Not my day for snacking

I woke up yesterday really wishing it was Friday, or better yet, Saturday! I started the day with a bowl of rolled oats, I had been craving them for a couple of days. I cooked them in soy milk and stirred in some white chocolate dreams PB while it was cooking. After it cooked, I stirred in some ground flax seed and topped it with a banana. It was really good and was exactly what I was craving.

just what I wanted

just what I wanted

My work day started out hectic, I was busy with lots of IT problems immediately and had a number of unresolved issued still lingering. After lots of emails and contact with the IT dude, I got started on my “normal” work. I’m not sure why I call it that still since this new IT thing is my normal work now but it still feels really new to me. I actually kind of enjoy it, most days, anyway.

Around 11, I headed downstairs and checked out staff lunch. It was pork tenderloin stir fry with rice. I loaded my plate with lots of veggies, some of the pork and a little of the rice. One day, I WILL remember to bring in my brown rice cups. I ate most of the lunch but left some of it behind because it was kind of salty and it really got to me by the end.

staff lunch

staff lunch

A few hours after lunch, I was ready for a snack. I decided to give the soy yogurt a try, I was skeptical as I had heard some pretty bad things about it. After one bite, I knew why. It was awful, I might even venture to say that it was the worst food I had ever tasted. It was grey and tasted like fat free mayonnaise. I didn’t even go for a second bite. I took it downstairs to the trash and the chef wanted to taste it “just to see”. He agreed but even went so far as to spit his bite into the trash. Needless to day, the other two containers I have of this stuff will not be making it into my belly.



Of course, I was still hungry so I dug around in my cabinet and purse to see what I had that was dairy free. I came up with a roasted almond crunch kashi bar. I bit into it and knew right away that it was rancid. Yikes, I pulled the wrapper out of the trash only to discover that it had expired more than a year ago. I guess I need to clean out my secret food loot a little more often.

bad bar!

bad bar!

I dug further into the depths of my stash and found a cherry chocolate kashi bar. To my delight, the chocolate was dark and didn’t have any milk in it.Yay! I checked the expiration date and I was golden. Double Yay!

good bar!

good bar!

I ended up staying at work really late and was starving by the time I got into my car. Once again, my dear husband came to the rescue. While I drove the 40 minutes home, he made a green salad with spinach, cukes and green grapes. He also popped in an Amy’s Organic No Cheese Roasted Veggie pizza. By the time I walked in the door, all I had to do was dress the salads with a little oil and vinegar and then sit down to eat. The pizza was out of this world good, it had mushrooms, onions and peppers on it with a sweet balsamic glaze. So tasty, this will definitely make it back into the rotation even if I do eat dairy again.

cheeseless pizza

cheeseless pizza

After dinner, I caught up on blog land and then settled in for more of my book. This week, I am supposed to take 3 walks, at my own pace, stock my pantry with healthy food (check) and practice focusing on my breath for five minutes each day.  Since I am starting this thing mid week, I am going to stretch out my first week by a few days so I can start each week on Mondays. So, check back to see how I am doing!

After some reading and some TV, I was off to bed. Finally Friday!!

QOTD: Do you meditate? Maybe not in the traditional sense but is there something that you do that totally gets your find focused on th present moment each day?

5 Responses

  1. So sorry for the hectic workday 😦 But hey, at least you enjoyed a fabulous breakfast and dinner!! I love that variety of Amy’s pizza 🙂


    I don’t have the patience for yoga, but I DO do full-body stretches everyday, before and after dance – during this time, I guess I kind of meditate, since I try to “quiet” my thoughts 🙂

  2. Bummer about the yogurt and the rancid bar. Good thing you had backups!

    As for meditating, I used to do it fairly regularly before bed for about 10 minutes. But lately, it’s more like 5 minutes before bed only a few times a week, and then for another 5 after yoga once or twice a week. A lot of people don’t like it because they don’t know what to do, but I just use the time to breathe, watch my thoughts and relax.

  3. No, I don’t mediate unless I am at yoga class. I really wish I could, though.

    Sorry about that yogurt, but at least you had fantastic pizza. Now I know NOT to get that brand of yogurt.

  4. Aw, sorry about the yogurt and the bar. On the bright side, the cherry dark chocolate bar looks fantastic! I haven’t tried that kind yet but really want to.

    I don’t meditate, but it probably would do me a lot of good if I did, so thanks for the suggestion!

  5. that looks like the best bowl of oatmeal ever!!! not all soy yogurts are the same – you may like one of the plain ones with berries & honey or jam added. & I agree with the pizza – very tasty!!

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