A New Kitty!!! Hooray!!!

I started out my day with a nice bowl of kashi autumn wheat topped with a banana, soymilk and almonds. It was really good and I actually kind of liked the soymilk. I have really been getting into all sorts of non dairy milks and I think regular ole soy will makes its way into the rotation.

I can not even begin to describe to you the kind of morning I had at work. We have been working on a project for a couple of weeks now and today was the day to get everything into the mail and out the door. The first problem was that because we gave kinkos about 12 ours notice, they couldn’t really colate the way we needed it so that was a hassle. Then, we were supposed to have 448 packages going out and once we had all of them stuffed, we only had 400 exactly. So, with highlighters and lists, we had to manually go through every package and mark who we had to figure out who we didn’t. Come to find out, when the labels were made, the merge missed every 10th member when it went to print. It was caos! In the midst of all of that, I ate an almond and coconut kind bar. O.M.Goodness. It was so good, I am not generally a fan of coconut but this little bar was tasty.

Once we were at a stopping point, T urged me to go get staff lunch before it was gone because it was “the best soup she had ever had”. So, I went down and loaded myself up with some. It was broccoli and cheese soup with grilled cheese biscuits! I agreed with T, it was the best soup I had ever had and the biscuits were delightful. I ended up eating way to much and while T and K were stading around talking, I said out loud “Oh my goodness, I can not eat another bite”, they both laughed and said they felt the same way. Come to find out, the guy that made the soup was on a working interview and didn’t accept our offer 😦 So, no soup for us.

After lunch and a rainy trip to the Post Office to drop off all 448 packages, I got a phone call for S telling me that she had soem kittens that were found on the course and they needed homes. She had taken them to the vet to make sure they were healthy so I decided to go and see them. I ended up bringing one home!!! Yay! Ever since what happened with Callie, we have been wanting to get another kitten so this made us both very happy. We haven’t decided on a name yet and he is hiding in places we can’ get to.

Nameless Kitty

Nameless Kitty

Georgy Investigating

Georgy Investigating

K.C. eyeing from afar

K.C. eyeing from afar

The day had been cold and raining so I wanted something warm and cozy. The dear husband suggested pizza and I immediately said yes. We ordered a whole wheat pizza with the works and enjoyed every bite!

For dessert, we shared a little of a ritter sport chocolate hazelnut bar. After that, we spent time trying to find the hiding kitty to make sure it would eat something. He really took to the dear husband and ended up sleeping with him all night long. I think that is pretty cool since I brought both of our cats into our relationship so this one can be “his” cat.

QOTD: Any ideas on cute boy kitty names? I keep calling him baby kitty but he won’t be a baby forever.


18 Responses

  1. OH MY GAWD. Diviiiiiine!! Have SO much fun with your precious little kittie!! He is SO gorgeous! You could name him Babe!! Why not?! Or baby! Whatever, he’ll always be your baby so what does it matter, right?

  2. Sooo cute! I love the kitty. Names….hmm…bebe? lol. or fuzz muffin? Or smokey since he’s grey and white?

    Those are just a few ideas. 🙂

  3. Love the kitties. I used to have two persian cats, but I developed an allergy to them…ugh. The girl was Abby and the boy was Edison. I’ll have to think of some more boy names.

    Yum…grilled cheese biscuits.

  4. Oh mercy. I am in love with cats. WHAT A SWEET FACE! Your Georgy looks like my Henry! I love people names for cats.
    Those biscuits – whoa.
    More cats pictures tomorrow, right? 🙂
    I’m so glad you’re done with that crazed project. Stressful.

  5. You’re cats are gorgeous and the baby rocks! I have 2 cats…Octavius & Charlie. My Charlie looks just like your baby! What about Sprocket? Or maybe Chaz?

    Sorry to hear you had such a frustrating day at work, but I think the tension must have melted away when you picked up your new addition!

  6. My goodness, your workday was intense – hang in there!!

    CUTE CATS!!!!!! As for the little one’s new name, he looks like a Max to me… how about Max?? 🙂

  7. I am the WORST at naming cats. A few years back, an ex-boyfriend and I had three cats (he took two when we broke up) and their names were Velveeta, Pancake, and Little Baby Kitty or LBK for short. When you mentioned “baby kitty” I had to smile. I thought I was the only one who thought that a name like that was totally appropriate. LOL!

  8. OK, I want pizza right now.

    What about giving Kitty a food name, like Noodles or Fettuccini or Peanut Butter or…Kashi?? He’s kinda oatmeal-colored, maybe Oatie?

  9. i love naming pets after famous people!

    my dogs are named Maggie Thatcher and James Bond. 🙂

  10. Aw!

    What about Ralphie? That is my absolute favorite male name for a pet 🙂

  11. Awww, congrats on the new addition to the family, He’s the cutest!

  12. Sounds like a busy day at work! Too bad the soup guy can’t stay 😦

    What a cutie!! Hm, names…I’m so bad at coming up with names! I’ve always like the name Kirby for a pet!

  13. My friend named her cat Atticus, and her dog Scout. 🙂

    Any favorite literary characters you’d like to memorialize?

    Or you could call the cat DP or DK (dear pet or dear kitty) since you have a DH. 😉

  14. Our stud muffin of a cat was named Arnold/Arnie after Schwartzeneger (sp?). So really his name was more like Ahnold with the accent.

  15. Oh my god! That cat is so cute. Nice and fluffly like I like.
    He looks like a kind and gentle cat. What about Simon?

  16. OMGOMGOMGOMG CADDIE IS SOOOOO CUTE. Okay, you knew I was gonna do that, heh. I can’t resist a fluffy kitty. I love long hair cats. Well, medium. But they’re tooooo cute when they’re babies. They’re so fluffy!

  17. oh my gosh! kitties! you made my day!! ADORABLEEEEEEE. I miss my kities back home! My roomie has two, but it’s not the same. I heard of a food blogger (don’t remember who), who had named their kitty cous cous. I thought that was amazing.

    Excited to see what you come up with!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND CHRISTIE!

  18. […] a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup and a grilled cheese on wheat. The soup was not even close to that one day so I only ate a few bites. The grilled cheese was fabulous so I ate all of […]

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