Quiet Time

Yesterday, I woke up and did a 20 minute AM yoga dvd with Rodney Yee and it felt great. I had a skip in my step all day! After yoga, I had a bowl of clifford crunch in hopes of curing my honey nut cheerios craving. I topped it with a banana, walnuts and hemp milk. It was awesome and I think it did the trick.

Work was pretty quiet with T gone and The Pro running around all day. In fact, with my good mood bubbling all around, it felt a little too quiet. Around 11, I went down to see what the staff lunch was and I wasn’t impressed. So, the chef made me none other than a chef salad with poppyseed dressing. It was good but it was also a salad which I am not in the mood for at all. I think I may start asking for soup or sandwiches.

When I took my plate back downstairs, there was some fresh out of the oven garlic bread on the staff lunch so I grabbed a piece. It really rounded out my lunch and it left me feeling much more satisfied.

I kept busy most of the afternoon in the quiet and had a snack around 3:30 of greek yogurt with honey. I left work a bit early in order to take a print project out to Kinko’s and then headed to therapy. While in the therapy waiting room, I had a Jocolat chocolate larabar.

Therapy was intense again. I went in determined to talk about a couple of revelations I have had over the past few days about my issues with my dad. First, I have always had a feeling that something was missing, a void that I have tried to fill with food for a really long time. I realized after a long talk with my friend Sarah that was I was missing was a loving healthy relationship with my dad. My little sister has a great relationship with my dad because she is so much younger and never really endured the same things as my brothers and I. I envy that relationship, a realtionship that is full of love and admiration. Isn’t it amazing that two people can view one person so differently?

We talked about many other things but at the moment, I am struggling to find the words to express all of it. I guess I need to stew on them for a few days because I’m not exactly sure how I feel about all of the things that came up. I feel good about it because I was once again able to cry and let my feelings out but I am still processing some of it.  Some of the things that are coming up are shocking to me and I am surpirsed at some of the words I hear myself saying. I assure you, dear readers, once it is processed in my mind, I will let it out here.

Once home from therapy, I heated some snobby joes from the freezer and served it inside a wheat wrap with mozzarella and mustard.

On the side, we had a big bowl of grapes. I ended up eating mainly the grapes because the larabar was more filling that I thought.

After dinner, I caught up on blogland and downloaded a few audio yoga classes. By then, I was really tired and called it a night.

QOTD: What do you do when you have feelings that you don’t know how to express?


15 Responses

  1. I seriously stomp my feet.
    I wish I could be more enlightening? motivating? say that I RUN 🙂 but a good screamandstomp works for me every time.

  2. “snobby joes”

    I laughed out loud when I read this. Thanks 🙂

  3. I usually eat. 😦
    Glad therapy was intense.

  4. Kara, Snobby Joes is an actual recipe, as much as I would like to say I was being comical I wasn’t. You can check out the recipe on my recipe page or you can find it in the Veganomican cookbook.

  5. I have Rodney Yee’s DVDs as well – he’s definitely a gifted yogi.

    SNOBBY JOES!!! I ate some for lunch yesterday (my last portion from the freezer!! I need to make more, stat!!), on top of spaghetti squash!! I love that recipe from Veganomicon 🙂

    Hang in there with therapy!!

    When I have feelings that I can’t express = I write down my thoughts, in order to try to articulate them better.

  6. Love the snobby joes in a wrap! Sounds like therapy was beneficial and I am glad that you are able to confront your feelings. I am also glad you are taking time to totally process everything.

    When I have feelings I don’t know how to express, I first try to get to my favorite alone spots and then just allow myself to be with my feelings and think about them or write about them.

  7. lately, i’ve been eating, but that’s gotta change. I should try writing about them… or scream and stomp like Miz 🙂

  8. That type of work is intense. Going through emotions is hard work, so kudos to you. Really.

    When I have feelings I usually head outside for a walk or a run and really try to feel the emotion instead of pushing it aside. It sucks at first, but once you’ve faced it, it gets easier.

  9. Oohh..that’s a tough question! I’d have to say that writing a “letter” to myself can help. Unfortunately, I think I still head to the fridge WAY too often. 😦

    That bread looks delish!

  10. …make some art…y’know, draw or paint…* : )

  11. i reach for the peanut butter and a spoon.
    the bread looks fabulous and i really need to make some snobby joes!
    happy thursday!

  12. I listen to music and sing my heart out!

  13. Yoga is the best!

    Glad therapy seems to be working for you. When I can’t express myself, I try to just write what comes to mind. Usually, this helps me see what I am feeling.

  14. i beat up a pillow… seriously. my mom taught me to do it when i was little and my parents were getting a divorced, and it just feels soooo good to take out your aggressive on a poor pillow. 🙂

    or i go running, of course.

  15. Just wanted to thnk you again for all your help!

    Also i usually end up crying when I cant express my feelings, which is not such a bad thing… and I usually call my mom hahah

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