A Good Day for Napping

Again, I slept in until 7 and the first thing I did was chat with my mom on the phone. Once the dear husband woke up, I made us some 7 grain cereal that we bought at the creamery on Friday. I cooked it with soymilk, vanilla bean paste and mashed banana. Once it was done, I topped it with some homemade trail mix. I really liked the banana being cooked into the cereal instead of just being cut onto the top. The banana was warm, sweet and creamy; it was delicious.



After breakfast, we headed to Bedford, VA. We spent most of the morning walking around the center-town area where there were loads of antique shops.  I had a peanut butter and jelly mojo bar as a snack along the way, I really liked it and it will make it’s way into my usual bar rotation.

my mojo

my mojo

Around 12:30, we decided to eat lunch at a Mexican grill that was close by. We started with chips and salsa and for lunch I had mixed fajitas. This plate of food could have fed a family of 4! I filled two of the flour tortillas with the mixture of peppers, onions, steak, chicken and shrimp topped with some of the rice and beans and I still only finished about a quarter of what I was served.



Once our bellies were filled, we went to the D-Day Memorial. It was a very interesting place and we both learned a lot about that day in history. After the tour, we were both wiped out and decided that a nap was next up on our agenda. We made our way back to the condo and slept for about an hour and a half. I woke up from my nap really hungry and ready to make dinner even though it was only about 5:00.

I made some of the homemade whole wheat pasta from our adventures on Friday and topped with with italian sausage meat sauce. On the side we had salads with salad mix, grapes and mixed peppers topped with oil and vinegar. My eyes must have WAY bigger than my stomach because I was only able to eat about a third of my pasta though I really enjoyed it. It was very flavorful and had a nice hearty texture.



After dinner, we hung around the condo reading and watching the tv. The dear husbands foot was swollen for some reason so we decided against doing much else. It was a nice and relaxing evening. For dessert, I made some famous popcorn and shortly after, we were off to bed. Our last full day awaits us!

QOTD: Do you like to have an action packed vacation or on full of rest? I think I like a little of both.

5 Responses

  1. Bananas are a MUST in oatmeal – always delicious. Oooh, that vanilla bean paste sounds like a lovely addition as well!!

    Oooh, I love antique shops!! You’re always bound to find something enchanting and unique.

    I’ve been wanting to see the D-Day Memorial – it sounds worth it, for sure.

    Hope your husband’s foot gets better!!

    Haha, as evidenced in my recent blog post series about my trip to Chicago, I ALWAYS have on-the-go, action-packed vacations 🙂

  2. Mmmm, fajitas sound good!

    I agree that it would be nice for a vacation to be both action-packed but still full of rest.

  3. They have dipped Mojo bars? Never knew!

    I like to have things to do on my vacation…but I can’t have more than 2 big events a day. I get tired quickly and definitely need my down time!

  4. I definitely like a little of both on a vacation, too.

    Your oatmeal sound PERFECT!

  5. Slept in until 7??? Yikes! I love my banana mixed into cooked oats too. Delicious! I have a raw food recipe that uses the same technique for a creamy raw breakfast too.

    I like relaxing vacations, hands down. In September, me and my hubby are going to Kripalu in Lenox, MA for a week and I can’t wait!

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