Goodbye Dairy?

Yesterday started out pretty rough. I had tossed and turned all night accompanied by bad dreams. The combo made getting out of bed really hard. But, I did eventually rise and make my way through the day. I started with a bowl of hot cereal made up of wheatberries, oats, bulgur and ground flax seed. I topped it with a banana and some white chocolate dreams. I think this is one of my favorite combos. I passed on the glass of milk this morning because I think it makes me too full but come to find out, maybe I was having a premonition.

hot grain cereal

hot grain cereal

I had asked my dear friend Monica for suggestions about alleviate allergy symptoms naturally and she suggested nettle leaf tea and eliminating dairy. I was resistant to the idea of eliminating dairy at first but after some more research and asking around, I decided that I would bid farewell to my friend dairy for at least a couple weeks. I am going to start by working to eliminate milk, cheese and yogurt and will work my way into things that require more intense label reading. So, this is going to be a process and I hope I can keep at it.

Work was pretty good, the weather was nice and cool and every one was gearing up for what was expected to be a busy day. Around 11, I was hungry and didn’t want to miss my chance for a free lunch so I headed downstairs to have some staff lunch. It was soup and salad day again, which made my day. I made a salad with lettuce, tomato, cukes, carrots, chicken and balsamic dressing along with a small cup of sesame noodle soup. I also had a slice of toasted whole wheat bread.

soup and salad

soup and salad

After lunch, I decided to have a little goodbye celebration with the rest of the milk chocolate bar from Monday.  I think I need to really dig deep and figure out what these chocolate cravings are about. I have a feeling that I am feeling rebellious because I have been having alot of diet thoughts again. A battle that I hope I don’t have to face forever.

In the late afternoon, I had a meeting that lasted the rest of the day. I had no idea it was going to take that long or I would have had a snack. The dear husband and I had a meeting with our insurance rep after work and dinner was a ways away. Needless to say, by the time it was dinner time, I was starving. To make things fast and easy, we went to Panera. My first dairy free dining out experience. I ordered the honey dijon chicken sandwich with no cheese and a half a strawberry poppy seed salad. For the salad, I asked for balsamic vinaigrette on the side because the dressing that comes with it has splenda in it. I ate the half sandwich and a couple bites of the salad and I was finished. I really liked the honey dijon dressing on the sandwich, it was tangy and sharp.

salad and sandwich

salad and sandwich

After dinner, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some non dairy items for me to use the rest of the week. I got all sorts of things that I am excited to try, you all will see more on that in the days to come. Once we settled in at home, I had a small bowl of turtle twirl soy ice cream. It was actually rally good! The chocolate crunch bites were extra tasty! After the bowl of ice cream, it was time to hit the hay.

soy ice cream

soy ice cream

QOTD: How do you deal with dietary restrictions when dining out?

19 Responses

  1. Its hard huh? Although I have a good friend who is *allergic* to gluten and whenever we dine out she makes the effort to choose gluten free and when she ‘double check’ with the wait staff I’m always happily surprised how helpful they are.
    It seems like anything asked with a SMILE is ok these days huh?

  2. my biggest dietary restriction is NO AVOCADO. i am EXTREMELY allegric. as in, take a bite and i will collaspe a la the home alone kid in that movie with the bees (do you know what i’m taking about)? i always just mention it to my waitress with a very serious face and then say “if avocado accidently sneaks into my food, i could die.” that usually works, but it really embarasses whoever i’m dining with!

  3. I usually have to realize that sometimes I am not going to be able to eat what I want to eat and may even have to eat less and than have a snack when I can get around to it because I dotn think to make everyone else have to revolve their eating around me… its def a sacrifice but it gets eaiser

  4. I love the salad from Panera Bread! It’s very delicious.

    Sometimes the servers will allow you to order or suggest something that is not on the menu, which makes it really easy when dining out for me. I don’t eat meat/dairy/eggs so eating out is usually tough, but the kitchen is usually willing to work with me if you ask nicely or call ahead. If all else fails, I just order a salad and eat something fabulous when I get home! It also helps to look at the menu ahead of time.

  5. good luck on your no dairy mission! i’ve never avoided dairy to the extreme, but i’ve known someone to have been allergic to lots of different things and whenever she went to eat out she would just ask what the dish was made with and ask for any special adjustments – i’m pretty shy when it comes to doing things like that and i don’t know if you are too, but if it’s for a physical reason it’s completely reasonable and understandable, and i’m sure the restaurants would be glad to show off how accomodating they can be!

  6. the last comment is from me, sorry!

  7. So sorry about your rough night 😦

    There are many dairy alternatives out there, so no worries! Just take it slow, and I’m sure all will work out 🙂

    I blog quite often about my dining-out adventures, and I have MANY dietary restrictions, so check it out 🙂

  8. I’ve had to restrict my dairy for years from lactose intolerance, but there are so many alternatives out there, that i think eating at home is usually the best.

    but when i go out to eat, most of the time a veggie burger is on the menu so i get that, or if there’s say a personal size pizza, i ask for that, with no cheese (and get funny looks from the waiter/waitress, but who cares!).

    hope that helps! best of luck!

  9. I’m a Panera frequenter, too. It’s just so conveient and much more fresh than fast food.

    When I go out, I’m always asking them to change things. They probably spit in my food, but whatever. lol.

  10. The Honey Bacon Dijon panini is my FAVORITE thing at Panera. They discontinued it for a while and I wanted to cry every time I went in there, but it’s back! Yay!

  11. Good luck with eliminating dairy! I’m glad the soy ice cream tasted good. Yay! And I am sure there are many more yummy, wonderful dairy alternatives, so you should be fine!

  12. My boyfriends mom has bad asthma and allergies. She has been off dairy and it is working like a charm – aka almost no symptoms, so I would definitely recommend it.

  13. I hope eliminating dairy works for you. Those allergies sound horrible.
    Your eats look great! I think you did fabulous job and I LOVE your breakfast!

  14. You’re lucky that there are so many alternatives to dairy out for everything from ice cream to cheese! I’ve tried many of them and they are all REALLY yummy and almost like the real thing! Plus, they usually have less calories and fat so you get a bonus! 🙂

  15. I just feel sorry for the Dairy.

  16. Good luck with going dairy-free!

    When dining out, checking the online menu (when available) is really helpful – it prevents frustration when you get to the restaurant.

  17. This is really interesting because Mark and I have been thinking of doing dairy free for our next 30 day experiment. It upsets his stomach, but nothing like your horrible allergies. I’ll be seeing how you do!

    Well, I usually ask for things on the side or swaps. Also, like Katie said, check online menus before.

  18. UGH–rancid granola bars!! I used to get LARA bars a lot, and I was always afraid I would get a bad one.

    The last few days I’ve been having probs with my allergies, to the point where I’ve been taking Claritin. You know, I just started drinking milk again, so I wonder if that is an issue.

  19. very cool on going without dairy for a bit. i bet your allergies will start to improve around week #2. when dan & i became vegan his allergies dissappeared as well as his asthma – and he’s had both since he was a toddler. it’s nice for him – not spending $80+ on allergy and asthma medication each month!

    since we’re vegan we’re pretty selective about where we go when dining out. and we always ask our server for any vegan options or menu items that can be veganized. when dining out you can always ask you server for help – informing them that you have a food allergy to dairy – they’re usually super helpful! and actually – you may find that wheat isn’t helping allergies much either – and sugar. dairy, wheat, and sugar can cause all kinds of allergies and such. yuck!

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