I Gave In (to medicine)

Yesterday, I woke up very early, especially since I am on vacation. For breakfast, I made a bowl of oats with soymilk topped with a banana, almond butter and some local blueberry jam. It was really great, like an almond butter and jelly sandwich in a bowl. I used a half cup oats and one cup of soymilk and could only finish about 2/3’s of it. This has happened the last few times I have made oats so I think it is time I cut the portion.

ab & j oatmeal

ab & j oatmeal

After breakfast, I had to nurse a pounding sinus headache. I laid down for most of the morning and finally, just before lunch, it was mild enough that I could get on with our time here. We headed out to Moosie’s for lunch in a charming little shopping center right on the water. The place was packed, we knew this was good sign of a great lunch. We sat down and oooohed and ahhhhed over the food at the tables around us. While looking at the menu, we decided that we had to go back there because there were at least three things each of us wanted to try. I finally settled on my favorite sandwich of all time, the Reuben. The menu said it was the house specialty, how could I choose anything else. I asked for no cheese but I didn’t even think to ask for no butter. It came to the table and right away, I knew it was going to be good. And I was right, it was the best rhueben I have ever eaten in my life, seriously. I ate the ENTIRE sandwich, a few of the chips and the pickle. We would be back to Moosie’s for sure.

Moosie's Lunch


After lunch we wondered around the shopping center and looked at all of the gift shops and a couple of the clothing stores. We also eyed the homemade ice cream shop but I resisted. After shopping, we went to a local coffee shop to try out the lattes. I ordered a milky way latte and the dear husband got a brownie latte, both with soymilk. My latte was very sweet and it really hit the spot after that very rich and savory lunch.

milky way latte

milky way latte


With our lattes in tow, we headed to CVS. My headache was back full force and this whole time, I have been trying to get better holistically and hadn’t been taking anything. I couldn’t do it anymore, I had to feel better because my vacation was at stake! I talked to the pharmacist and settled on some Advil Allergy and Sinus and felt better within the hour. I was worried it was going to make me feel shakey, jittery or even sleepy but it made me feel really good, better than I had felt in months. I was relieved. Once I was feeling better, we decided to do a little more shopping and then went back to the grocery store. We were planning to make dinner at the condo and needed some ingredients.

Once we finished with all of our shopping, we headed back to the condo. Before dinner, we went out for a walk to explore the resort. We walked all around and saw the lake that we had been admiring from our deck. We also visited both swimming pools and the conference center. Once we were both hot and pretty sweaty we made our way back to make some dinner.

For dinner, the dear husband made a huge salad with mixed greens, tomato, mixed peppers and grapes sea salt, almond oil and rice vinegar and I made mini pizza.  For the pizza, I used 100% whole wheat pitas topped with turkey pepperoni and more of the colorful peppers. I skipped the cheese but I put some mozzarella on the dear husband’s. The pizza was great! I had never made pizza with pit before and I could not believe what a great crust it made. This is a great solution for us since we like different toppings.

cheeseless mini pizza

cheeseless mini pizza

I had been craving chocolate all day so, I had a couple small squares of dark chocolate with mint for an after dinner treat. My new obsession is finding milkless chocolate and this was one of my finds.

minty chocolate

minty chocolate

After dinner and dessert, we settled into our books and relaxed until bed time. We have a big day a planned and we wanted to be well rested.

QOTD: What is your favorite chocolate? I am finding that the dark chocolate really does the trick with much less than my old favorite, milk chocolate. Just a small amount satisfies my chocolate cravings whereas I could polish off a whole bar of milk.


3 Responses

  1. Ahh, I do hope that that nasty headache is gone for good!!

    Mmm, the ABJ oatmeal, milky way latte, and pizza look great!!

    Even though I’m a carob-fanatic, I’d say dark chocolate – raw cacao, to be exact 🙂

  2. i’m not entirely sure what a reuben sandwich is… though if i get reminded i am sure i’ll remember. i never noticed your photo on the left before, of you and your husbad – what a lovely picture!

    chocolate… i agree, i used to be much more of milk chocolate girl, and i do still love praline truffles and those kind of chocolates you get in a box from a chocolaterie, but generally speaking i have graduated to liking dark best – thank goodness!

  3. I am a huge dark chocolate fan. I won’t touch the milk stuff. My three picks:

    1. Lindt Excellence 85%. This one is too intense for some people, but I love it. One square, and my chocolate cravings are gone. And it’s very readily available, which is always a plus!

    2. Valrohna. These were my favorite for a long time until I worked up to my beloved Lindt 85%. They are very creamy and chocolatey and come in a variety of darknesses. They taste a bit mild to me now, but if you’re used to milk chocolate, they seem very strong and rich.

    3. If you like things in your chocolate, I love Ritter Sport dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

    Honoroable mentions go to Divine and Green and Black, if you care about organic, fair trade, etc. Trader Joe brand wins for best bargain for your money.

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