Ladies (And a Gent) Who Lunch

Thankfully, I woke up feeling much better yesterday than the day before. No headache and no stomach bugs, I guess my body just needed some extra rest. I think our bodies have a way of forcing us to rest when we don’t listen to the small signs. But onto the food! I started out with a bowl of oats, 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk, half a banana and a pinch of salt. Once it was done, I stirred in a heaping spoon of flax seed and topped the whole thing off with almond butter.

At work, things started slow and easy, just the way a Friday should be. I was hungry around 10 so I had a pita with PB & Co. white chocolate dreams with grapes on the side.

Then around 11:30, The Pro stopped in my office and invited me to lunch with him, his college daughter and T. We had lunch on the porch overlooking the 19th hole and the back nine. And yes, our club has a real 19th hole not just a bar named that πŸ™‚ For lunch, I had a half BLT and a small cup of tomato and fennel soup. It was a nice lunch and we had a great time chatting away and living vicariously through The Pro’s daughter.

After lunch, all hell broke loose and I was up to my eyeballs in work. Everyone seemed to need me in some fashion or another. By the time it all calmed down, my stomach was growling as if it hadn’t eaten in days. Since it was only a couple minutes until go time, I had a honest foods bar instead of making my usual yogurt. I started with the cran lemon one, took one bite and gave it to K. Oh, I did not like how “zingy” it was. I told K that it wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if she didn’t like it either.

My second attempt was a honest food trail mix bar. I liked this one better but the peanut butter chocolate one is still the all time best.

After work, I was really craving Italian food so the dear husband and I went to the place about a mile from home. It is family owned and operated and has awesome food. I started with a salad topped with house dressing.

Then for my entree, I ordered the special, baked ziti. It was chessy and carborific just like I wanted.Β Β I only ate about 1/4 of the dish but the leftovers will suit the dear husband just fine after his long run.

After dinner, we ran a couple of errands around town and finally made it home. I made a batch of vitamuffins to cure my chocolate craving. I had been wanting chocolate cake since lunch and this was the perfect solution. I love them because they are easy to make and relatively healthy since they are made with whole grains and are low in sugar.

After dessert, I read for a bit and then called it a day. Hooray, the three day weekend is here!

QOTD: How do you relax after a long week at work? I love coming home of Friday nights and snuggling on the couch with a movie. To me, it is the perfect way to wind down.

12 Responses

  1. I agree with you. I think our bodies really demand rest! And it’s easy to ignore the signs.
    On Friday night, I love to crash on the bed with my hub before making dinner or anything. We usually fall asleep for at least 20 minutes before deciding what to do with ourselves.
    I love snuggling!

  2. vitamuffin looks great! and that baked ziti – mmm. nothing like good, classic italian. i’m glad you listened to your body and got some rest πŸ™‚

  3. Baked ziti = YUM!
    I love Vita Muffins and mixes, too. They’re so easy and convenient.
    I love to crash on the couch with a big cup of tea and a good book!

  4. Hooray for feeling better and eating deliciously!! And hooray for the weekend πŸ™‚

    How I relax after my long weeks (which are EVERY week) = catch up on television shows I DVR throughout the week, listen to music, read magazines/more chapters in my novels, spend time with family…

  5. totally agree with our bodies having ways of telling us to slow down and chill out…give it some rest! glad you listened to it; i’m sure it’s thanking you!

    and i agree about that bar…the cran lemon was a little much, the pb one is the best!

    and love the baked ziti!!! looks soooooooo good!

  6. I love, love, love baked ziti! One of my most favorite foods ever!

  7. Mmm, you just made me seriously crave salad. Is that weird? No? Okay, good.

  8. i agree about the honest foods bars…. i loved the choc pb one but wasn’t too impressed w/ the cranberry lemon one!

  9. I agree that our bodies tell us when we need rest, but sometimes I don’t listen and that is never a good thing.

    I like to relax after a long week with my dogs and husband out on our patio!

  10. I have a hard time relaxing because I always feel ike I need to be productive and doign something… my boyfriend and I decided to have “date nights’ on fridays where I am not allowed to do work or anything and we go out to dinner and fun stuff like that!

  11. that baked ziti looks AMAZING. and i really need to try those vita muffins/brownies. they are just really expensive whenever i see the,…and im super cheap

    have a great weekend Beadie!

  12. Relax? What is that? My ideal Friday night is “family movie night” at home, but we really only get to do it about once a month.

    I ordered some of the Honest Food Bars (choc & pb of course!) from Amazon and they are pretty darn good!

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