Cinnamon Phase

Yesterday started with a bowl of shredded wheat n bran topped with banana, walnuts and milk. I did add in a little cinnamon after I snapped the photo and that really kicked it up. I go through phases with cinnamon, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

Work was a little hectic but that was to be expected since the club was open on my three day weekend. I had planned to get back to my mini mealing but my stomach did not agree. I didn’t get hungry until about 10:30 which was just in time for staff lunch. It was beef gyros and they were delicious. Here is a shot of mine before I wrapped it all up.

A few hours later, I was hungry again and had my latest and greatest obsession, greek yogurt with lemon curd and granola. Last week, I left the lemon curd and the granola at work so I had been waiting to have this again. As expected, it was fantastic!

Once home from work, I made a frozen pizza and roasted broccoli. The pizza was a supreme rising crust pizza from Target and despite having not followed the directions, it turned out great. The crust and toppings were awesome, even restaurant quality. They were on sale this week and we stocked up, I am so glad 🙂

After dinner, I did a little tv watching and reading before having some dessert. I made the dear husband and I vitamuffin sundaes! I heated a vitamuffin and topped it with chocolate hazelnut gelato and whipped cream! What a satisfying dessert!

QOTD: Do you go through food phases? With what foods?

12 Responses

  1. I’m like that with cucumbers & tomatoes. Weird, eh?

  2. Oh that dessert looks gorgeous!

  3. That dessert looks fantastic! I gotta go online and order me some more Vita stuff….
    I go through a phase with yogurt. Sometimes I eat it every day and then I’ll go a month without it. Weird!

  4. I looove cinnamon 🙂

    I’m such a creature-of-habit with my foods, that my food phases practically last for years, haha!! 😀

  5. Cinnamon totally rocks…i go through so much of it i HAVE to guy it in bulk!!!

  6. Yummy eats!

    I do go through food phases where I can’t get enough of one thing. My mom says I was like that when I was young. I have been on an oatmeal phase for 10+ years. LOL!

  7. I go through ice cream/frozen yogurt phases. Sometimes I want it every night!

    I love to add cinnamon to coffee. Try it!

  8. I’m like that with milk. Sometimes I drink it every day but sometimes I go for long stretches without drinking it all. I’m trying to get myself to drink a glass of milk a day.

    I also go through yogurt phases. Sometimes I eat it every day for weeks, and then I’ll go a week or two without it, and then go back to eating it every day. I’m also trying to get myself to eat a little bit of yogurt every day.

  9. i want that dessert!
    where can i find a vita-muffin thing??
    i’ve been going through a peanut/nut butter phase for about 2 years…

  10. i definitely have food phases where i crave the same things every day and then all of a sudden get really turned off from them. it happens a lot with eggs, sometimes i crave them breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then other times the thought of them makes me cringe. it’s so weird! same thing with salads and cottage cheese. so strange. i also go through phases with drinking tea and diet soda.

    then there are some foods that i ALWAYS want, no matter what, like yogurt, any and all fruit, coffee, and peanut butter. it’s so weird how that happens!

  11. That beef gyro looks amazing!! As does the vitamuffin sundae!! I still need to try a vitamuffin!

    I go through many a food phase where my meals are very repetitive! I guess I’m a lot like Sarah in that I will eat it all the time until I get sick of it, then switch to something else for a while, then switch back. Gosh, and I’m also like Sarah with that list of foods she always craves. I swear she and I are long lost twins.

    I saw your comment on my blog, and wanted to let you know that my first-ever sample was one that I wrote to the company myself and requested. After I did my official review, I guess other companies started to take notice, and then they began contacting me, and it snowballed from there. So my point is — don’t be afraid to try emailing them and letting them know you have a blog 🙂 Because Beadie deserves some samples too, gosh darnit!!

  12. Yep. For months I ate an oatmeal/cottage cheese “pancake” topped with fruit for breakfast EVERY morning. For a while it was egg dishes. Now I’ve moved on to Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal. Lately I’ve been on a salad kick for lunch and have a bit salad topped with turkey or chicken breast every day.

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