Another Day in Paradise

This morning, I once again started my day with cereal. I have been thinking alot about this over the past couple of days and realized that I have a breakfast cycle. I get hooked on oats for a while and then I get hooked on cereal. I think it may be my bodies way of balancing my dosha. Anyway, today, I had some cinnamon start with almonds, a banana and vanilla almond milk. I think I like the cinnamon cereal best with the almond milk as it is much milder than the hemp milk and the cinnamon of the cereal really shines.

At work, things were out of control crazy. By the end of the day, I was asking people if it was a full moon. Was it? For lunch, the new chef made me a delightful lunch. It was poached shrimp with green beans, tomatoes and garlic chips with a poppy seed dressing. It was wonderful and by far the prettiest meal I may have ever eaten. This new chef is really kicking it up a notch (*wink to VeggieGirl).

A couple hours after lunch, The Pro showed up with starbuck’s, he got me a soy latte. Today, it seemed extra delicious, it tasted like toasted marshmallows. And with things so wacko, it was right on time despite the fact that it was in a paper cup.

The afternoon flew by and I, once again, stayed late. I am often times amazed at how an industry based on leisure can be so hectic. When I was leaving, I decided that I was in the mood for going out to dinner instead of making it at home. I hadn’t planned anything and my mental creativity was zapped. After a quick conversation with the dear husband, we decided on a new Greek place just a couple miles from home.

We ordered the Meze which is what I would consider a family style meal. Everything is brought to the table in dishes meant to be shared. The first course was cold appetizers with pita. It featured hummus, cucumber sauce, potato salad and roe dip. Forgive me for not using all of the greek names but honestly, I can’t pronounce them much less spell them. I really enjoyed the roe and the potato salad, I will be googling recipes for the roe dip in no time.

The second course was hot appetizers, meatballs, stuffed grape leaves, wings and spinach pie. I really enjoyed the spinach pie but nothing really left me wanting more.

The third course was grilled chicken, pork and beef along with greek salad. I enjoyed the beef the most, I put it on pita and smeared it with the roe dip!

And finally was dessert, the best part. We had baklava and rice pudding which worked out perfectly. The dear husband really liked the pudding and I really liked the baklava. Overall, it was a lovely meal and I think we will visit there often.

After dinner, we chatted for a bit before heading home. Once home, I spent some time catching up on all the blogs I need to read and then read for a VERY little while.

QOTD: Lately, I have been working alot of overtime and am finding time for very little else. I did the math and I have been giving 12 to 13 hours a day to work including getting ready, getting there and then actually working. And there really is no end in sight! What is your go to meal when you are really wiped out?  And what about exercise? I have been trying to force myself to get up really early and it does not seem to be working AT ALL.


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  1. I’m obsessed with your Greek feast! That looks sososososososososososo yummy!
    And isn’t almond milk tasty?
    I’m sorry work takes up so much of your time. I completely understand. I like to make huge salads when I’m wiped out at the end of the day. Then I can just have crackers or something on the side, and we usually have some pre-cooked tofu or chicken and pre-chopped veg in the fridge so I can put one together fast.
    As for exercise, can you commit to specific days of the week? Maybe three days where, no matter what, you get up, or you and your hub go walk together after dinner?

  2. Ohh my that baklava looks unbelievable.

    My stressed out go to meal is PBJ but i will add fruit or cereal to the sandwich.. It is good because the whole grais produce seratonin and make you feel good! And the healthy fats keep you satisified and usually I crave something sweet like that and it def does the trick!

  3. For being so busy, you ate beautifully! Seriously, each meal I was like yum, yum, YUM.

    My go to meal is a bowl of cereal. lol. It’s better than nothing!

  4. All that Greek food looks great,especially the baklava.

    It is hard to balance lots of hours at work and exercise. I go to the gym Fri, Sat., and Sun. During the week, I try to at least do 10-20 minutes of Pilates every night!

  5. Ahh, you follow Ayurvedic principles too?? Fabulous!! What’s your dosha???? I’m a vata.

    Oh my goodness the “wink” to me made me smile – hooray for Emeril!! 😀

    Don’t force yourself to work out in the morning if it’s not working – work out when you feel best. Just remember how amazing you feel after a workout, and keep that in mind when you’re not feeling up to a work out in the first place (it works, I promise!).

    Be sure to prepare meals ahead of time, for those times when you’re “wiped out” and not in the mood to prepare anything.

  6. Great post! The food looks delicious! For me, I like to prep things on the weekend so they’re easy cooks during the week. There is lots of stuff you can do this with- healthier casseroles, pasta dishes, etc. Just freeze! I pull everything out the morning I plan to eat it and just reheat!

  7. Working out and eating right does seem harder when stress and exhaustion hit, but hang in there!!!

  8. that really stinks that you’re working a lot of overtime lately! things here in our office have been NUTS, too! so i coutnered that & i started waking up @ 5:10 for my morning workout! i just get up and don’t give in and go back to sleep. no excuses (that’s what i tell myself!) and i just push through with sheer will power! whhhhhheeeeeeee! what’s funny is that i thought i would dislike working out that early, but i actually sleep better, have sooooo much more energy throughout the day – and my metabolism is reved up – and i’m less hungry throughout the day – which is awesome!

    we usually make something we both really love when we’re wiped out – like veggie burritos, grilled veggies, or a quick stir-fry. dan & i prep a ton of food on sunday afternoons. we cut up veggies, wash & tear lettuce for salads, make pita bread, hummus, whole wheat tortillas (if we’re making lots of wraps or burritos that week), marinate tofu, & cook up a bunch of beans (chick peas, kidney beans, and black beans). it really helps a lot. making a yummy dinner after a long day at work is much easier when you’ve got more food prepped at home – and it saves time for packing our lunches in the morning (and we make a lot of extra food for dinner to take for lunches the next day, too)!

    hang in there, C!

  9. Yum! I love that Greek meal – every course looked amazing and the desserts are making my mouth water 🙂

    I’m sorry you’ve had to work so much overtime recently! When I’m really wiped out, I tend to make breakfast for dinner because I find that it’s easier — anything from omelettes to scrambled eggs to cereal to oatmeal. I like breakfast foods so much that it just makes me happy to have it twice a day!

    As for the exercise, don’t force yourself — working out should always be something you want to do — or, if that would be impossible, at least something that you have TIME to do. If you are super crammed, take the day off — your body will thank you later. But if you find that the “day off” becomes an everyday occurrence, it might be time to set rules for yourself for specific days of the week that you will devote to exercise.

  10. looks like an amazing meal out!! greek food fascinates me (and makes me hungry). the dish your chef made you looks fabulous too.

    i find that cooking up something that leaves a couple of leftover portions to freeze when you have the time, is really good – it always feels calmer just knowing that there is something you can grab and heat up to eat in a very short time. as for exercise… i’m not a good person to ask!!

  11. My favorite cereal combo is Honey Nut Cheerios [or Kashi H2H] w/ ripe banana slices & vanilla soy milk. Mmmm!

    I wish my lattes tasted like marshmallows!

  12. A bowl of cereal is definitely the “I don’t have energy to cook dinner” meal. It’s usually a high-fiber cereal, I add hemp or rice milk, walnuts, frozen blueberries, and ground flaxseed.

    When I am in a workout rut, I have to do the “just 5 minutes” rule. Whatever it is that I want myself to do, I only have to do it for 5 minutes. You have 5 minutes a day, right? The trick usually feels so good, you keep going.

    The hardest part about working out is getting on the sports bra (physically and metaphorically!) 🙂

  13. So, I did that dosha test. I am going to try it again because I think I want to see what happens if I switch answers I was on the fence about. What is your dosha, if you don’t mind sharing?

    Also, my quionoa grew tails overnight! Now I can’t look at them. 🙂

    When I am busy, it’s hard, but those are the times when I just try to get in what I can – a short walk here, some crunches, etc. For eating, errrr usually if I am really busy, I am stressed and so my eating is not at its best.

    Good luck with the busy time.

  14. VeggieGril and HangryPants, I have taken a couple of tests online and they all tell me something different but my yoga teacher tells me that I am a kapha with strong pitta. My friend Monica (the one who commented just before Hangry) got me interested and I find it fasinating. I am always interested in learning more.

    Hangry, If you take the quiz again, and lean the other way, I would guess that it means you are the first one with strong infulences of the second like me.

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