Why Can’t I Think of a Title?

I woke up yesterday wondering how it was Monday already, the weekend really flew by. I felt like I needed just a little more time off but got out of bed anyway. I made a bowl of Trader Joe’s honey nut o’ s topped with a banana, walnuts and soymilk. I am glad I gave them a try, I don’t generally try store brand cereal as my experience has never been good with them. These changed my mind or maybe it was just the TJ’s brand that isn’t sub par as some others.

Despite play being so slow, work was busy. I had tons to do and loads of deadlines to meet. I kept very busy during the morning and got hungry around my normal lunch time. Since the club was closed and The Pro had promised to pick up lunch later, I had a pecan pie larabar. It was tasty and held me over until lunch arrived.

Lunch was from Firebird’s, one of our favorite Monday places. I ordered the grilled salmon with a baked potato topped with salsa and steamed vegetables. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the sides perfectly seasoned. That is why we like Firebird’s so much, it is always so good! To finish off my lunch, I had two small squares of ritter sport chocolate with hazelnuts.

The afternoon flew by and before I knew it, it was go time! I was starving but had made the commitment to myself that I would hit the treadmill for half an hour once I got home. I decided that I would have a small snack to get me through my workout and dinner prep. I had white chocolate dreams PB between two mini whole wheat pitas. The uses for these little pitas is endless, I adore them!

After my snack and 30 minutes on the treadmill, I made a quick pork tenderloin stir fry for dinner. I had already cooked the pork over the weekend so all I had to do was combine all of the ingredients. I used a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, stir fry sauce and a dash of oyster sauce. Once it was done, I stirred in a little basil and cilantro and served it over barley. It was my first time using the oyster sauce and I was a little nervous because it smelled really strong. It turned out great, the stir fry was very flavorful, even the dear husband said so. And coming from him, that means something. He is not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination and merely views food as fuel, it’s taste rarely means anything to him unless it is ice cream 🙂

After dinner, I still felt hungry but decided to wait through the episode of Brothers and Sisters we had on the DVR. Throughout the show, I still felt hungry so once it was over, I had a small bowl of TJ’s greek yogurt with lemon curd stirred it. I skipped the photo since it pretty much looked the same as Sunday night. Once I ate the yogurt, I caught up on some blogging/blog reading and then we did a 25 min moon salutation yoga flow. It was a relaxing practice that ended the evening perfectly.

QOTD: Today I started wondering about pre-workout snacks. Do you eat one even if you are not hungry? If you do, why? It seems counter-intutive to me to eat one if I am not hungry.

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  1. The weekend definitely flew by – hopefully NEXT weekend will get here soon!!

    PECAN PIE LARABAR!!!! Oh yes.

    Love the mini pita sandwich, with the white-chocolate pb; and that stir-fry looks fabulous as well!!

    Even if you’re not hungry, it’s best to have a pre-workout snack so that you can get through the workout without struggling – your body needs the fuel. Even if it’s just something small, it’s good to have SOMETHING in your system before exercising.

  2. We? He does yoga with you?! Not fair! Teach Jim to do that =P

    I really need some lemon curd in my life right about now.

  3. I’m glad you had a good experience with the TJ’s brand cereal. All of their cereals that I have tried have been excellent.

    And, I don’t eat a pre-workout snack unless I am hungry.

  4. I try not to eat anything before a workout unless I’m really hungry. Then I will have something small, like a few crackers. Anything more than that I and end up with cramps during my run.

    Your lunch looks really good. I love salmon!

  5. I love oyster and even fish sauce. Sure, they smell terrible, but put a little in a dish, and it really makes a difference!

    I usually only eat a pre-workout snack if I’m hungry or feel particularly tired or haven’t eaten in more than six hours. Then I know I’ll need the extra fuel!

  6. I try not to eat before a work out unless I am really hungry. If I do, it’s usually a piece of fruit, like an apple.

    I used to eat energy bars but then I thought, why am I eating 200 calories that I need to burn off anyway?

    I pre-workout snack more if I go at a random time of the day, such as way after lunch and way before dinner when I’m hungry.

  7. Hope you enjoyed Brothers and Sisters! I did!

    I grapple with the whole eating before the workout because of blood sugar issues. If I don’t eat then my blood sugar causes me issues and I can’t have a good workout.

  8. yesterday I ate a Lean Cuisine salmon thing about an hour and a half before my workout…I hadn’t eaten a ton that day and knew I’d need some fuel. Turns out I should’ve put at least another hour between the two because it kinda sat in my stomach. I usually do NOT eat a preworkout snack…even if my tummy is rumbling a bit, I hate cramping or feeling bloated while exercising and would rather wait til after. Plus, I don’t think my workouts are hardcore enough (like a 10 mile run or anything) to necessitate a major snack.

    That Firebird lunch looks AWESOME!

  9. Your stir fry looks awesome. 🙂

    I may have a pre-workout snack if it’s been several hours since I’ve eaten. Sometimes, I think it’s better to have something ready to go as soon as I’m DONE working out , like an apple.

    One instructor says you should have a carb/protein ratio of 4:1 within 45 min. of strength training to help your muscles rebuild. (Like pb toast, or fruit/yogurt or chocoloate milk.) But I don’t know if it’s necessary after cardio.

  10. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but never commented…your meals always look so appealing and tasty!

    I don’t have a pre-workout snack. I’m not training for a marathon or doing anything unusually rigorous, and I know my body well enough to know that it can last a run or an hour at the gym without conking out. I don’t like food in my stomach when I’m doing cardio and it makes my next meal that much better. But everyone is different! I’m not much of snacker anyway so that’s part of it, too.

  11. I know the important of a pre-exercise snack but it is very hard for me to eat before I work out… I usually have as much as I can stand… bread with jelly or yog with jelly (but not a lot) it may seem counter-intuative but your body has been in a FASTED state all night and you need to replace blood glucose and muscle/liver glycogen so that is the whole idea of BREAK-FAST… breaking thefast!

  12. i think it is only necessary to eat a pre-workout snack if (1) you are hungry OR (2) you are going to do intense cardio (running) for more than 30 minutes. beyond that, i’ve read that your body started to break down your muscles to use as full… not cool.

  13. Jordan, he does do yoga with me, even does it by himself. It is really good for stretching out his marathon legs.

    Christie, I don’t work out in the morning so breaking the fast doesn’t really apply.

    Thanks for everyone’s advice! I think for me, since I am not doing anything super intense, I am going to stick with only having one if I am hungry. I believe that if your body needs the fuel it will ask for it. If I decided to kick up my exercise a notch, I may change my mind.

  14. I have been eating a pre-run snack because know that I’m doing my miles I otherwise get hungry half-way through. It may seem like it is counter-intuitive but I feel like the little extra energy (I’d say my snack is about 100 calories) really gives me that boost to run harder and farther and thus, in the end I probably burn more. As for snack ideas, I’m definitely not the one to ask 🙂 I’m just getting a feel for it as well. Good luck!

  15. If I’m not hungry, I’ll skip it.
    How funny about your husband. I don’t understand how people just view food as fuel. My hub is kinda like that too. For me it’s so much more than that! If only it were so simple! 🙂

  16. I always eat ENORMOUS pre-workout snacks. Currently just downed one totaling over 400 cals (and sometimes I’ve eaten over 600 cals for a pre-workout snack!). I’ve found that it really helps with more energy, and I haven’t gained weight. I feel like FOR ME, eating is all about timing. The majority of my calories are eaten in the beginning of the day and before working out. Of course I am active all day….but anywho…I always eat pre-workout snacks and im never hungry for them usually! Though when on the ice for over 2 hours, they really help…..plus I know that if I’m hungry when I’ve gotten off, that I have made a good choice. As you said though….it kind of stinks, because I can never feel like I can listen to my body. UGH. Only the weekends can I really eat intuitively, and so I always feel out of practice. It’s frustrating, but I know if I don’t eat I’ll be sorry! I also judge what I’m going to be doing….i can’t eat much before running or I’ll ALWAYS get side-aches….but skating is a little different.

  17. I don’t eat a snack before working out unless I am hungry. I don’t think I need it if I’m not hungry. Ya know? If I am hungry, then I think I probably need it. I am not running marathons or anything.

    I love the mini-pitas, too! They are the perfect little snack.

  18. I try to schedule my workouts around my eating schedule (every 3 hours) but if it’s off, I don’t go out of my way to get a pre-workout meal in.

    I gotta try those mini pitas. Are they the ones that you can open up and stuff? I like those type better because then you can stuff it with peanut butter instead of spread it on. I don’t know why, but that seems more enticing.

    If you’re interested, I’ve got an easy recipe for the Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar on my blog, it’s cheaper than buying them especially when you make huge batches!

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