Feeling Good

Yesterday, I woke up at 5 am again but this time without the help of an alarm! I started the day by hitting the treadmill for a sex and the city episode (30 mins).  I really would like to do this more often because I feel so much better during the day and sleep much better at night when I do this. We will see how it goes, you know me, I am not making any exercise promises.

Though I hate to bore you, I had yet another bowl of shredded wheat n bran for breakfast. I had it with milk, bananas walnuts and lots of cinnamon. As always, it was pretty tasty. I think on my next round, I am going to try a little nutmeg.

I had really been off track with my mini mealing but today I was back on the wagon. Around 9:30, I had a really large apple with a heaping portion of sabra spicy hummus. I loved this combo because the apple was really crisp and sweet which paired nicely with the smooth and spicy hummus.

Around 12:30, I discovered that my bread had mold on it so I had to rely on the kitchen. I was WAY past staff lunch so I asked for a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup and a grilled cheese on wheat. The soup was not even close to that one day so I only ate a few bites. The grilled cheese was fabulous so I ate all of that 🙂

In the late afternoon, I had a greek yogurt with a crumbled honest foods choco p’nut butter bar. It was good but not as good as I remember it. Hate it when that happens.

For dinner, we had Italian as the dear husband wanted to carb load for his 18 miler and who am I to refuse proper fuel? We ended up doing take out because it was pouring rain and he picked it up 🙂 This time, I got beef ravioli and a salad. I actually think the to go portions are a little smaller, which is a good thing. I still only ate about a 1/3 of my portion.

For dessert, we had more of the oat bars from Thursday. We both liked them better cold than warm, so much so that the dear husband polished off most of what was left.

Thought Provoker: Do you believe that you have a healthy relationship with food? In what ways would you like your relationship with food to change.

For me, I believe that I am on my way to a healthy realtionship with food. I still suffer from guilt sometimes if I eat something that I didn’t really enjoy. Even though I don’t count calories, it makes me feel like I have wasted the calories. I also still do not allow nutella in my house, I am afraid old habits might start to surface. I keep saying I am going to just buy 12 jars for the pantry and see what happens.

8 Responses

  1. I definitely have the same feelings when I eat something I don’t enjoy. I have to be fully satisfied by my meal or I feel I wasted calories. Overall, my relationship with food is so much more improved. I am enjoying foods now that several years ago I would have never considered touching b/c they were not “safe” in my mind.

  2. Exercise definitely feels great, first thing in the morning!!

    I caution you about switching up the cinnamon with nutmeg. If you do it, do NOT use the same amount of nutmeg as you’ve been using for the cinnamon, since nutmeg is MUCH stronger. Just a friendly suggestion from a fellow spice fanatic 🙂

    Apple & hummus, eh?? I love both ingredients, but never thought of pairing them together – interesting!!

    Yeah, I need to work on how I feel if I don’t like a food. If I try a food that I don’t like, then I feel like that bite was a waste, and feel “guilty” for even trying it – but I’m learning to just accept that bite as a new “taste adventure” 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you love the AM exercise! I like it a lot too. I feel like we’re embarking on this together in a way.
    That apple and hummus combination is once I would have NEVER thought of trying but I might have to!
    I don’t have a healthy relationship with food. Much of the time it’s too emotional and based on fear. I’d like to allow for some spontaneity.

  4. You are an early bird! I wish I was motivated to get up that early for a workout…it would free up my lunch hour. Maybe I’ll have to re-think my bedtime and try out this early morning stuff! 🙂

    The Italian looks great!

    Thanks again for the bars. Looking forward to them!

  5. boy, i wish i could get up that early, and it wasn’t just for work (in which i wake up at 5.30).

    i’m def working on building a healthy relationship with food. unfortunately it is still very based on numbers and i can’t seem to break the habit. it also has so much control over the social things i do, which really horribly suck…but i’m working hard on it.

  6. oh i’m the same if i eat something i don’t enjoy. i love food too much to waste my tastebuds and calories on things that aren’t good to eat! i think that kind of perspective is actually quite healthy – much better than not caring about what you eat.

    the lasagna looks luscious!!

  7. i feel the same way if i eat something i don’t enjoy. since i was a volume eater growing up, it took me a long time to realize that quality matters, not quantity. i still have trouble when it comes to peanut butter!
    hope you have a happy saturday!!

  8. NO!!! But it is definitely improving!!!

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