A Productive Day

I woke up yesterday feeling a little risky in the kitchen and I decided to try something I had been seeing all over blog land. Savory oats, I was hesitant, but I think it went well. I made some hot grain cereal with water, smart balance, salt and pepper. I topped it with an over easy egg and a little fiesta cheese. On the side, I had the rest of the grapes from Saturday. I must say, it took some getting used to but I think I liked it by the end. I think I prefer grits or polenta but I will probably do this again.

While the dear husband was out doing his long run, I did the house cleaning and a yoga dvd. After all of that was done, I was hungry already so I had a fage with a drizzle of honey. I had really been wanting this and when I saw it so cheap at Whole Foods on Saturday, I knew it was fate. Oh boy, was it ever tasty.

After my snack, I did a little girlie maintenance and then we headed out. For lunch we ate at Tropical Smoothie. I ordered the hummus among us sandwich. It was 9 grain bread with hummus, lettuce, tomato, basil, provolone, red onion, roasted red and green peppers and fresh basil. It was pretty tasty and surprisingly filling.

After some errands, we got a starbucks and walked around Target for a bit. I got a soy cinnamon dolce latte, my favorite in the fall. It didn’t seem to be perking me up at all so about halfway through, I stopped drinking it.

Once we arrived home, we did a little more work around the house and then prepared dinner. I made grilled chicken that I had marinated in tamari sauce, honey, ginger, garlic and a dash of thai sweet chili sauce. On the side we had roasted alexia brand roasted potatoes and kale that I sauteed in olive oil, garlic, onion, crushed red pepper, a dash of nutmeg, salt and pepper. It was a hearty and satisfying Sunday dinner.

After dinner, I had a little dessert of one caramel kiss, one pumpkin spice kiss and one candy corn kiss.Then, I had a second candy corn one.  I really liked them, what great flavors they come up with for fall! After dessert, we finished up the housework and relaxed a bit. Ah, farewell to the weekend.

QOTD: Is anyone familiar with ceramic knives? I am in the market for a new chef’s knife and have heard great things about them. I have a Henkel ever sharp now and I think it is time to retire it.


12 Responses

  1. I saw those kisses at target, too.

    Interesting that you tossed the coffee. That is something I totally guzzle without even thinking about whether I actually want to be drinking it.

    No experience with ceramic knives. Although Mark did sell cutco knives for a day in college.

  2. sorry

    NOT familiar with the knives.

    QUITE familiar with the kisses (love. sigh. eat.)

  3. What a productive day! I saw that you mentioned thai sweet chili sauce. I love that stuff!!! Great on shrimp!

    I did a post on those yummy fall kisses the other day. I love them. Some people aren’t big fans, but I love the candy corn kisses. They almost taste like buttercream icing to me.

    Have a great day!

  4. Ohh man I have been lookig for those kisses not the candy corn ones but the pumpkin ones… where did u fin them?

  5. Megan, they DO taste like buttercream frosting. I couldn’t put my finger on it last night but you are exactly right!

    Christie, I got them at Target, my shopping Mecca.

  6. I have no idea about the knives, but I want those kisses. What fun flavors!!!

  7. WOW. I’ve never seen those kisses. I hope I don’t find them because I’ll be shoveling them in by the handful!
    I’ve not heard of ceramic knives, but I really enjoy my Henckles (sp?) chef’s knife…

  8. Savory oats are definitely making their way around the blogging world!

    Kale with garlic?!?!??! Two of my favorite foods/vegetables unite!! 😀

    Not familiar with ceramic knives, sorry!

  9. I kind of want to try savory oats, but I’m honestly scared. I really just don’t think of my sacred oats as something that can be salted & peppered =[

  10. I forgot to tell you that I found the traveler mug on ebay. I won’t be getting it right now though. We just found out that we need new tires on both cars….so hopefully it will be availalbe when I have money to get a gift for myself!

  11. PUMPKIN SPICE KISSES?? Get outta here! I’m definiltely putting those on my list for my USA shopping trip!

  12. gorgeous food, everywhere!!! i LOVE fage. i’m so happy you got to eat it today!! i must try savoury oats sometime, even if it does need a little bit of courage. because it sounds really good.

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