I’m Changing My Name

Hello Everyone, 

Recently, a fellow blogger and I have been confused as one another many times on email, others blogs and even on my own blog. The lovely Christie at  Sports Nutrition Living and I spell our name the same way, which is what is leading to such confusion. As a solution, I have decided to start using my “online” nickname that I have had for some time now, Beadie. I wanted to let everyone know so that you wouldn’t wonder who the heck I am. I hope this will solve the problem.  Happy Blogging!


8 Responses

  1. Haha. I love it, Beadie! Your own online persona!

  2. Okey Dokey, Beadie!! That’s a cute name!

  3. Hi Beadle!! 😀

  4. Beadie! I am sorry… did u get my email…. and that triple choc cookie ohh my!

  5. Sounds good…Beadie!

  6. Hi Beadie! Such a cute name!

  7. awww i like it!!!

  8. Yay Beadie 🙂

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