Food, Food Everywhere

I slept in until almost 7 yesterday and when I woke up my stomach was roaring for food. I take this as a sign that I have not been eating too much the past couple of days. My thoughts have really been going there since I started the mini meals thing; I have even thought of counting calories. I have been mentally calculating calories for each mini meal and it is starting to get to me. I started mini meals to get my blood sugar back under control and already I can tell a huge difference. I never guessed that it would make me fear the foods I was eating or want to diet. The fear is that by eating so often, I could really easily eat too much and gain weight.

When I think about it logically, I know a few things to be true. If my mini meals had too much food in them, I wouldn’t be getting hungry every 2 to 4 hours. I would not be feeling the lightness I have felt the past few days and what happened at “lunch” yesterday would be constant, but more on that later. I have mainly been eating foods with low energy density so naturally, I would feel fuller on less calories rather than the other way around.  I have had enough experience with yo yo dieting to know that my brain is just going into overdrive with my new patter of eating. I know that I don’t have it all figured out yet and that I still need to learn the right balance of food for my body. I do feel sure if I can keep the logical side of my brain going, that I can stick with this and be a much happier, healthier person as a result.

Ok, now lets go back to my roaring stomach yesterday. It was growling so loud that I knew it wanted food and it wanted it then. There was no time to leisurely enjoy my coffee or to check my email and write my blog. I made myself a bowl of shredded wheat and bran with a banana, walnuts and plain hemp milk. I think I could probably eat this combo very day, it sounds plain and simple but it really is delicious.

The rest of the morning was spent blogging, doing laundry and grocery list writing. About 9:30, I started roasting Brussels sprouts in anticipation for my next meal. By 10:30, they were done and I was hungry. I had a leftover chicken, gouda and apple sausage from Whole Foods and Brussels sprouts. I actually started out with more sprouts on my plate and decided I was done after about 6 of them.

Once I was finished eating, we headed to the farm stand and then to the grocery store. We had really stocked up last weekend so we really only needed fresh veggies. From the farm stand we bought local kale, potatoes, apples, tomatoes and jam. From the grocery store, we bough banana, acorn squash and romaine lettuce. After shopping, we came home and did more laundry, does the laundry ever end?

When it was time for my next meal, I made made salmon salad from a Paula Deen recipe. I made it with canned wild Alaskan salmon, I used half greek yogurt and half olive oil mayo instead of all mayo and I added a little chopped cherry tomatoes. I served mine open faced on a slice of toasted whole grain local bread with a couple of pieces of crisp romaine. It was delicious and super filling, I know I ate way too much because I felt heavy afterwards. I have gotten used to the feeling of being light and not feeling the food so it felt rather unpleasant. The really strange part is that it wasn’t really alot of food.

A little more laundry later, the dear husband and I headed out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful fall day. We did one loop around our neighborhood plus we did a couple of the cul-de-sacs twice; it took us close to an hour. It was a lovely day and I really need to take advantage of the lovely weather while I have it so I will probably be doing walks more outside instead of on my treadmill. After our walk, we watched Without a Trace on the DVR. I made us both a cafe au lait and had an honest foods farmers trail mix square. It was just the thing to tide me over until we went to Sarah and FJ’s little get together.

We got to the party around 7 and I dove into this right away…

Baked Brie with apricot jam that Sarah made herself! She served the brie with crusty white bread and I had my fair share without a doubt. I also had a couple of triscuts with a cheese dip. Once dinner was served, I wasn’t very hungry any more so I took tiny portions of what I really wanted. I started with a little mac n cheese, the best roasted potatoes I have ever eaten along with a small piece of a lovely roasted savory acorn squash.

I ended up going back for seconds of the mac n cheese, it was pretty slammin. After dinner settled, it was time for dessert. Sarah made pumpkin muffins with white chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting. These were so good, I had one plus a tiny piece of the one she made for her sister, Mady, with nuts. Though I like nuts, I really enjoyed the one without the most.

Lots of laughs later, we hit the road. It was getting late and the dear husband had a really long run looming. Once we were home, I hit the hay right away. I’m getting to old for this party stuff!

QOTD: Do you eat breakfast as soon as you wake up or do you wait a little while? I try to eat within an hour of waking but lately, my stomach has been demanding food right away.


18 Responses

  1. I’m very glad to read that eating mini meals has helped you to get your blood sugar back under control – stick with it, for sure!!

    Roasted brussels sprouts + homemade apricot jam + pumpkin muffins = yum!!

    As soon as I wake up, I drink LOTS of water; and then about an hour later, I have a protein shake; and then after my morning yoga routine, I have my “main breakfast” = a big bowl of Banana-Nut butter Oatmeal 🙂

  2. i really do understand what you mean about counting calories mentally. what you have been doing is great though, and i’m glad it makes you feel so good, and that you can really feel the control you have over your appetite. i think that for me personally, if i did do lots of smaller meals, i would definitely end up going overboard and eating too much all day long!

    about breakfast, i’m pretty much a get-up-and-eat kind of person, unless i workout first thing. but these days i’m trying to eat a little later if i wake up very early, so i don’t feel completely famished when lunch rolls around – even if i have a morning snack, if i have breakfast too early, i’m starving before midday!

  3. I’m glad you’re reaping the mini-meal benefits. I’ve enjoyed this system for about six years now and it has done wonders for my blood sugar and energy levels. Not to mention my metabolism!
    Your lunch looks beautiful! I love Paula. 🙂
    I take a shower and get ready before I eat breakfast, so I guess I eat about an hour after I wake up. But I start off with a couple bottles of water and tea. If my stomach really hurts, I’ll eat a prune.

  4. i really have a problem about counting calories. i wish i could just stop. its weird ill make a little deal with myself everymorning that if i DONT binge i dont have to count calories but if i do, then i kinda make myself. sigh.

    BUT, once again i uber enjoyed reading your post. sometimes i even read them twice. :o) keep up the amazing blogging!

    i had a question for you though. does taking pictures of what your eating kind of tack on to your “b.e.d” or whaterver you want it to be called. my parents told me it was weird and obsessive, so i had to stop doing it. what do you think? is it a little bit ackward to take photos of your food in public?

  5. Hi Lexi, Thanks for such delightful compliments! For me, the photographing is more of an art form rather than an obsession. I try to use interesting angles and up close shots rather than just my food on the plate. I also don’t photograph every bite I eat, I think that is obsessive. I don’t panic when I haven’t taken a photograph of my food, I just write about it an move on. My food journaling, aka my blog helps me think about the food that I ate and how the food makes me feel. Once I get into the calorie counting and restricting, that is when I know I have gone too far.

    And about being in public, if I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t do it. Like with my in laws for example, some of them don’t even know how to turn a computer on so I just don’t take photos of my food when I am out to dinner with them. It just isn’t worth the hassle to me. I think that each food blogger has a different reason for photographing there food and we each have to do what feels right. What is obsessive to some is sanity to others.

  6. Your body and mind have to adjust to your new mini meal pattern. Maybe the hunger actually means that you have ignited your metabolism and you are actually burning more calories. Keep up the mini meals….it sounds like your body is liking it.

    I usually eat a granola bar or fruit bar right when I wake up and then have my oatmeal an hour or two later. I have to eat right when I wake up or my blood sugar will let me know it is not happy.

  7. I like the mini-meal idea. Your right that your body would tell you if you were eating too much. At least that is how I think about it. It must be hard to stop calculating though.

    About breakfast – during the week, I wait because of time. On the weekends I wait until I am hungry.

    Those brussels sprouts look sooooo good by the way!

  8. i’m glad the mini meal thing is working for you, and like the others have said, you body will tel lyou when it needs more food.

    for bfast i usually wake up so early i dont have time to eat, so i chug water till i get to work and have bfast then, whcih is aruund 1.5 to 2 hrs later.

    and you’re intriguing me to have brussel sprouts since i’ve never tried them before. do they taste similar to anything?

  9. I LOVE brussel sprouts – thanks for reminding me how tasty they are!

    I eat several hours after I get up, but that’s because I get up very early and usually exercise first. I have about a liter of water, then I have my coffee while getting ready, and make my breakfast after. I know you’re supposed to eat within a couple of hours of waking up, but this works well for me. On the weekends, I just eat whenever I feel hungry.

  10. I’m usually up a good hour before I start to feel hungry but there are days that I wake up ravenous!
    Your brussel sprouts look perfectly roasted!

  11. Hi Christie! This is actually a random question, but I’m curious….does your husband run races?

  12. I usually drinkcoffee and do my bible study… than have alittle snack pre workout and than after I enjoy a big bfast!

    If i dont workout I hold off till like 830 ish just because I hate eating so early that by 10 am i need lunch!

  13. Hi Rachel, he does run races, he has a half marathon coming up in November and a marathon in Feb.

  14. i am always starvvvvvvving in the morning!

  15. I’m a brussels sprouts gal, too…got some in my fridge right now!
    I pretty much always eat within an hour of waking, even if it’s just three hardboiled egg whites or some fruit. Withing two hours of waking? I MUST eat – it kicks off my day and I’m not stingy with the food because skipping leads me to snack all day long. I mean, more snacking than normal 🙂

  16. Wow, that baked brie and pumpkin muffin look so incredible! What a wonderful night 🙂

    I always have to eat right away in the morning – even if I have to run out the door I grab something because otherwise I start to get sick from NOT eating. I literally have been nauseous a few times! That’s probably too much information! But it’s definitely what works best for me.

  17. Man, I love baked brie w/ anything. Brie is my favoriteeee.

  18. I used to wait a couple of hours to eat breakfast (after walking the dog, exercising, showering, etc.) but for the past couple of months I have been eating after walking the dog but before exercising. I usually wake up quite hungry these days.

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