Breakfast for dinner

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I started my work week with exercise! I woke up at 5, had a pre-workout snack of chocolate milk and then hit the treadmill. I did a one episode of SATC walk/run. I walked 3 minutes and then ran 2, it felt awesome. After my workout, I got ready for work and felt a little rushed so I had a quick bowl of cereal. I mixed some of the dorset cereal with some Cassadin farms clifford crunch and topped it with milk. The crunch reminded me of lucky charms without the marshmallows except it is all whole grain, low in calories and high in fiber. It was a good on the go breakfast but I am thinking it would make a better dessert 🙂

kid food

kid food

At work, I had a busy meeting packed day ahead. I knew that I would be in a meeting through my normal lunch time so as soon as my stomach growled, I had a snack. A repeat of yesterdays greek yogurt with raspberries and honey, only this time, the yogurt was really good instead of bitter.

greek yogurt with raspberries...take two

greek yogurt with raspberries...take two

Shortly after my snack, my meeting started and I was away from my desk for a couple of hours. When I got back, T had picked up lunch. The Pro had chosen chinese food, my least favorite of the Monday lunches. I got hunan shrimp, steamed with sauce on the side, white rice and a bowl of hot and sour soup. I ate about half the soup, most of the veggies and shrimp, about 2 tbsp of the sauce and half the rice. I actually think I ate too much because I was so hungry after my meeting, I was really shoveling it in.

Monday lunch

Monday lunch

The sauce was super hot and even though I was just barely dipping the food into it, my mouth was on fire. This turned into a major craving for chocolate. I had bought an organic chocolate bar a few weeks before and I knew it was the day to indulge. I ate about half of it and had to really consciously decide to put the rest away, it was so good.



The afternoon flew by, before I knew it, I looked at the clock and it was 3, almost go time! My head was killing me (damn grass) and to my surprise, The Pro walked in with a starbucks. it was a grande soy latte, my usual per The Pro. I thought having a little might help my headache so I had a couple sips. I decided against having the rest because I didn’t want to be up all night. I put it in the mini fridge thinking maybe it would be good cold later. Anyway, by this time it was time to go.



I headed home, with my head pounding and just wanting to get there. Normally, when I get home, I start cooking right away but I just wasn’t that hungry. So, the dear husband and I caught up on our favorite show, Army Wives, and then together we made some dinner. Because of the headache, I wanted some easy comfort food. Egg sandwiches it was! I made two over easy eggs with american cheese, a thin layer of olive oil mayo and whole wheat bread. The dear husband made salads for the side that I topped with oil and vinegar. It was a nice little meal that really hit the spot.

quick and easy

quick and easy

After dinner, we both decided that we were still hungry. I made some famous popcorn and then settled into watch the Olympics. I was off to dreamland shortly after.

QOTD: Do you struggle with eating to satisfaction when you have gone past the just hungry stage?


12 Responses

  1. I used to eat that Clifford Crunch cereal all of the time!! 😀

  2. I love working out to SATC. So easy to go for a full episode or two. 🙂

    When I get really hungry, I’m MUCH more prone to overeat. My primal instincts kick in big time.

  3. I def think if i go too long without eating i am more prone to pick and not have a decent meal,… but I try to force myself to eat a full balanced meal and I chew some gum after to give my mind the notion that dinner time is over!

  4. That dinner looks great!
    I do have that problem, so I eat every 2-4 hours, even if I’m not hungry. It seems to control for the crazed eating. Good job on your a.m. workout! You are inspiring me to get my butt in there this morning. 🙂

  5. Sounds like another great day of food!

  6. i love working out watching dvd episodes, the time flies! those sandwiches look delicious 😀

    i do find it hard to find the fine differences of “not hungry anymore” and “satisfied” and “full”…. it’s just easier for me if i have my portion infront of me, and if i’m not really full i usually finish the plate! that is assuming that the portion is reasonable and controlled 🙂

  7. sorry the above comment was posted from my wordpress blog account, which i’ve only just made and haven’t touched up so i’m still here in blogger for now!

  8. No problem, MI. Welcome to WordPress, I like it much more than blogger. I can’t wait to see the new blog!

  9. Congrats on starting with exercise this week. 🙂 Hopefully, it will set the tone for a happy, healthy week.

  10. hey there! the blog looks wonderful… your pictures are so beautiful!

  11. Congrats on the great workout!

  12. When I get too hungry, I struggle not only with when to stop but what to eat. I want to shove handfuls of the crappiest carbs available in as quickly as possible!

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