Eating All Day

Yesterday was my first day really focusing on trying to keep my blood sugar under control. I decided to try eating less food more frequently. I started the stay with a bowl of live active cereal topped with walnuts, a banana and hemp milk. I made a smaller portion than in the past in hopes that I would get hungry sooner.

It worked like a charm,  right around 3 hours later, I was hungry. I started with a handful of trail mix but i picked most of the fruit out of it.

That didn’t seem to do the trick so I had a few kashi crackers with a white chocolate dreams PB spoon.

For lunch, I headed to Ukrop’s to pick up sushi for T and I. I had a brown rice shrimp tempura roll. It was so good, you would never even know it was grocery store sushi.

And as if my body was set on a clock, around 3:30, I was hungry again. I had a fage with agave nectar and a few planter NUTrition nuts.

Once I was home from work, I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and a sex and the city episode. By that time, I was hungry again and ready to make dinner. I made La Pasta goat cheese and basil ravioli with Whole Foods tomato and basil sauce. On the side, is sauteed baby broccoli in olive oil, mashed garlic, salt and pepper. Once it was done, I drizzled it with balsamic vinegar. This meal was ready in less than 20 minutes and was absolutely delicious!

After dinner, I caught up on blog world and then we watched Private Practice from the DVR, love that show! Once our dinner was settled, we did a 25 min yoga for runners flow. It was a great stretch for the legs! For dessert, I had a small bowl of chocolate hazelnut biscotti cereal. had been al ong itme since I had it, it was just a s good as I remembered!

QOTD: Do you eat 3 meals and snacks or just three squares a day?


15 Responses

  1. That dinner looks so yummy! I love baby broccoli!

    I actually eat about 6-7 times a day and that has helped me with my blood sugar. Most of my mini meals are small with dinner being a little bit bigger. I try to include carbs and proteins in each little meal. This also helps with the digestive issues I have had throughout the years.

  2. Your dinner looks awesome.

    I like to snack so I usually eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I feel like it helps to keep my metabolism working all day and plus I just like snacking.

    Have a great Friday and weekend Christie!!

  3. that dinner is amazing!!!
    i usually eat 3 meals and 2 snacks each day– trying to make sure each meal is balanced with healthy fat, good carbs and lean protein. this way, i’m almost never starving, and it keeps my metabolism kicking.
    have a happy friday!

  4. dinner sounds awesome! esp the broc!

    and i like to try to eat when i’m hungry…which usually occurs every 3-4hrs or so whether i like it or not. 😉


    I don’t eat 3 square meals, since I need to keep my energy levels up ALL DAY for my multiple dance practices and classes that take place throughout each day.

    Happy Friday!!

  6. Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti cereal? OMG! That sounds SO good!
    Actaully…ALL your food looks fabulous!
    I usually eat my 3 squares with at least 2 snacks…1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening…..sometimes, I may also have one in the a.m., but not often!

  7. I eat three meals. If I’m REALLY hungry, I might have a yogurt or a piece of fruit in the afternoon, but I don’t like snacking. I feel like it messes up my hunger cues and makes it hard to gauge portions. I’ve also found that food tastes so much better if I’m hungry when I sit down to eat.

    Your dinner looks really tasty!

  8. I’m hungry, woman! This didn’t help. Must. Have. Food.

    And that cereal sounds amazing, btw.

  9. Your food looks great!
    I usually have a small pre-workout food… like yogurt and cereal than I have breakfast, lunch, snack dinner and snack… it usually dpeends on the time i wake up, the workout i do and my scheduele during the day…. thats why i got away from calorie counting cause every day for me is different and my body demands different things different days!

  10. i eat like 6-7 times a day! i dont know how people go soooo long in between square meals.

    white chocolate dreams PB?!!?!!?! ARE YOU KIDDING?? feed me now!

  11. Christie, that’s a really good point about counting calories. Some days your body wants more/less but your brain already had a number in mind, so you’re struggling again the calorie count all day. I think it’s so much more freeing to eat according to how your body feels.

  12. I eat three meals a day and sometimes a PM snack just because I can’t eat dinner at 5 p.m. so I need something to tie me over for an hour or so. Personally, I prefer three solid meals because I get hungry every 4 hours or so and I like that just full feeling after eating a meal. When I snack all day, I feel like I’m hungry all the time so I’m constantly searching for something to eat and I never ever feel satisfied.

  13. your day of food sounds so well-paced and balanced out – i’m full of admiration. sometimes i snack between every meal, sometimes none – at the moment i’m trying to stick to 0-1 snacks a day. just while trying to drop a few pounds!

  14. i just eat 3 meals. sometimes the hour difference between them gets a little long, i should really fix that. =(

  15. Oh god. I definitely snack!

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