Dinner with Friends

I woke up around 2 am yesterday, wired, with a blaring headache and just simply unable to sleep. I’m sure that was related to the steroid the doc gave me to strengthen my nasal passages and reduce the inflammation my entire head. I did fall back asleep around 5 and really did not want to get up at 6. I did, however, drag my butt out of bed for just one more day of work this week. Not feeling that great, I started out with a bowl of that Dorset cereal, I really do like that stuff. It might even be worthy of an amazon subscription. It is really filling and all of the different textures rock. And the best part is, it takes less than 1 minute top prepare on a groggy morning!

my new favorite cold cereal

my new favorite cold cereal

After my fine breakfast, I headed out to work with dread. I really didn’t feel well and I just wanted to stay home but with my review just days away, I didn’t think calling in again would be a good idea. Once I got there, my headache started to ease a bit and luckily, things were calm. I really wanted to feel “caught up” by the end of the day so I really dove into my work. Around 11, I decided to head downstairs and see what was cookin’ for staff lunch. It was grilled pork chops, rice and veggies and I decided that rather than disturb the chef intern, I would just have some of it. I am glad I did, it was pretty good. I really liked the veggies and rice.

staff lunch

staff lunch

After lunch, I still felt slightly hungry but I knew that was probably the steroid shot still talking so I held out as long as I could. Around 2:30 my stomach was growling so loud that I knew that waiting until dinner just wasn’t an option. I had some greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and honey. The berries were a little bitter for some reason but the honey really helped with that.

greek yogurt with blueberries and honey

greek yogurt with blueberries and honey

After the snack, I caught my friend Sarah on google chat and we made arrangements to meet for dinner. She has been traveling a lot for work and we haven’t been able to get together that often as a result. We planned to meet at 5 so working late was not an option but thankfully, all my hard work paid off and I even got my “not real priorities” work done in time, yay me! I think I will really enjoy being able to go into work on Monday with a clean slate. I am going to be in meetings most of the day so not having a pile of work looming over my head will be nice. 

After work, I met the dear husband at the car dealership to get some routine maintenance done on my car and then we headed out to meet our friends. We met at Uno’s Chicago Grill, though it is a chain, I have to admit to it being one of my favorites. It is also one of my binge spots, it frightens me how much food I have put away in this place.  But before we arrived, I decided that this time would be different. I had made up my mind that I was going to get what ever I wanted but that I was going to try my best at eating less than I have on past visits.

We started with our favorite appetizer, shrimp and crab fondue. A cheesy mixture of shrimp, crab, cheese and tomatoes and it is served with the best buttered garlic crostini. The ultimate in savory fun food. I had a few of the crostini topped with the fondue and it was like a party in my mouth…so good!

shrimp and crab fondue

shrimp and crab fondue

For my entree, I ordered the flat bread pepperoni pizza. We normally order the Chicago style but I wanted to give the flat bread kind a shot just for good measure. The waiter told me that it would serve one so I went ahead with it. It came to the table and this thing was huge! Almost the size of those archers farms pizzas the dear husband and I adore so much! I ate two of the little squares and stopped. For some reason, I wasn’t diggin’ on the sauce at all and think I should have stuck with the Chicago style crust. But, I wanted to save room for dessert anyway so all was well.

where are my veggies?

where are my veggies?

We boxed up my pizza and promptly ordered dessert. The dear husband and I shared the Uno’s Deep Dish Sundae; it is a deep dish chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Seriously, I could have just eaten that. It is so good! Honestly, I forgot all about eating slowly and we polished this thing off in a matter of minutes.



The good news is that I didn’t feel stuffed when we left. I did feel full but given my past experiences there, this was a major accomplishment for me. I even kinda felt proud of myself for not turning dinner out with friends into a full on binge. Once home, we settled into our pj’s and started to watch the Olympics. I, of course, promptly fell asleep. It had been a long week and I really needed the rest.

QOTD: Is there a place that you struggle with eating until satisfied? Do you avoid the place all together or do you have a strategy to not overeat when you go there?

11 Responses

  1. Your food photographs are always so tantalizing – love the close-up shots!

    No worries about falling asleep – you needed the extra rest!! Take care so that you can enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Thanks, VeggieGirl! I enjoy taking the photos. My friend Francis joked last night at dinner that I probably made my shrimp and crab fondue feel crowded with my camera 🙂

  3. Well, the tomato sauce on the pizza counts as a veggie, right? Lots of lycophene.

    QOTD: My family is a group who celebrates big time with food. Lots of traditional dishes at family occasions and it’s always hard not to overeat. I am not always successful, but when I am it’s because I (1) remember how I feel (physically and mentally if I overeat) and (2) remind myself that it’s food I can make and enjoy again when I am hungry. It’s tough though!

    I like the questions!
    – Heather

  4. Wow! That dinner looks SO GOOD! You have me craving pizza…BADLY!

  5. Again with the food p*rn!!!
    As for your QOTD, I have 2 places: 1 is our sushi place which is very easy to overeat, but the minute i think about the $$$ it stops me. The other is a mexican place that does the fresh guacamole at the tableside and the most amazing chicken mole. We haven’t been since DF started ww…

  6. I like the Dorset cereal too, but the staff lunch looked something else. What do I have to do to get one?

  7. Wow, that looks tasty. I’m really bad when it comes to pizza. I usually avoid the restaurants if I can and make my own low-fat pita pizzas at home! When I am out though, I try to fill up with a side salad though. And even though I still will usually eat one slice beyond what I need, I remain calm about it. We only eat pizza once every couple of months, so it’s a splurge I can endure! 🙂

  8. kudos on the not eating until stuffed. which is a BATTLE when it comes to the loveliness which is their pizza.


  9. Mine is Maggiano’s Little Italy. Ughhhh. But my only strategy is to only go there once a month or less… which isn’t hard, since the tab is always well over $100 for the two of us, once we get drinks & dessert. We just went last night. I don’t worry about overeating. If I only do it once a month, then oh well. That’s the one place that I just will not compromise with =]

  10. My mom’s house is where I tend to overeat. It’s like I revert back to my high school days. She’s also a really really good cook, so it’s hard not to, but in general, I eat much faster there and that means I eat more.

    Since I can’t avoid going there, I just repeat my good ol’ mantra over and over again:

    “this food will still exist tomorrow and the next day and the next. It is not my job to rid the earth of it today”


  11. I love those deep dish sundaes; they just taste so good!

    I generally eat slowly and eat till I’m stuffed when at home. It’s when I’m at restaurants that I actually just eat until satisfied because I know that I’ll never be able to finish it all anyways.

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