Frustrating Friday

As per usual, I woke up late but I was still able to cook a nice bowl of oats for breakfast. I used some 7 grain cereal cooked with hemp milk, a dash of sea salt and a mashed banana. Once it was finished cooking, I stirred in a well beaten egg and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I mixed in some ground flax seed and topped it all off with some blueberries. It was a hearty and filling breakfast to start my day off right.

I got to work and it was a nutso house. Everyone seemed to be having problems with their computers and getting those things resolved was not on my original agenda. Unfortunately, Friday is a big deadline day for me so I was really stressed out. When I looked at the clock and realized I had almost missed staff lunch, I was relieved to be able to take a break. I went downstairs to check out the pickings. It was roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and roasted green beans. Comfort food just when I needed it though I had to work and eat and work and eat. It took me about an hour to finish it. TGIF!

About mid afternoon, I was looking for a pick me up and some chocolate was just the ticket. I broke off a few squares of some endangered species dark chocolate with hazelnut toffee. It really hit the spot though I couldn’t really taste the hazelnut flavor at all.

I ended up working late so the dear husband was in charge of dinner. He made us salads with lettuce, tomato, cukes, grapes, sea salt, oil and vinegar along with and Amy’s Organic frozen roasted veggie cheese-less pizza. It was ready as soon as I walked in the door so we ate right away. The pizza is so darn good! If I am happy about eating less dairy for any reason at all, discovering this pizza is it!

After dinner, I caught up on my google reader which collected 29 posts since this morning and then I settled in with my book. I decided to skip the 15 minute clean up because I am doing deep cleaning today and the house is really tidy looking already. Around 7:30, we decided to rent a movie on demand and we ende up watching “The Other Bolyn Girl”. It was pretty interesting with lots of plot twists and the costumes were beautiful. By movies end, my stomach was growling and for some reason it was telling me almond butter and jam. So, I made an almond butter and cherry jam on whole wheat sandwich. After the sandwich, it was bed time for sure.

QOTD: How do you deal with stress while you are at work and can’t get away? Lately, I seem to be hitting the chocolate :-/


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  1. that lunch looks AMAZING! and I hear that pizza is quite tasty!!!

    The Other Bolyn Girl did have some beautiful costumes…but not the light hearted kind of movie I’d want to end my day with! haha Depressssssing.

    Have an amazing weekend!!!

  2. I’ve heard wonderful things about that pizza. I can’t find it here, but maybe one day!
    Love the toffee!
    As for your QOTD: I usually walk around very fast. Sometimes that leads me walking to Starbucks and getting an iced tea or something, but I try to take a couple minutes. If you really can’t get away, how about deep breathing?
    So glad the wknd is here for you Christie!

  3. Where did you get that chocolate?! Mmmm. I love toffee anythingggggg.

    I can’t really help much on the stress thing. I don’t know why, but stress doesn’t get to me. Well, actually, it’s probably because I work in the vault, so if I’m feeling stressed or annoyed, I can just go in there & only answer the door when I have to. [The door is a big armored door that you have to type in a code that only myself & my bosses have to open] It’s pretty easy for me to just get away from everyone, so I don’t ever really have to find a solution. Sorry I’m no help.

    Do you work somewhere that you can shut your door or something?

  4. Erin, a starbucks run would be lovely, but sadly I work fifteen minutes from any sort of civilzation.

    Oh, gosh, I wish I could shut my office door. My office has an opening rather than a door and on top of that I share an office with the F & B Manager.

  5. Oh goodness, I’m so sorry that you had to endure such a stressful day 😦 I do hope that your Saturday is going well so far!! Hang in there!!

    To deal with stress, I listen to music (thank goodness for i-Pods!!), check blogs (and thank goodness for Google Reader, haha), etcetera… Hope you can do those at work! 🙂

  6. Sorry about your stressful day!! But that pizza and chocolate both look amazing — I’m glad you were able to get in some good eats, at least!!

    I’m definitely a stress eater, so it’s important for me to find other ways to distract myself when that overwhelming feeling strikes. I agree with VeggieGirl that blog reading and blogging itself is a GREAT stress reliever, but when you’re at work and can find no escape (especially with an open office like yours – yikes!), I’d say the best thing you can do is to take a walk to the bathroom – or somewhere where you can be assured a certain level of privacy – and spend roughly 5 minutes inhaling and exhaling deeply and focusing in on slowing down your heart rate. If you focus on that and nothing else, you’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you start to feel…and that should help you get back to your desk and finish all the craziness.

  7. aww i am sorry you had a frustrating day yesterday!! hopefully today is off to a much better start! and if you love pizza you will LOVE grilled takes it to a new level!!

  8. I need to try that pizza!

    Sorry you had such a stressful day, but at least it’s the weekend now! Yay!

  9. Ooh I just bought that pizza. So excited to try it now.

    It’s hard to deal with stress. Like many, I sometimes eat when stressed out, which just makes me more stressed. Could you try just getting out for a few minutes just to take a quick walk? Like Jenn said, just to get away from others and relax yourself. And of course, read some blogs.


  10. I think everyone has had great advice about stress thus far. I would add to the above advice drink water. I always get more fidgety and restless when I’m dehydrated. And if you like tea, brewing up a nice cup of hot herbal tea can both calming and hydrating at the same time. Tea has gotten me through many a difficult work day.

  11. Great advice everyone! Being a stress eater is hard so learning ways to deal without food is so important. I was just thinking today that I work on one of the most beautuiful golf course in the country, I should get out and take a quick walk from time to time! I do have to visit our cottage every now and then, I should start walking there instead of taking a golf cart. That would really bust through the stress!

    Blueberryhil, I agree 100% about the hydration. Being dehydrated brings one down in so many ways.

  12. chocolate!! mmm. also, i was SO excited to see they sold the amy’s cheeseless pizza in the whole foods in london!! haven’t yet bought it, but i’ve only read good things about it so i will soon.

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