Hungry With a Vengeance

I first want to give a shout out to Krista over at Krista’s Kravings for giving me a blog award! I really appreciate it and the fact that I won the award alongside Kath and Jenna really made me blush! Both Kath and Jenna were my inspiration for starting my blog and I will always see them the queens of food blogging! So, onto passing the torch!

I award Erin and Andrea at Care to eat because these girls, truly, just rock. I love how both of them aren’t trying to be anything but themselves. They are both funny, charming and have a great way with words.

Next up is Mi at Whole Foods for Whole Me . Can I just say that I lurve this little chick-a-di? She tells great stories and her food is always gorgeous! She makes me want to pinch her cheeks and, by george, if I am even in London, I plan to stalk her so I can!

And last but not least, Gina at Fitnessista. I love how devoted to her health, her pilot and her pups she is. She is so passionate about her life even though she is stuck in a boring town.

You girls rock! I hope you will pass the excellence award onto more wonderful blogs!

Now onto the food!

I woke up feeling like my normal self, yesterday. I slept for 11 hours and was loaded up with vitamin C. I started out with a bowl of shredded wheat with milk, banana, walnuts, cinnamon and a smidge of nutmeg. On the side, I also had a small glass of concord grape juic. Between the juice and the cereal. I wasn’t able to eat it all so I thought that my appetite wasn’t quite back yet.

I was wrong. Really really wrong. Around 9:30, my stomach started to grumble. I made peanut butter and agave on local nice grain bread.

Then, an hour later, my stomach was growling again! I decided to peek downstairs at the staff lunch and decided to go for it. It was burgers and for some reason, that sounded like just what I needed. I made mine with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and mayo. It was really good and it WAS just what I needed.

For a mini lunch dessert, I had a TJ’s chocolate merainge. Had I known I was going to like these so much, I would have bought many more of them. I will be sad to see the package go which will probably be soon because the dear husband likes them too.

Just before it was time to go, I had a little snack that The pro brought in, homemade banana bread! A friend of his made it and brought it out to the club to share. It was a tiny little piece but it was oh so good!

After work, the dear husband and I met at Uno Chicago Bar and Grill for dinner. This place is kind of known to me as the pig out place so we rarely go. We started with the shrimp and crab fondue, I had a couple of these little guys.

For the main entree we ordered a deep dish pizza with sausage, pepperoni and pesto. I ate about one and a half slices and stopped when I felt comfortably full. For some reason, the pizza tasted extra greasy to me and it wasn’t settling in the back of my throat very well. This made it really easy to not over indulge.

Such a savory dinner led to a big time sweet tooth. We stopped by Panera on the way home to pick up my favorite cookies, the triple chocolate chocolate chip. Once we were home and settled, I made sundaes with the cookies and ice cream. Once again, I didn’t eat very much because it just wasn’t what my taste buds had imagined.

Thought Provoker: Do you consider yourself a dieter or an intuitive eater? I consider myself an intuitive eater but sometimes I end up listening to my heads signals instead of my bodies signals. I generally listen to my body when it comes to the time to eat but not always WHAT to eat.


16 Responses

  1. HOORAY FOR A BLOGGING AWARD!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    …and hooray for lots of deeeeelicious food 🙂

    I’m definitely NOT a dieter – I’m as close to an intuitive eater as possible (since I rarely have an appetite, I often have to eat when I’m not hungry, in order to consume enough fuel).

  2. so glad that you’re feeling better. If your stomach claims food, it’s a sign that you’re almost recover. At least every time that I get a cold I loose appetite and when I’m recover I eat as I’ve been fasting for days!!!

    And conglats for the award!

  3. congrats!! lately, intuitive eating i have not been good at… ~sigh~ have a great weekend!

  4. congrats on the award, that’s fabulous!

    and i try to be an intuitive eater…but sometimes my brain wins out!

  5. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! All your eats look awesome!

  6. Congrats for the award, you deserve it!

    I try to be an intuitive eater but every now and again I have to catch myself limiting certain things because they’re “bad,” which would be a dieters mindset. It’s all about moderation and balance and both take a constant reminder 🙂

  7. Congrats on your blogging award! Thats fantastic!

    So you tried the deep dish… I don’t think I’ve ever had a deep dish pizza with so much stuff on it! I’m a purist when it comes to Chicago pizza and tend to stick with one topping.

    I’m definitely a dieter. I have foods that are “should eat” and “shouldn’t eat”…

  8. Yay for blog awards! Thanks for recognizing me and Erin. That made my day and got a big ‘ol “awwwww” from me 🙂
    Your pizza looks amazing – we have an Uno’s back home and haven’t been there in years. I’m making a mental note to go there next time I’m home…
    I’m definitely a “dieter” because I categorize food into “bad” and “good” categories and I avoid the bad as much as possible.

  9. Congrats on the award. 🙂

    I’ve never been to a Pizzeria Uno’s… but it looks yummy, especially the fondue thingy.

    I consider myself an intuitive eater, but would agree with your statement of “I generally listen to my body when it comes to the time to eat but not always WHAT to eat.”

    I rarely have to struggle with food being “good” or “bad” anymore… what I do still struggle with, though, is the thought that I am not eating the way I am “supposed to” or even sometimes the way I want to. Part of that is coping with IBS. It means some foods are all but off limits, unless I want to pay later. Part of that is the pain I’m in from fibro, which means I can’t really cook like I might prefer to, so we eat a lot of “easy” stuff, which means less whole foods.

    But the “supposed to” definitely comes from years of dieting in one form or another, so I’d like to make that go away.

  10. I wish I was an intuitive eater. I’m working on it!

  11. oh christie!! this had me SO excited, touched and…excited!! really, thank you. my first ever award 😉 i have lots of mea on my cheeks so you can pinch them as much as you want. you completely deserved this award yourself!

    the food you had today looks stunning as always – i’ve actually been craving a beef burger for ages now and i think it’s overdue!! don’t know why, i never choose beef burgers over chicken. yours just looks perfect though.

    i think that intuitive eating is hard – it takes time to become a natural at it once you’ve gone any other way. i always try to eat intuitively, but like you i do find that my head rules sometimes and it doesn’t often end pretty…. but i guess we have to have out setbacks, learn, and move on. i do know for sure that life is just that much better when intuitive eating is under control 🙂 i think you’re doing great.

  12. Congrats on the award and you were so kind in the way you described the blogs you awarded. Super sweet!

    Anyway, I am not sure I consider myself either a dieter or an intuitive eater. I am definitely not dieting, but sometimes I think about numbers, health, etc. before I eat something even if I intuitively want it. Ya know?

  13. OH MY GOD! Christie, you are THE BEST!!! I am SO excited right now!
    You are the best, honestly. I love you!
    Kinda sucks that the foods you had just weren’t doing you right!
    I am totally a dieter. I live my life on a diet. I try not to but it’s a hopeless case. 🙂

  14. I just realized that in my histrionic way, I didn’t even congratulate you on YOUR well-deserved award. Your blog is captivating and I completely adore it. You bring something unique to the flog world. I love it. 🙂 Congratulations!!

  15. You are so lovely, Christie! You truly deserved the excellent award – I look forward to reading your blog every day!

    Mm, meringues and banana bread and cookies and ice cream 🙂 Can you tell I have a sweet tooth right now?!

    I don’t think I consider myself a dieter or an intuitive eater, although I certainly wish I was the latter. I’m trying harder to listen to my body but find I often stick to a “schedule” or routine because they are what make me feel most at ease. So even if I’m not hungry at 12pm, I will still eat lunch because it’s just what I think of as “lunch time.” Hopefully, in time, I will learn better!

  16. When I look at some of that food, for example the pizza, I still want to shove about 10 slices of it in my mouth at once. There is just no way I could eat a slice and stop there. Well done!!! All your food looks great.

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