A Rainy Thursday

I started yesterday in a rush again, so it was cold cereal for breakfast. I mixed some clifford crunch with the last of the dorset cereal. I topped it with some almonds, a banana and vanilla hemp milk. It was a nice combo but most importantly, it was fast!



Things were busy already when I got to work, it was every ones first day back from the aerification so everyone was geared up. The bad news was that we were having torrential down pours so the superintendent closed the course. I thought it was ironic that it had been closed for 10 days and the day we were supposed to re-open the skies opened up instead. It rained and poured most of the day, I guess hurricane Fay finally made her way to VA which is good because we really need the rain.

Around 11:30 I was hungry and the staff lunch wasn’t to my liking so I rummaged my little “pantry” and the mini fridge and came up with a nice little lunch. I had some white chocolate dreams PB and a little honey on a whole wheat wrap along side some edamame and a juicy peach. I only finished about half of the edamame you see because I was getting filled up and I really wanted to eat the peach!



I stayed very busy during the afternoon and it flew by. Before I knew it, I was rushing out of the door to make it to my hair appointment on time. While I was in the car, I realized my stomach was growling so I ate a cherry pie larabar that was in my purse. I saved the wrapper and took the pic once I was parked at the hair salon 😉



After my hair cut, I headed home and made a quick dinner. I had already taken out some turkey pasta sauce from the freezer so all there was to do was cook the whole wheat pasta and heat up the sauce. And as usual, the dear husband made a small salad with lettuce, tomato and cukes topped with oil and vinegar. Once we started dinner, I realized that I wasn’t actually that hungry so I ate very little but the dear husband polished it off for me with no problem.



For my 15 clean-up, I worked on cleaning out the freezer. After all of that, I was really tired and ready to rest. I settled in with my book and called it a night.

QOTD: How do you unwind after a long busy day?

10 Responses

  1. Blogging of course! Or sometimes baking helps me feel relaxed!

  2. LARABAR!!!!!! **swoons** But Cherry Pie is actually the one flavor that I’m not crazy about, haha 😉

    How I unwind after a busy day:

    – catch up on blog reading (thank goodness for Google Reader!)

    – read magazines/more chapters in my latest novels

    – watch some television

    – bake

    – listen to music

  3. Wow, that is a busy day! I usually read, watch bad reality TV or sleep. lol.

  4. blogging definitely helps me unwind and i always read a little bit before bed. no matter how busy i am or how much studying i really should be doing I always take at least 5 minutes to read for leisure. It really helps me get out of my own head and go to sleep without so many stressful thoughts about my day swimming around in my brain.

  5. Hi Christie! I love to wind down by reading a good book….or keeping up with my blog reading! I made the baked tofu from your post the other day and loved it. (Thanks to Gliding Clam as well!) You’ll see it make an apperance in my lunch today!

  6. I unwind after a long day by sitting down with a cup of tea to read the long list of blogs that have piled up in my GoogleReader!

  7. Sounds like another great day of meals! I really love those larabars! I have never heard of hemp milk before – I love almond milk, which I bet would have gone great with that cereal too!

  8. your homemade pasta looks so amazing…. i adore fresh pasta, and wish i had a pasta making machine! (and space to keep it….) mmm. i wish i was there to finish off your edamame because i looove them.

  9. That pasta is gorgeous!

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