asked the dear husband if he preferred frozen pizza or grilled cheese and he chose grilled cheese. So, I made us both a couple of sandwiches and called it dinner. I ended up giving him most of my second one as it still wasn’t doing it for me.

After dinner, I thought some ice cream would make me feel better so I had a small bowl. It still didn’t do anything for me, so I just went to bed. Boo Hiss on funk days.

Thought Provoker: All day yesterday and a little this morning, I have been letting the diet mentality really creep back into my mind. I keep telling myself that starving myself and depriving myself is not the answer to cure my funk. How do you keep the diet mentality at bay?

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  1. I just keep reminding myself that dieting is a short-term easy fix, but by really staying on track and eating according to my hunger — even when it’s hard — I’m working towards being happier and healthier. It works most of the time. 🙂

  2. Pancakes topped with apple butter??? Ooooh, NICE topping choice!!

    Hooray for Miss Gliding Calm’s rub!! She REALLY needs to market that stuff – I’d totally purchase it 😀

    Ahh, so sorry about your “funk day” – just try to think about nourishing yourself, and not about guilt or anything. Definitely keep up with the ayurvedic principles!!

  3. omg those pancakes look amazing!

    and i think you’re the first person i know other than me to use the phrase “boohiss”!!!! how exciting!

    sadness about your funk day. as far as diet mentality goes, i’m still working on that. i had been on one for so long it’s still rearing and kick my butt…but i must say i have encouraging words from fellow bloggers to help it go away. 🙂

  4. I need to remind my self that diets are about deprivation of certain foods and that doesn’t work for me. If I “allow” myself treats here and there, they are not fore most on my mind.

    You may have been in a food funk, but your eats still look great!

  5. cashew macademia butter?!?! sounds amazing! your pancakes look perfect. you always make the best-looking pancakes! the rub is great isn’t it? i hope you do it again and perfect yout tofu 😀

    to answer your question, i often find the “diet voice” in my head screaming for attention, and some days i cave and eat what is probably too little. and it always backfires anyway because i eat more the nexy day… i’m not sure how to always keep it away, but i think it’s ok to have a few slip ups if you get back on your feet.

  6. I have never had cashew macadamia butter! Sounds delicious! I try not to slip into that diet mentality. My body doesn’t let me b/c my blood sugar won’t let me try to eat any less.

  7. It’s funny that you should pose that question, as I was just sitting her struggling with the same thing. I’m still in the “legalizing all foods” stage, but it’s turning into a junkfest. So this morning, I was thinking in more of a diet mentality–but then began to get scared of losing what is a burgeoning (sp?) love of food! I’m really going to make an effort to listen to my body today. I think funky days are completely within the norm, and that we just have to work through them. The diet police have camped out in my head for a loooooong time, so they’re going to speak up from time to time.

  8. Those pancakes look so delish!

    Sorry about your funk day, I’ve had a whole bunch of those a few weeks ago.

    It is hard for me to quiet down my “dieter voice” most of the time, since I am always feeling like I should be watching what I eat and be careful about portions…but the blog definitely helps me! Like others have said, I try to think in long term, how will not eating enough today reflect on me tomorrow or a week from now? Am I more likely to overeat this if I undereat now? I think it’s a mental reasoning for which I need to sit down and talk myself through…It sounds complicated but it does me good.

    Have a good rest of the day!

  9. Boo to the diet mentality. For me, it helps to actively focus on how food makes me feel. I make it a point to consciously ask myself before and after every meal how my body is feeling and let that be my barometer. Really experiencing and remembering how good I feel when I eat nourishing, satisfying food is a really powerful incentive to keep eating that way. I also like to do something nice for myself, just to remind me that life does not begin X pounds from now: go on a walk, spend extra time making my hair look pretty, taking myself out to my favorite cafe for lunch…things like that.

  10. I think that’s a great question. I guess I don’t have an answer because I don’t really keep it at bay…lame, right?!
    Sorry your foods were bumming you out! At least you had that pear with cashew/mac butter (yum!)!

  11. Your doing it, eating when hungry.

  12. i tried amazing pumpkin pancakes today–ATTENTION EVERYBODY: I suggest these!! so very yummy and fall-y.

    *Hil* I agree with the diet mentality concept, and actually diets in general. healthy eating should be a lifestyle change, so i would say “no” to anything asking me to restrict a food group-life is too short!!

  13. I think it’s hard, especially if you’re around people with the diet mentality, but you seem to be doing great. Are you supposed to eat the rest of the grilled cheese even if you’re not hungry? I don’t think so. You seem to really be listening to yourself lately and I think that’s the best you can do.

  14. I really want to try apple butter! Looks so good!

  15. I don’t like the idea of a “diet” because it’s associated with deprivation. When I’m deprived from something, I crave more of it. So, I just tell myself that I’ll eat healthy but satisfying food, and be moderate. Also be intuitive with eats, listen to my body what it wants.

  16. I definitely have that mentality creep up every now and then. I have kept my old eating disorder at bay, but it’s not to say it isn’t hard sometimes! I basically try to focus on all of the good things that my healthy, nourished body do for me and how good it feels to have food as fuel. I have also started training for a race, so I know that my body won’t function as well if I don’t feed it. Remove yourself from the food situations if you know you’re not hungry – go for a walk, take a bath, call a friend … make life about something other than food, like it should be 🙂

  17. […] -Beadie/Christie, from the blog What I Ate Yesterday, for trying my Gliding Calm tofu in this post […]

  18. I’m with Erin. I think it’s really tough to ACKNOWLEDGE the voice, in the first place. Part of the fear being that the acknowledgment => Giving the voice some type of power, one which you must override. BUT, I also know that it is something that comes and goes. If you’re craving something that is Diet-y… EAT it. If you know it’s a specific mentality that is creeping back in, tell it to stfu and maybe call your therapist. I mean, sheeeit, that’s what you’re paying the woman for, right?! Your happiness is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and if this voice gets in the way of that, it has NO business rummaging around in that beautiful head of yours! GO KICK SOME ASS BEADIE!

    (PS) I just noticed the teeny tiny smiley face at the top left corner of your blog… Umm, that is just about the CUTEST DARN THING I’VE EVER SEEN 🙂 Totally made my Tues 🙂

  19. I totalllly agree with you on that one Julz. and beadie, i can relate to you ALOT. when things get tough for me, i review my notes i took during therapy. here are some powerful ones that i actually posted on my blog but will help:

    ~remember: “it’s all about perspective”
    • I AM CAPABLE OF OVERDOMINATING THE VOICES OF [the limited mind, including:]
    • DOUBT
    • STRESS
    • FEAR
    • ANGER

    i hope this helps in the slightest bit, and just remember and always keep in mind: when your gray and old, on your death bed, do you want to look back at ur life and regret being consumed my dieting, appearances, thinness and calories? it should take up some of our time and energy, but it should never be the main focus. it is easy to get wrapped up in it, especially thanks to the media, but i know i want to get more out of life-we are ALL capable of overriding the voice!!

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