A Late Start

Yesterday, the alarm went off at 5 and I rolled over and turned it off. I normally hit snooze but it just didn’t happen that way. I ended up waking up at 6:45 put me really late for work. I made a quick breakfast with kashi autumn wheat, walnuts, a very ripe banana and hazelnut milk. I really enjoyed the hazelnut milk with the autumn wheat since the cereal is sweet but the milk isn’t.

I made it to work about 45 minutes late and things were already chaotic. Before heading out for my errands, I had an okios blueberry yogurt. I really liked it though the greek yogurt flavor and texture didn’t really stand out. It really tasted like a regular already fruited yogurt. I think in the future, I will stick to plain greek yogurt and add my own toppings.

For lunch, I picked up sushi. I had a kryptonite roll and an order of edamame. It was super tasty and really reminded me of the first time I had that roll. It was like it was a new experience all over again, now that is good sushi 🙂

I had to leave early for a doctor appointment so my short afternoon was spent cramming all my work in. I went to see the doc about my shoulder which I have had problems with for a couple of years now. I also took him some lab work results from when the dear husband and I had exams for life insurance policies. For my shoulder, he gave me another shot in the muscle and ordered me to do more yoga. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t gotten so lax with the yoga, I wouldn’t had to go back to see him about it. As far as the lab work, he was concerned about some of my protein and sugar levels so I had to give more blood. I won’t get the results from his testing for at least 24 hours. Until then, I have to hang tough and hope that everything turns out normal.

When I got home, I did a 40 minute power yoga “calming energy” flow. It was a little too slow for my taste but given my time at the doc and my nervousness about the testing, it was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves. After yoga, I made some dinner. Taking my inspiration from Kath, I made chicken topped with goat cheese on salad. For the salad, I used mixed greens, yellow cherry tomatoes, cukes, black grapes, pistachios all topped with oil and vinegar. It was a delightful salad but I think I should have used more goat cheese.

After dinner, I spent a little time in blog land and then had some dessert. I don’t know what I will do when I run out of these delightful Farmer’s market treats. We shared the pecan tart, it was very very good. Sorry for the lack of picture but I couldn’t get it to turn out. After the treat, I called it a night.

QOTD: How do you take your mind off of stressful news regarding your health or someone you care abouts health?


10 Responses

  1. I hope everything turns out well with your shoulder!

    Hazelnut milk, that’s one I haven’t tried yet. Did you see the maple brown sugar Oat Milk/Drink in my post yesterday. It is so yummy!

    Your salad looks so tasty!

    It is very hard to take my mind off my own or my loved ones’ health. We just got the news tha my grandma has breast cancer and lymphoma and my nephew who is 18 months has been dealing with seizures of an unknown cause for a year now. I pray a lot and work often keeps me distracted, but sometimes before bed when it gets quiet…those are the hard times.

  2. Oooh, hazelnut-milk in cereal sounds lovely – I’ve only used it in baking and in smoothies.

    Hope the chaos died down at work, and that your shoulder gets better soon!!

    It’s definitely difficult NOT to think about a loved one’s or my own health – it’s on my mind everyday, actually, since it’s a crucial part of life. But it’s always good to just relax, and do something fun (i.e. walks, reading, listening to music, etc.).

  3. So sorry about your shoulder! Was it a cortisone shot the doctor gave you?
    That yoga sounds lovely.
    The only thing that keeps me from worrying about myself or others’ health is doing something like shopping. I just need to get distracted. The problem is, the thoughts always come back!

  4. Good luck with the shoulder situation…

    In regards to your question… this is very tough. I’ve seen both physical and mental illness affect different family members, and all I keep in mind is how they’re feeling when we talk or when I talk about them to others. I really try to put myself in their shoes so I can understand their moods, feelings, etc.That will help you better react to how they treat you, I think.

  5. ahhh so frustrating when things like that happen with the alarm! though the fact that you rarely do it but did today probably meant that your body really needed that extra bit of rest. and edamame! mad about them.

  6. I usually go for a run. Or do yoga. Both give me a fresh perspective and help me focus on what I’m thankful for.

    And for the record, you can never have too much goat cheese. 🙂

  7. Do you mean BESIDES eating? 😉

    I really try to breathe, and mentally dial it back a notch. I think the real thing I try to remind myself is that even if I GET bad news, not knowing doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong. Knowledge gives us the power to work towards a solution.

    That salad looks divine. I love a mixed green salad with goat cheese and some cannellini beans sprinkled on it; with a fresh herb viniagrette. (Why is that word SO hard to spell?)

    Sending good healthy vibes your way today!

  8. Hi Christie!
    You salad looks and sounds very good!
    To take my mind off anything stressful, I will either dive into a good book or go for a nice long walk while listening to some tunes.

  9. I’ve been spending almost every single day at the hospital with Jim’s father, so we’re really not taking our minds of it… So I’m not sure what to tell you there =P

  10. Sorry to hear about your shoulder! I hope the yoga will help.

    Your chicken and goat cheese salad looks so colorful and delicious!!

    As far as your question goes, well, frankly, it’s tough to get my mind off of it. It try to do things I enjoy – working out, blogging, reading – and it does help, but sometimes I think it’s important to have a good cry. Sorry to sound so depressing about the whole thing!

    Best of luck with the rest of your busy week!

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