Rain, Rain, Go Away

I started my day yesterday with a nice bowl of oats since it had been over a week since I had any. I made them on the stove with almond milk, a mashed banana and a pinch of salt. At the end of the cooking time, I added in a very well beaten egg. I think the oats were way too hot when I added in the egg because soon after I had scrambled eggs and oats instead of a creamy custard. Oh well. I topped off my egg n oats with a little homemade trail mix. It was delightful, I really miss this combo!

All morning, I waited for the rain to JUST STOP so that I could make my way to the brand new WHOLE FOODS!!! Why was I so excited you might ask? Because until now, the closest one was an hour and a half away. So, we kept a close eye on the weather and the moment it looked like it was moving out, I said let’s have lunch and then go to Whole Foods. And that is what we did.

For lunch, I made tuna and egg salad on toasted whole wheat pita. For the salad, I combined one can of drained tuna with two hard boiled eggs, about a tbsp of olive oil mayo, a smidge of spicy mustard, chopped dill pickles, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, a dash of pickle juice and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Along side, we shared a bowl of red grapes. The dear husband took one bite and he said “This is really good” and coming from a non foodie, I knew it was and after one bite, I whole heartily agreed.

After lunch, we hopped in the car and made our way to Whole Foods. It is actually very close to the Golf Club making it a very long drive. In the future, I will just go after work but this was special, it had just opened on Wednesday!! While driving, we decided that a latte would be a nice choice to enhance the Whole Foods experience so we stopped at the Daily Grind which is a local coffee shop just before Whole Foods. I ordered a soy caramochanut latte which is caramel, chocolate and macadamia nut flavored, needless to say, it was mighty tasty.

With our lattes in tow, we made it to Whole Foods. I had expected it to be very slow because of the hurricane in town so I was shocked to see traffic cops and a line of cars wrapped around the parking lot. I guess I wasn’t the only one excited. It took us almost a half hour to get from the driveway of the parking lot to the inside of the store. Good Times.

Once inside, I knew it was not going to be the pleasurable stroll through the market I had been hoping for. People we bumping carts and making comments about people being the their way. The sample tables had hoards of people and the tomato aisle was just INSANE. My trip quickly turned from a leisurely afternoon in Whole Foods to get what we need and get the hell out of here. I didn’t even look at cheese or bread which is down right wrong!

Once we made it home, I unpacked our loot and started making dinner and prepping food for the coming week. For dinner, I made Bobby’s Goulash though I did make a few small changes. Instead of beef, I used buffalo, I used broth instead of water, and whole wheat pasta instead of white. I served it topped with a fiesta blend of cheese and a dollop of tofu sour cream. On the side, we had a small salad with local heirloom tomatoes and cukes. I had great expectations for this recipe as it is a Paul Dean recipe and she is the queen of southern cooking. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it, the bay leaves really over powered the entire dish. When it is time to eat the leftovers, I will have to doctor them up a bit to get better results.

After dinner, we decided to have a little chocolate hazelnut gelato. Neither of us had ever had gelato so when we saw it in Whole Foods, we knew we had to try it. It was delightful, very creamy and I loved the texture of the tiny pieces of chopped hazelnuts. Of course, how can you go wrong with the chocolate and hazelnut combo? It was the perfect way to end the day.

QOTD: What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?


13 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, that goulash looks amazing. Gelato is really good. We have a place near us called Paciugo that has a wedding cake flavor. It is awesome. I find that I only need a few bites of gelato because it is so rich. Maybe I can find that coffee traveler on ebay. I just love it. We honeymooned on Maui and have had the luxury (gift from in laws) to go back twice since. So, I would love to have it as a daily reminder.

    Well, I work on Saturday mornings now so I only have the afternoon. Some of my favorite Saturday things to do are go the Whole Foods, sit at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble and read magazines, and get lost in a Lifetime movie while snuggling with my dogs on the couch!

  2. I’m sorry your WF experience wasn’t totally dreamy! That’s nice that it’s right by your work. Your tuna and egg pita sounds very filling and flavorful.
    On Saturday, I LOVE grocery shopping and working. That doesn’t sound that great, I realize, but my husband only takes Sunday off so I try to work a lot when he’s not around. 🙂 That way I can chill on Sunday!
    Speaking of Sunday – have a gorgeous day!

  3. I’m singing the same song (“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day”…) – I need sunshine!! 😦

    Yeah, my parents and I attended the grand-opening of our Whole Foods store (which is in walking distance of our home – HEAVEN!! This is why I refer to it as my “second home,” since I go there so often and they know me there by name, haha – no joke!! 😀 ). It was SO insane on opening day, that we actually left and just came back a few days later to shop there, haha 🙂

    **Favorite way to spend a Saturday = the way I spent it yesterday!! I went to my dance practices, went to Whole Foods, read magazines, checked blog updates, baked, kickboxed, did yoga, spent time with my family… and didn’t do ANY schoolwork!! It was a lovely day 🙂

  4. Did you see the Paula Dean episode the other day where she made the goulash and the caramel cake? I totally wanted to make the goulash, too!

    Saturday – It depends. If I am visiting Mark in NJ I like to lounge around with him, go for walks, etc.

    If I am home in R.I. I like to get in a good run, relax and catch up on stuff.

  5. just stumbled upon your blog, but love the pics!!

    i love filling my weekends with outdoor activities, farmers markets, and cooking!!

  6. Man, people must really love Whole Foods to brave a hurricane. 🙂 I have one by my work though and I love it!

    A perfect Sat for me involves a long AM run, a good college football game and a nap. Hehe.

  7. your oatmeal picture was very pretty yesterday! and that ice cream sounds seriously divine.

  8. oh man! what a crazy opening day for whole foods! seems like there are quite a few opening up! and sadness it became so stressful…

    saturdays? i spend the morning volunteering which is pretty cool, then the rest of the day consists of chores…my relaxing days are on sundays…thank goodness weekends are two days!

  9. i feel your pain about the title – it’s been rainy all day here. and i also can empathise about the whole foods opening – when the one in london first opened, people were queuing to get it for a week! hopefully it will calm down soon.

  10. Wow, crazy about the Whole Foods crowd! I guess that store can make ANYONE love grocery shopping — it’s got magic powers 😉

    I’m sorry it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted it to, but that goulash looks incredible! Paula Deen makes me laugh, I just love her and her millions of sticks of butter!

    Good thing you had some yummy gelato to make up for the goulash!

    My favorite way to spend a Saturday is by getting in a good workout, going grocery shopping…and RELAXING. I make sure to get my school work done during the week or on Sunday so I can do absolutely no work on Saturday.

  11. I love in the summers to go to the beach and enjoy the beatiful weather and than to come home and have anice dinner and relax, even tho you do NOTHING at the beach it makes me feel produtive because it is so beatiful and relaxing… and of course I would have a good mornign workout too!

  12. that gelato looks absolutely glorious!!!
    mmm when i saw bobby’s goulash and immediately thought of my love bobby flay, but then read on to see that it was a paula deen recipe. that’s too bad it didn’t turn out well- i really like her dessert recipes but the “real food” ones always disappoint me.
    my favorite way to spend a saturday is making a delicious breakfast, hitting the gym and then spending it by the pool with my hubby before grilling dinner. it’s the best!
    hope you’ve enjoyed your sunday!

  13. […] sprouts and a kicked up version of Bobby’s Goulash. You may remember that the first time I made it that I thought it was a bit bland and that the bay leaf was a bit over powering. This time, i took […]

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