The mornings are just so brutal for me these days. Despite going to bed at 8:30, I struggled to get up by 6. I had planned to wake up and do a 45 minute vinyasa flow but my body just wouldn’t do it. Instead, I started the day with a nice bowl of live active cereal topped with a not quite ripe peach and hazelnut milk. Though the peach wasn’t “there” yet, it was still tasty and mixed well with the hazelnut milk.

Work was wacko. There aren’t really any other words to describe it, just plain wacko. By lunch time, I was knee deep in IT issues and hadn’t even begun my daily paperwork. For lunch, the chef made me a salad with scallops, green peppers, salad greens and a lovely dressing that I could only peg as something with cilantro. On the side, I grabbed a slice of garlic toast from the staff lunch. It was tasty but brought back memories of the time I ate scallops and landed in the hospital and had my gall bladder removed in emergency surgery. Good Times.

After lunch, I had a couple of unphotographed pieces of dark chocolate to ease my stress. I know that food isn’t the right solution but it was the choice I made at the time. Around 3, my stomach was growling so I had some fage topped with honey.

When I got home from work, I made a pantry and fridge dinner. I felt inspired by the black eyed peas and the chicken sausages but didn’t have any canned tomatoes to round out an impromptu hoppin john so I improvised and used salsa! The flavor combo was interesting to say the least. I served it on top of brown rice with some green beans on the side. I had planned to make a salad but I just wasn’t feeling it. In fact, I don’t think I was feeling dinner at all because I ended up taking about six bites and calling it done. At least the dear husband enjoyed it.

After dinner, we polished off the last of our farmer’s market treats, Brownie # 2. It was just as divine as the first time. Now I have a hankering to make my own brownies that don’t come in a box 🙂

As a little side note, I want to thank Megan for giving me my first blog award. Sorry for taking so long to post about it, I have just been insane in my own little world. I give the award to all of the wonderful bloggers who take the time to read and comment on my blog. It means so much to me to part of such a supportive comminity.

QOTD: Do you ever just not feel like eating? This is a rare feeling for me.


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  1. You know, some days you just need to sleep a ton and not workout. Just roll with it. Stress can do some icky things to ya! Oh, and my allergies can sometimes make me really, really tired…just a thought.

    I only feel like not eating if I’m sick. Otherwise, if it’s tasty, I probably am up for a bite or two. 🙂

  2. You know, I find that other people have the feeling of “I don’t really want to eat anything” much more than I do.

    I also only feel that way when I’m sick or if I am so tired in the morning that I can’t function…Otherwise, even if I think I don’t want anything, it doesn’t take me a long time to find something good!

    Have a good day!

  3. hahaha i never feel like i dont want to eat… seriously… i dont understand people like that!

  4. The funny thing is that this is a very new feeling for me. Normally when I am not well or under stress, all I want to do it eat.

  5. Ah, work days. Somehow, you can never avoid them (or the stress they bring).

    Hope today goes well!

    Good question – sometimes I actually feel to exhausted to eat. This usually happens late at night, if I haven’t eat dinner yet. The act of cooking and chewing and swallowing is sometimes too much. I’d rather just be in bed. It’s a strange feeling, I know.

  6. Sorry you weren’t feeling dinner. It sure does look yummy! The salad looks good too!

    It is not very often that I don’t feel like eating. That might be due to blood sugar issues. Even when I am sick, I am always hungry unlike many others who lose their appetite.

  7. WHen i did a couple of days on the food stamp challenge and i could not have foods i wanted i did not care to eat… also if i eat too much sugar one day the next day I have this general sick feeling and do not want to eat… serves me right hahah

  8. Eating isn’t usually a problem for me! 🙂 The only things that take my appetite away would be stress and illness.
    BTW, your dinner looks mouth watering!

  9. Hope your mornings and work become more manageable for you – hang in there, Christie!!

    DEFINITELY make your own brownies!!! They’re among my favorite treats to bake 🙂

    Congratulations on the award!!

    I often do not have an appetite, so yes, there’s SEVERAL occasions when I don’t feel like eating, unfortunately 😦 But I know how important it is to consume adequate fuel (especially for my dance practices), so I am VERY careful about making sure that I DO consume enough.

  10. Sometimes if I’m really busy I don’t think about eating. Also, sometimes if I am really really really nervous, I don’t want to eat. That’s about it! Oh, and if I’m sick.

  11. You earned an totally deserve that award Christie! 🙂 Your dinner looks beautiful! I had to google hoppin john because I’d not heard of it. I love regional cuisine. Sorry it wasn’t tasting – or feeling – right!
    I always feel like eating, unless I have the stomach flu or I’m stuffed or busting my boo-tay at work. 🙂

  12. Congratulations on your blogging award! You totally deserve it 🙂

    That lunch looks yummy — although I’m very sorry to hear that it brought back such an unpleasant memory!

    That dinner looks great — way to improvise! I think salsa is very versatile 🙂

    I usually always have an appetite — it just seems like some do and some don’t. Rarely is there any middle ground! Although lately, with my stomach issues, I haven’t been as hungry as normal.

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