Caddie Shack

Yesterday, my breakfast was exactly the same as Thursday except for the nuts. I just enjoyed it so much, I wanted to give it another go. It was Kashi Autum Wheat with a banana, walnuts and soymilk. A nice simple breakfast.

Thankfully, work was much less crazy! I sent T a picture of the new kitty and she said we had to come up with a golf name for him since he was rescued from the course. So, she shouted Bogey, then Birdie and then Caddie. As soon as I heard Caddie, I knew it was the one. I sent the dear husband google chat and he loved it too! So, Caddie the Kitty is his name.



at play

at play

For lunch, I wanted soup and sandwich because the staff lunch was not appealing at all. I asked chef about the soup selections and I was once again none too impressed. So, I settled on a grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on whole wheat with a small salad on the side. When it came, it also had a house made pickle on the side. The pickle was a bit spicy for my taste but the sandwich rocked! He cooked it over the wood chip grill so it had a lovely smokey flavor that only comes from that kind of grill.

Late in the afternoon, I had a fage with honey to hold me over until dinner with our friends. For dinner, we met Sarah and Francis at Elephant Thai in a little town close by to our own. We started with spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.

And then a warm cozy bowl of Tom Yum soup, I ate only the mushrooms, lemongrass, cilantro and broth. I had asked for shrimp but somehow got chicken.

My main course was my all time favorite, noodles of the drunk with tofu. This wasn’t my favorite version of the dish as it was not spicy at all and it was bit greasy for my taste. In spite of all of that, the essential flavors were there and I still enjoyed it.

After dinner, we wanted some dessert and decided to go to Friendly’s. T, from work, had told me that if you want to have a pig out fest on ice cream, this was the place. So, we piled into the car and made our way. I ordered the brownie sundae with birthday cake ice cream. It had a brownie, the ice cream, caramel, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I have to say, we had debated between Friendly’s and cold stone and I later wished we had picked cold stone. The quality seemed a bit sub par and it didn’t knock my socks off the way cold stone or my local place does. 

Things like this make me feel guilty for indulging, I’m not sure why but if it doesn’t live up to the food fantasy in my head, I get racked with guilt. By the time I got home, all I could think was that I would need to spend three hours on the treadmill to wipe out the damage that the ice cream had done. I guess, for me, it goes back to only eating the foods I truly enjoy. Next time, I will say, what the heck, lets take the extra 10 minutes to go to the awesome place.

Once we made it home, it was my bedtime so after a little cuddle time with Caddie, I went to bed. I tried watching some of the debate but as always, the politicians just talk in circles and I get pissed so I switched the channel to TLC and went off to dreamland.

QOTD:I used to feel guilty about everything I ate that wasn’t “healthy”. Now, my guilt is becoming less and less as I work on accepting myself and my size. I can enjoy ice cream or a few squares of chocolate without beating myself up but sometimes the guilt makes it’s way in. Do you have moments where you feel guilty about things you have eaten, what do you do in those cases?


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  1. I love love love the name Caddie! Being the wife of a guy who works at a golf course and who plays golf, I think the name is perfect.

    Love the spring rolls!

    I don’t feel guilty about certain food as much as I used to. I don’t know what changed though. I think it was a change in mindset! Maybe it is because I am really trying to live by the “everything in moderation” rule!

  2. I love Caddie! That’s so fitting for you guys.
    I do have guilty feelings sometimes. More about quantity of the foods than the food itself. I usually just try to think it though and realize that it’s not going to change my life significantly to overeat from time to time. I also get busy cleaning, talking on the phone, etc.

  3. I only feel guilty if I do it every single day. Once isn’t going to make me gain 294298429 pounds, you know? You’d have to eat 3500 cals over your deficit to gain ONE pound, and that’s not gonna happen with me.

    Your kitten is SO freakin’ cute. GOSH! I’m going to come catnap [ha, get it?] Caddie. Adsajkfhaskjfa. I loooooove fluffly kitties.

  4. I totally know what you mean about feeling guilty when something doesn’t live up to my expectations. I feel like if I’m going to splurge on something it better be good! Sometimes I’ll tell myself that I can’t have a brownie and then later I’ll overdo it on ‘healthier food’ and end up eating more calories than I would have with the brownie–and I’m sure that if I just let myself enjoy the treat I would be a lot more satisfied physically and mentally.

    Along those lines a lot of times when we do go out for something like ice cream I’ll stick to the nonfat sugar-free instead of just letting myself get a flavor that I really want. I end up not satisfied at all and a lot of times will end up eating even more when I get home to make my mouth happy. I really need to learn to just let myself indulge every once in a while and I’m sure that my healthy eating the rest of the time will balance it out.

    Caddie is so tiny and cute! aww!

  5. Hooray for a simple, delicious breakfast, and a less-crazy day at work!! 🙂

    LOVE THE NAME ‘CADDIE’!!!! Great choice, for sure 🙂

    Ahh, so sorry that the dessert wasn’t as tasty as it looks – it certainly is a work of art, nonetheless!!

    I had that moment of guilty yesterday, actually – I ate some dried figs before dance (haven’t eaten dried figs since last winter, since I stick to only fresh fruit when it’s all in season), and they were SOOOOOO sugary tasting/feeling (and a little bitter) that I felt guilty for even eating them, since I didn’t enjoy them. But that was yesterday – I actually forgot about it until reading your question, haha 🙂

  6. I love the name caddie and your kitty is so cute! and i don’t know if commented when you first got her, but yay for rescuing her and keeping her out of the pound!!!

    I know what you mean about the guilty feeling…and have had my ups and downs with that. i just try to think it through and letting myself be. And even if it wasn’t as good as i would have hoped, i try not to eat too much of it, knowing i can indulge on the better stuff at a later date!

    have a great saturday!

  7. I can totally relate to the guilt… sometimes i look back and I think i dont know how i use to live the way i did.. so strict but than if i think about it too much I can feel guilt that I never use to eat half this stuff and I use to be so “Strict” but like you said it has def gotten easier and ithink it is all part of a process.

  8. Awww, Caddie is such a cute name for the kitty!

  9. Yes I do feel guilty after indulging. I’d love to be able to say that I never do, that I’ve gotten past that part of labeling foods as good and bad, but to be honest, most of the time I haven’t. It’s not that I think I’m going to gain weight after eating all the extra empty calories but I worry that I won’t be able to return to my normally healthy lifestyle and I worry that I haven’t spent my splurges wisely. I’m sorry to hear the sundae wasn’t as good as expected, I know how that is. But in the end, the fact is that I’ve already eaten, and if it was disappointing I know not to go all out on eating it again. Looking towards the future and all the healthful food choices I have in store keeps me positive. I’m not sure that there’s a final balance out there but I think you are definitely on your way. Recognizing how food makes you feel is important and I hope that this will help you make better choices next time… like Cold Stone, for example 😉 I miss it!

    P.S. Caddie is an adorable name and it seems perfect for your new baby!

  10. If I don’t really enjoy something I often feel guilty about eating it. But I make a CONSCIOUS decision to put those feelings somewhere else. Put my ENERGY somewhere else, if you know what I mean. It is MY choice to feel that guilt. DO I want to? OF COURSE NOT! It’s the worst feeling ever, and it makes life miserable. But here’s the dealio. It’s done. It’s over. Who the hell cares, you know? What am I feeling guilty for? For EATING something? Hahaha… That’s so funny sounding… It’s like, wow, am I THAT vain? Are there not bigger things going on in the world, bigger things going on in MY LIFE? And if not, then that’s kinda sad, right? Allow yourself to just be and guide you through life. You’ll be fine 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh I LOVE the name caddie! I can’t believe I didn’t think to do a golf name!!

    I’ve definitely felt guilty when I indulge a little too much. It’s something I continue to work on. As many of the other commenters said, I try to remember that it’s over and done with and I can’t change the past — I can only work to improve the future. That usually helps me put things in perspective and realize that in the whole big picture of life, it’s not going to matter that much, as long as I take the necessary steps to avoid feeling guilty in the future. That’s a bit long-winded, but hopefully it makes sense!

  12. Caddie….LOVE IT!

    When I feel guilty about something I’ve ate, I remind myself that what’s done is done and the next time I can make a better choice.

  13. Caddie is such a cute name. Perfect!

    Sometimes if I’ve over induldged I’ll feel a little guilty, but I usually just refocus on eating according to my hunger and make sure I get a good workout in the next day and I’m good. Life is too short to beat yourself up. 🙂

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