A Lovely Day

Yesterday was a lovely day. I had been craving a bagel so I started the day with a 100% whole wheat bagel with a smear of almond butter, some local strawberry jam and a banana. This was the first time I had ever had banana with the almond butter and jam combo and I must say, I really liked it. Why had I never done it before?

a carb kind of day

a carb kind of day

After breakfast, I spent some time on the phone with my mom while dear husband trained. The phone conversation led to a cleaning frenzy and I spent a couple of hours cleaning the downstairs. The truth is, I used to be an avid cleaner when I lived in a tiny little house with just one cat. Now that I live in a larger house with a husband and two cats, it intimidates me. I am a perfectionist and I have the mindset that if I can’t do it all, then why start. I made a good dent in the cleaning yesterday and I am sure the dust I got rid of will really help my sinuses. I was feeling a bit hungry after my cleaning rampage and decided to give my first Larabar a try. I had the pistachio flavor and I must say that I liked it. The texture was a bit unexpected at first but the flavor was really nice. It was sweet in a fruity way and had good little bits of crunchies from the pistachios. My friend Monica and VeggieGirl recommended them and I am glad they did.  I bought lots of flavors and, of course, I will let you know how they are.

pistachio larabar

pistachio larabar

Soon after my snack, we headed our for the day. Our first stop was our mecca, Target. We both got a Starbucks to heighten our shopping pleasure. I got a tall soy vanilla latte and he got one of those new smoothies, the banana chocolate one. We bought a few things and then headed out to meet our friends, Sarah and Francis, for lunch.



We met them in Carytown, which is in Richmond. It is a charming little area of town with little shops and most importantly some of the best food around. We made our way to Ginger Thai, one of three Thai places in Carytown, it was the only one I hadn’t tried. Dear husband and I started with calamari with sweet chili sauce, as always. It was lightly breaded and crisp, just the way I like it.

crispy calamari

crispy calamari

For lunch, I ordered spicy drunken noodles with tofu, another one of my favorites. Even though I ordered it medium, it was very spicy but still absolutely delicious. I think Ginger Thai will be my new favorite Thai establishment.

SPICY drunken noodles

SPICY drunken noodles

And for kicks and giggles, my dear friend Sarah said I should put the pictures of the dear husband’s rice balls on the blog, so here they are.

For Sarah

For Sarah

After lunch, we walked around Carytown and made our first stop at For The Love Of Chocolate, a wonderful little chocolate shop. Since I am still mourning the loss of milk chocolate, I asked at the counter about vegan chocolates. They pointed me in the right direction and there was a nice selection. Though I was saddened that none of the handmade chocolates fit the bill. We bought a few different items and as soon as we walked out of the store, we tried the chocolate chocolate cordial. It was pretty good but not what I was expecting. It was intensely sweet and the center was hard. Is that the way cordials are? I thought they had a liquid center? Oh well, it was still good and really helped wipe out my sweet tooth.

chocolate choclate cordial

chocolate choclate cordial

We walked around a perused a few more shops before making our way to the health food store, Ellwood Thompson’s.  I bought a few dairy free items and then we headed home. Once home, we put away the loot and then headed out to dinner. We were both exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking or cleaning so we went just about a minute down the road to our favorite Italian dive. I started out with a house salad, no cheese, and house dressing.

salad, hold the cheese

salad, hold the cheese

After the salad came the sub I was craving, it is called the super sub. It has turkey, ham and salami and I asked them to hold the cheese. We also ordered so onion rings to share. Both were so good and really hit the spot. I wasn’t able to nearly finish all of it but that leftover sub will make a great lunch.

super sub

super sub

onion rings

onion rings

Once we got back home, I had a chocolate tofutti cutie, did a couple little house things and then fell asleep! I was asleep by 8 but given that I had been up since 5:15, I guess that isn’t so bad.

dairy free doesn't suck after all

tofutti cutie

QOTD: What is your favorite cuisine? Mine is for sure a toss up between Japanese and Thai!

12 Responses

  1. I’d have to go with Thai or Japanese as well!

  2. THAI!

    I have a love affair with yellow curry.

  3. Love the ABBJ bagel sandwich!! Yum!!

    HOORAY FOR LARABARS!!!! You KNOW I’m super elated that you liked it 🙂

    Favorite cuisine = Italian.

  4. Vietnamese, Japanese, and then Thai.

    Though I LOVE Indian and Mexican too…they can just sort sit a little heavy sometimes, so I prefer the lighter cuisines.

  5. I like those Tofutti cuties, too!
    My favorite cuisine is MEDITERRANEAN! Anything and everything Middle Eastern, except lamb. 🙂

  6. I don’t know if there’s a cuisine I don’t like. lol. But, I think it would be Japanese, Italian then Thai. So, there’s my top three. 🙂

  7. Love the rice balls! I can’t pick a favorite cuisine. I know I want to try a lot more different kinds of food though like Vietnamese and Ethiopian.


  8. Ohh that sandwhich is like my all time fav… i love bagels with pb and banana and strawberry jam!

  9. that bagel looks so good! i love the banana, jam and nut butter combo!
    mmm i love thai food! those noodles and tofu look insanely delicious- i love spicy! my favorite cuisine has got to be a tie between mediterranean and indian food 🙂

    hope you’re enjoying your sunday!

  10. You’re from Richmond…. it’s awesome to have found another Richmonder. I live 2 blocks from Carytown so I was excited to see it on your blog! I have eaten at Mom Siam but not Thai Diner Too or Ginger Thai. I want to try Ginger Thai soon, especially since you said it’s your new fav.

    My favorite cuisine in order is Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai.

  11. glad you like the larabar! i just had my first one last week – it was pretty darn tasty! i tried the apple & the cherry one – both were so tasty!

    good to know that ginger thai = mmmmmm! i’ll try them out sometime soon. i do love me some thai foods, indeed!

    and have you and your spouse considered getting some fun reusable containers for your starbucks treats?! the local coffee places in richmond will just charge you for a small sized coffee if you bring in your own container. don’t know if starbucks does that, too – but it’s a great deal for you and an even better one for the earth! superw00t!

    my favorite cuisine: ethiopian & vietnamese

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