10,000 Hits and a Raise!

I hit 10,000 hits yesterday, so thank you to all of my readers and to my dear husband for being patient as I photograph dinner. I love having this blog and it means so much to me that people actually read it and comment. The blog is really helping me in so many ways, I look forward to another 10k hits!

Yesterday started out in a hurry, of course, I am not sure why I tell you guys that since it is the story of my life. But anyway, I was running late so I had a super quick breakfast. I mixed some clifford crunch with some of my super favorite hazelnut biscotti. I topped it off with soy milk and I was on my way. I was in such a hurry, I even forgot to put any fruit on it!

fast breakfast

fast breakfast

Work was nutso land as soon as I arrived. Starting this coming Monday, the club is closed for 10 days for some course maintenance. I get to have about 7 of those days off so I was really trying to get some stuff done so that next week, I can roll out of there with a clean slate. Around 9:30, I was really hungry so I grabbed a banana from downstairs and had that in anticipation for staff lunch. Around 10, Chef came up and told me that staff lunch was chicken fingers and french fries and he offered to make T and I some a little healthier. So, around 11, we took him up on his offer. He made us some BBQ hoison chicken with roasted veggies. The veggies were a mix of asparagus, green bean, green peppers and onions. I also had a slice of toasted whole wheat on the side. It was a really good lunch and so much better for me than the chicken fingers and french fries.

ladies only staff lunch

ladies only staff lunch

After lunch, I was on a nice roll with my work but had two meetings. The first was pretty boring, I just had to learn how to set up some outlook settings but the second was very exciting. I had been waiting for it all week and I was really nervous. It was my annual review, it turned out to be the best review I have ever gotten at any job in my career. And I got a big fat raise to go along with it. Yay me! After the review I was super excited and just ready to go home. But the dear husband and I were meeting for dinner so I hung around late so that I could meet him.

We met for mexican food, he had been craving taco salad for a couple of days. When I got there, I was so hungry, I really need to come up with a good snack solution for the afternoons when I am so busy. going 7 hours without food just doesn’t work out well but I have been kind of stumped without yogurt as an option. Anyway, I ended up diving into the chips the moment he brought them to the table, I probably ate 2 servings worth with salsa.

I should just tell them not to bring this stuff!

I should just tell them not to bring this stuff!

By the time my dinner arrived, I had eaten so much already that I wasn’t that hungry anymore. I ordered Camerones rellenos, which is bacon wrapped shrimp served with rice, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cukes and flour tortillas. I ended up eating about 1/4 of my plate and I was done.

camarones rellenos

camarones rellenos

After dinner, we stopped by the grocery store for a quick stock up. We had NO PLANS for the entire weekend and the idea of having absolutely nothing to do was really appealing. And a bonus of that is that the stores are normally pretty quiet on Friday nights. After shopping, we went home and decided to rent a movie on demand. We rented Mad Money, I was asleep within 4 minutes otherwise, I would tell you how it was. 🙂

QOTD: What is your go to snack when you have a hectic on the go schedule?

13 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your blogging! It’s great that you love it so much and it’s been a positive thing in your life. I know I love reading!

    I have always thought of responding, “No.” when asked if I want the bread or chip basket, but I never have.

    My go to snack is yogurt – especially Greek yogurt because it is filling. I know your dairy free right now, so that’s not that helpful. Are you going to try more soy yogurts?

  2. Hooray for 10,000 hits!!! I hope to see at LEAST 10,000 more on your blog – keep it up!! 🙂 And DOUBLE hooray for the raise!!!

    Haha, I used to eat Clifford Crunch all the time 😀

    My go-to snack(s): Larabar, raw almonds, fresh fruit, or fresh vegetables.

  3. I have a lot of things to say about this post!

    1.) Congrats on 10,000 hits! Yay!
    2.) Awww, that is very thoughtful of you to thank your husband for being patient while you photograph dinner.
    3.) It is so nice of you to thank your readers.
    4.) I love reading your blog, so keep up the great work!
    5.) That’s awesome that you have days off next week! Enjoy them!
    6.) Your staff lunches always look delicious and make me so hungry!
    7.) Congrats on the good job review and the raise! That is wonderful news!
    8.) My go to snack when I’m in a hurry is either a Luna or a Kashi bar.

    Okay, I’m done now 😉 Well, except for one last thing:

    Have a fun Saturday!

  4. I wish I had a chef at work to make me healthy things when there were no healthy options. My work lunches consist of pizza, hot dogs, and these chicken hand-pies that have bacon, caesar dressing, and mozzarella cheese in them… UGH! I definitely have to pack my lunch every single day. You’re lucky! Especially on the days when I have to be at work at 7am, I really don’t feel like packing a lunch that early.

  5. homemade hummus + veggies is a snack i looooooove. sometimes i’ll splurge & get a larabar (the apple or cherry one). but an apple + 1 tbsp almond butter is a snack i adore as well. mmmmmm.

    congrats on the hits! suoerw00t!

  6. Congrats!!
    My go to snack is a cliff mojo bar, kashi roll bar or some king of cottage cheese mixture!

  7. Yay 10,000 hits! Congrats on the raise, Miss money bags!! LOL!

    Snacks I love: Cliff z-bars or some other type of hearty granola bar, a banana and pb, a protein shake.

  8. congrats on the 10K hits!!!!!!!!!! i ❤ your blog 🙂

    my go-to snack is definitely a clif z bar or kashi crunchy TLC bars… they seem to satisfy both my palate & my appetite and are easily portable!

  9. CONGRATS! WOO! That’s great news!
    Snacks: handful of nuts/trail mix, piece of fruit with turkey slices or some other protein, can of tuna with apples, veggies and peanut butter or hummus, bag of candy…ignore that last one. 😉

  10. So much to celebrate! 10,000 hits! A raise! YAY!!!!

    And I have a huge time with chips and salsa…makes me want to avoid mexican restaurans all together! lol.

  11. thanks so much for the comment on my blog!! i’m excited to keeo reading yours 🙂

    congrats on the 10,000 hits!!! that’s awesome!!

    that mexican food looks absolutely delicious 🙂

    my go-to snack: pure protein bar, trail mix, fruit and laughing cow

  12. yay 10,000 hits! you deserve it! 🙂

    hazelnut biscotti sounds a-ma-zing. seriously.

  13. Wow 10000 hits thats amazing. Well done!!!

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