Last Day of Work for a Few

I was in another hurry yesterday morning. I think when I return from vacation, I need to set some goals for myself about getting up in the morning. For breakfast I had another bowl of cinnamon start with high fiber topped with hazelnut milk and blueberries. The blueberries were a bit tart but they were a nice contrast to the sweet cereal.

cereal and blueberries

cereal and blueberries

When I got to work, The Pro had brought in Starbuck’s and even though I had just finished my morning brew, I tried to drink some of it. I made it through about 4 sips before I gave it up. I always feel so bad when he brings us these and I am not in the mood for them!

soy latte

soy latte

Work was crazy, we always joke and say “as the golf ball turns” and yesterday, that couldn’t have been the case more. I was being pulled in every direction on top of my already long to do list. Around 10, I was feeling hungry and had some of my homemade trail mix, it has kashi go lean crunch, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, cashews, dairy free chocolate chips along with dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried raspberries and dried blueberries. It is so good and really filling. I had a little more than 1/4 cup and when it was lunch time at 12, I still wasn’t really hungry.

homemade trail mix

homemade trail mix

Since the club is closed, I had to go and pick up lunch for T, The Pro and myself. We decided on Panera which is always a choice I like. I got a pick two with the Mediterranean hummus sandwich with no cheese, the classic salad with balsamic dressing and a fruit cup. The sandwich was so good, after my first bite, I was wishing I had only ordered the sandwich. The hummus features jalapeno and cilantro so it has a great kick. This sandwich really moved to the top of my favorites at panera list.



A couple of hours after lunch, I decided to have another small round of Green and Black’s Organic dark chocolate. I am still getting used to the really dark chocolates but this one is growing on me. I can’t wait to find other dairy free varieties of this brand.



Around 3:30, The Pro showed up with ice cream. I’m not really sure how he made that happen since I didn’t even know he was off property and a trip to get anything takes at least 45 minutes. Anyway, he brought me girl scout thin mint ice cream. Oh.My.Goodness. It was so hard to not eat it and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I can’t eat dairy. *sniff* 

ice cream that I did not eat

ice cream that I did not eat

In order to finish up my must do list before my aerification vacation, I had to stay a little late. I was getting hungry and knew that dinner would be late because I had an appointment after work. I decided to give the jocolat chocolate coffee lara bar a shot. I liked it but the coffee in it really packs a punch. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for my drive and my appointment. 



When I got home from my appointment, I heated up some snobby joes from the freezer and put them on whole wheat wraps with spicy brown mustard. In the past, I had been putting cheese on them and I must say, I did miss it in this dish. Which is ironic, since the dish is vegan to begin with. On the side, I made spinach salad topped with oil and vinegar. Despite the missing cheese, dinner was still good. It was my last batch of snobby joes so when I return from vacation, I will have to make more!

the last snobby joe

the last snobby joe

After dinner, we met with a lady about doing some work around the house and then settled in for the night. Around 9, my stomach was growling again so I had a vita brownie. The vita muffins and brownies are my favorite way to cure a sweet tooth and a growling stomach. Since they are packed with fiber they have real staying power and even though they are loaded with good for you things, they are still really tasty.

After the brownie, I hit the hay. It had been a long day and I was ready for some beauty sleep.

And on a side note, for our vacation, we are headed to the mountains for a few days of hiking and I am not sure about internet access. I hope to be able to still post daily but it may be a bit later (or maybe even earlier) than usual and if you don’t see anything from me at all, that means we don’t have any access. So in case that happens, have an awesome rest of the week and weekend!

QOTD: I am finding that eating six small meals a day really keeps my hunger under control. What is your eating pattern? Do you snack often or stick to three square meals a day?

19 Responses

  1. I still haven’t tried the Vita products. I know I know…I’m the ONLY person on this earth who hasn’t. Oh well. SOMEDAY!

    I’m so excited for you for your vacation! Hiking is so much fun… I am super jealous!

    Have a great Thursday!

    P.s I think we all know that I eat/snack constantly throughout the day!!

  2. Enjoy your vacation! I love that sandwich from Panera! I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, sweet treat.

  3. Looove the cereal ingredient combination – yum!

    Ahh, hang in there with the busyness at work!!

    You should try the Chocolate-Hazelnut and Chocolate-Cherry flavors of the Jocalat bar – they’re pretty good!!

    I too have Snobby Joes in the freezer, haha!!! Such a great, nutritious recipe to make in batches, ahead of time.

    Since I have a non-stop schedule (with dance practices and everything else I do, on a daily basis), it works better for my energy levels and digestion to just eat small amounts more frequently/throughout the day.

  4. Enjoy the hike–We all expect pics when you’re done!

    Your lunch sounds delicious… I friggin’ love hummus.

    As for meals, i’m a snacker, so I try to eat small amounts throughout the day.

  5. i need to get my hands on some of those vita products like gliding calm…i’ve never had them. hahahaha! so she’s not the last person on earth to never try them, promise!

    love the eats today though…i’m jealous your jocolat bar got you wired, i had it and it did nothing for me…boohiss. glad you enjoyed it though!

    and as far as eating goes for me, i have three solid meals, and have snacks on the side if i need them and get hungry (which i normally ALWAYS do!)

    have fun hiking in the mountains! i’m jealous!

  6. I only have snacks if I’m hungry, which I’m usually not.

  7. that’s too bad about the ice cream… it looks soooooo good!!!

    i saw the snobby joes blip as i was taking a sip of coffee and totally missed my mouth…. what a funny name- where can i find the recipe???

    i’m a snacker- i eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks every day

    enjoy your trip!!!

  8. Fitnessista, click on the blue underlined words snobby joes and it will take you to the recipe. Or you can check out my recipe page.

  9. I love the Vita products too! Your trip sounds like it will be very refreshing – have a great time! Oh, and I eat all day. 6-8 times depending on my mood!

  10. Certain days are different for me b/c if i dont get back from working out till late and dont eat b-fast till 11 I odnt get in smaller meals throughou the day… I prefer to eat smaller/frequent meals but sometimes i just want to eat a lot at once too hahah

  11. Do they have those sandwiches at every Panera? I’m not sure I’ve seen that on the menu & I go there all the freakin’ time.

    Also, I’ll take any coffee/ice cream that you might not want ❤

  12. Have a great vacation!

    I’ll be trying the Snobby Joes. I’m thinking that a few slices of avocado might be a nice substitute for the cheese.

  13. Thanks, Sues! I never thought of that. I will have to give that a try!

  14. I need to try those Vita brownies!! I always pass by them and think that to myself.

    I’ve been meaning to try snobby joes – when I get home to my family it is definitely on the menu!

    By the way, I saw you said you work at one of the best courses in the country – I am jealous 🙂

  15. you make the best looking trailmix i’ve ever seen… mmm.

    i think i usually eat 3 proper meals, and snack usually once in a day, sometimes none, sometimes more 🙂 i’m the kind of person who likes to sit down to eat a meal, and really feel like a full meal has been eaten and enjoyed 🙂

  16. Your day was ALL of my favorite foods! YUM!

  17. I do find that eating smaller meals helps keep my hunger under control. Lately I’ve been eating bigger meals, but I’m trying to go back to smaller meals.

    Love the picture of you and your husband!

  18. I’m a fan of 3 squares when I’m having a low key day and have time to make great food. Smaller more frequent meals hold me better through busy days.

    I agree with Foodie, cute wedding photo.

  19. Oh, I love Panera. The food is so tasty. Love the desserts they have there too!

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